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Pacific Crest Trail Photo Atlas

The following is an alphabetical photo listing of locations and objects along the Pacific Crest Trail as chosen by Postholer.Com journalists. For each location you will find one or more links to photos of that location. Also, you may find a "Show Map" link next to the location description. Click the map link to show the location.

You will not find a more organized or concise photo representation of the Pacific Crest Trail online. A huge THANKS goes to the journalists for making this possible!!!

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1st Gate Show Map
Camp First Pipe Gate
3 Fingered Jack Show Map
3 Finger JackMt Washington Three Finger Jack And Mt Hood AheadRounding Three Finger Jack
Three Fingered JackThree Fingered JackMt Washington Three Fingered Jack And Mt Jefferson
Mt Washington Three Fingered Jack And Mt JeffersonView Of Mt Washington Thee Fingered Jack And Mt JeffersonThree Fingered Jack
Approaching 3 Fingered JackBelow 3 Fingered Jack3 Fingered Jack
Northside Of 3 Finger JackThree Finger JackLooking Back At 3 Fingered Jack And The Sisters Under Smoke
3 Sisters Show Map
Lava Field SistersSisters MountainsSouth Sister
Shelley And South SisterNorth And South Sisters And BrentKerry Jo Mt Washington And The Sisters
View South From Top Of South SisterView North-Sisters Jefferson And Mt Hood Mt AdamsView South--descending South Sister
South SisterSunset View Of The Sisters And Mt WashingtonLooking Back At The Sisters
South Sister And Gathering CloudsSisters WildernessSisters Wilderness
Rock Mesa And South SisterMiddle SisterNorth And Mid Sister
The 3 Sisters And Broken Top MtnSouthern SisterWickiup Plains With South Sister
N Fork Mesa Creek With South SisterSouth Sister With CloudsSouth Sister Of The Three Sisters
One Of The SistersLooking Back At The Sisters3 Sisters Mt Washington
3 Sisters WildernessThe Sisters From McKenzie Pass3 Sisters
The Three SistersThe Wickiup Plain With The South R And Middle L SistersSisters
North SisterThe Wickiup Plain With The South R And Middle L SistersWickiup Plain
3rd Gate Show Map
Third Gate Water CacheHeaded To Third Gate CacheMorning View From First Gate
3rd Gate Water Cache3rd Gate Water Cache3rd Gate Water Cache - Thank You
3rd Gate Water CacheWater Cache Third Gate Yahoo!Water Cache At 3rd Gate
Heavenly 3rd Gate Water Cache At The End Of The Day!Patrick And Bigfoot Right After 3rd GateCarrying Up Water To 3rd Gate Is A Lot Of Work!
3rd Gate Cache Show Map
3rd Gate Cache
Acorn Trail Show Map
Climbing The Acorn Trail
Agave Plant Near Scissor's Crossing
Agnes Creek Show Map
Tom Peering Down The Canyon Into Agnes CreekBeginning The Descent To Agnes CreekSouth Fork Agnes Creek
Agnes CreekBrand New Bridge Across Agnes CreekAgnes Creek Valley
Longest Span Bridge On The PCT Over Agnes Creek
Agua Caliente Creek Show Map
Agua Caliente Creek
Agua Dulce Show Map
Agua Dulce Market FunniesAgua Dulce WelcomMe Asleep On A Picnic Table Just Out Of Agua Dulce
Memorial Day In Aqua DulceView Over Agua DulceAgua Dulce In The Distance
Looking Back At Agua DulcePCTers In Downtown Agua Dulce The Waffles Bigfoot StiltsNear Agua Dulce
Near Agua Dulce
Aloha Lake Show Map
Blue Sky And Dad At Aloha LakeSunset At Lake AlohaSunset At Lake Aloha
Sunset At Lake AlohaSunset At Lake AlohaSunrise At Lake Aloha
Sunrise At Lake AlohaManmade Lake AlohaAn Early Morning Sight Of Lake Aloha
Aloha LakeAloha LakeAloha Lake
Lake AlohaSaying Goodbye To Bb At Lake AlohaLake Aloha
Aloha LakeLake AlohaMe Aloha Lake
Lake Aloha
Alpine Lakes Wilderness Show Map
Peaks In Alpine Lakes WildernessPeaks In Alpine Lakes WildernessPeak Of Alpine Lakes Wilderness On The Horizon
Miss Information In Alpine Lakes WildernessAlpine Lakes WildernessWalking In The Glorious Alpine Lakes Wilderness
Alpine Lakes Wilderness
Alpine Meadows Show Map
Alpine Meadows Ski Resort
Anderson Peak
Heading South Towards Anderson Peak
Poor Caged GrizzlyWild HorsesHorse Skull
There Is A Hummingbirdlook Harder!Cool Blackheaded Southern Blue Jaynot Actual Name But AppearsTom Cooking Fresh Trout For Dinner
Mendel Rider And His Horse PrimoDakota The Grizzly At Predators In Action ConfinedvwwwWild Wild Horses
Were Pretty Sure This Is An OspreyRock PtarmiganGrouse Are Strange Birds
High Altitude FroggiesFrog Toad On Trail With No Water NearFrog
Do You Recognize This BirdOspreyOsprey With Tucked Wings Center Of Photo
Mama GrouseLamas At Glacier LakeFrog!
Horse Rider Had To Clear Trail For HorseThe Frog Fairy HelicopterCan You Find The Birdie
Froggy!Foggy!Retarded Grouse On The Trail
Bear Tracks!GrouseBaby Bird
A Really Big Raptor! Was It An Eagle Or A HawkMy Bear Encounter Behind Mt WatermanTrout At The Whitewater Preserve
Our Ride To The Trail--horse Riders On The TrailThe HorseGrouse
A Grizzly In A CageEndangered Frogs!!!Yearling Bear Cub In Camp
BearEric With BearRainbow Trout
Gino Cookin' Up Some TroutSandhill CraneA Few Of The Horses
Feeding Horses The Surrounding Trees OppsssCoyotePika
Goats On The PCT2 Fellows 6 HorsesGrouse
A HorseLlama PackerTrout Infested Waters
Hey Bear! Over Here! He Never Knew I Was ThereOne Loyal Pack MuleBear Paw Print
Mountain GoatsChipmunkFlorenceFlo The Mule Says Hi To Lucy
Papa Hawk Teaches Baby To HuntCute MarmotPica
Bear And CubCurious DeerFind The Pika!
Mr MarmotRed-Tailed HawkLittle Cub Bear
Blue GrouseBuck Near Rae LakesA Pika In The Open Rare
Antelope Valley Show Map
San Gabriel's In Distance With Agua Dulce Acton And PalmdaleAntelope ValleyAntelope Valley
Looking Back Over The Analope ValleyLooking Back Across Antelope ValleyView North To Antelope Valley
Floor Of Antelope Valley
Antsell Rock Show Map
Antsell Rocks - I Think
Anza Show Map
Above Anza
Anza Borrego Show Map
Anza Borrego State ParkThe Anza Borrega Desert
Apache Peak Show Map
Fire On Apache PeakSteep Snow North Of Apache PeakCampsite Near Apache Peak
Aqueduct Show Map
Blue Sky Along The CA AqueductSunrise Along The AqueductLos Angeles Aqueduct Pipe Crossing California Aqueduct
California AqueductAngie Standing In Front Of AqueductOpen Part Of Aquaduct
LA AquaductOne Of The LA AqueductsThe Buried LA Aqueduct Which We Followed For Some Time
Night-hiking Along The Open AquaductStealing Water From LALA Aquaduct
Hiking Toward The AquaductThe AquaductAlong The Aqueduct
Aqueduct InterchangeAquaductAquaduct
Walking The Desert Aquaduct On Record Cold DayTall Shadows On The LA AquaductAqueduct Environs
Covered AqueductEndless Pipes Of The LA Aqueduct That Hikers Follow For MilesOpen Aqueduct
Closed LA Aqueduc T Going Over Open AqueductRoad Along AqueductAquaduct And Trail
Along The AquaductWalking The AquaductHikers At Aquaduct
Arrastre Deer Spring Trail Camp Show Map
Filtering Water At Arrastre Creek
Arrowhead Lake Show Map
Arrowhead Lake
PCT ArtNature's ArtJulie's Idea Of Modern Art
Rock Art
Ashland Show Map
Ashland ORHello Ashland Oregon!A View Back Towards Ashland
The Ashland ValleyAshland Hostel
Ashland Inn
The Ashland Inn
Avalanche Lily
Avalanche Lily
Badger On The Trail
Bald Top Show Map
Bald Top - I Can Relate
Banana Slug
Banana Slug Of CourseBanana SlugBanana Slug In Camp
Banner Peak Show Map
Banner Peak Behind Garnet LakeBanner Peak Behind Thousand Island LakeThe Early Morning View Of Mt Ritter And Banner Peak
Thousand Island Lake Below Banner PeakBanner Ritter And Others From Donahue PassBanner From Island Pass
BannerBanner At First LightBanner Over Thousand Island Lake
Banner And RitterBanner Ritter Over Garnet LakeThousand Island Lake And Banner Peak
Thousand Island Lake And Banner Peak
Barker Pass Show Map
Barker PassApproach To Barker PassApproach To Barker Pass
By Late Morning I Hit Barker Pass- Had An Outhouse- Always Good
Barlow Pass Hwy 35 Show Map
Barlow Road
Barrel Springs Show Map
Barrel SpringsTaking It Easy At Barrel SpringWild Turkey At Barrel Spring
Trail Near Barrel SpringsBarrel Springs Our First Water Source For Several MilesThe Barrel Spring
Barrel SpringBarrel Springs OasisBarrel Spring
Barrel SpringsSodas Chilling In Barrel SpringBarrel Spring
Hikers And Trail Angels At Barrel SpringBarrel Spring
Belknap Lava Mt WashingtonLava Flow MesaLava Rocks
Goodstart Walking Through Lava BedsLooking Into Lava Crater - Circle And Miss Potato HeadLava Covered Trail
Red Dirt Trail Surrounded By Lava Rock FieldAfter Lava Climb With N Sister BehindLooking Back At The Lava Flow
On The Windblow Zlava Flow After McKenzie PassLavahouse - Not A Good Place To Eat LunchDennis On The Lava Trail
Lava WalkLava CaveLooking Into The Lava Cave
Subway Cave Lava TubeOld Lava FlowsA Nice Trail Across Basalt Flows
The Trail Through One Of The Brown Mountain Lava FieldsCold Open Volcanic TerrainSmall Lava Field
Good Trail In Lava BedThe Lava Canyon I Had To ClimbThe Cinder Cone I Went Up And Around
Lava TrailLava And SnowMorning Lava Landscape
Misty Clouds Over Lava FieldsLava TrailSubway Lava Tube
Hiking Through Lava FieldsColumnar Basalt
Basque Carving
Basque Carving 1800's
Baum Lake Show Map
Fishing At Baum LakeBaum LakeBaum Lake
Bear Sliding Down The MountainBear By StreamBear Tracks!
My Bear Encounter Behind Mt WatermanYearling Bear Cub In CampBear
Eric With BearIt's A BearFuzzy Big Bear
Our First Bear SightingFind The BearFind The Bear
Hey Bear! Over Here! He Never Knew I Was ThereBear Paw PrintBear Track
Bear And CubLittle Cub Bear
Bear Creek Show Map
I Think This Is Bear CreekBear CreekBear Creek
MG Fords One Third Of Bear CreekWater Near Bear Creek
Bear Grass
Bear GrassBear GrassBeetle On Bear Grass
Beary Excite For Bear Grass !!!
Bear Lake Road Show Map
Campsite Near Bear Lake Road
Bear Valley Lake
Giny Jan And Dan At A Bear Valley Lake
Beargrass Closeup
Beetle On Bear Grass
Beck Meadow Show Map
Beck Meadow
The Little Lights Are Thousands Of Bees Yikes!A Bee Fly Sipping NectarWarm Enough For The Bee To Enjoy The Thistle
Iridiscent Beetle
Belden Show Map
Tumbleweed In BeldenHiking Out Of BeldenLooking Down On Belden
Pretty Unambiguous Sign At BeldenAnother Clear Sign At Belden TrailheadNo Farting At Belden Town Resort
Downtown BeldenBelden Town ResortBeldon Resupply
Starting The Descent Into Belden
Belknap Show Map
Belknap Lava Mt WashingtonOn The Windblow Zlava Flow After McKenzie Pass
Benson Hut Show Map
Bensen Ski Hut
Benson Lake Show Map
Benson Lake At DuskBenson Lake Un Spot De Reve!Benson Lake In The Distance
Benson RivieraBenson LakesideBenson Lakeside
Benson Lake
Benson Pass Show Map
Me Celebrating The Climb To Benson PassBenson Pass Looking EastThe Final Ridge At Benson Pass
Down The Other Side
Berkeley Camp
Our Cabin At Berkeley Camp
Pretty Berries
Big Bear Show Map
Hiker Treating Foot Fungus At Hostel Big Bear CABig BearNature's Inn Big Bear
Bye Bye Big BearApproaching Big BearNature's Inn Hiker Common Room
Big Bear
Big Bear City Show Map
Big Bear City
Big Bear Hostel
Big Bear HostelBig Bear Hostel
Big Bear Lake Show Map
Big Bear LakeBig Bear LakeBig Bear Lake
Big Bear LakeBig Bear LakeLooking Down To Big Bear Lake
Toward Big Bear LakeBig Bear LakeBig Bear Lake
Big Bear LakeBig Bear LakeBig Bear Lake And Mt San Gorgonio
Big Bear LakeBig Bear LakeFirst Look At Big Bear Lake
Big Lake Show Map
Big LakeBeach At Youth Camp
Big Pine Creek
Nice Views Up Big Pine Creek
Big Whitney Meadow Show Map
Big Whitney Meadow
Bighorn Plateau Show Map
Bighorn PlateauBighorn PlateauCrossing Bighorn Plateau
Bighorn Sheep
Can You Find A Bighorn Sheep In This Photo Me Neither But They
There Is A Hummingbirdlook Harder!Cool Blackheaded Southern Blue Jaynot Actual Name But AppearsWere Pretty Sure This Is An Osprey
Rock PtarmiganGrouse Are Strange BirdsDo You Recognize This Bird
OspreyOsprey With Tucked Wings Center Of PhotoMama Grouse
Can You Find The BirdieRetarded Grouse On The TrailGrouse
Baby BirdA Really Big Raptor! Was It An Eagle Or A HawkGrouse
Sandhill CraneGrouseRed-Tailed Hawk
Blue Grouse
Black Butte
Black ButteBlack Butte
Rob's Huge BlisterThe Hiker Known As Rob Aka Bearcan'tPuckmans Feet Count 12 Blisters
Left Foot Sporting Blisters And BandagesBig Blister On Pinky Toe! Ooh Noo!Left Field Showing Off His Blister
Me And My Blisters
Blue Bell Pass Show Map
Some Hikers Navigate Trail Near Blue Bell Pass Vwww
Blue Lake Show Map
Blue LakeBlue Lake
Blue Lakes Show Map
Upper Blue LakeLower Blue LakeAbove Blue Lakes
Upper And Lower Blue Lakes
Blue Ridge Campground
Middle Ridge With White Speck On Right - Blue Ridge Campground
BlueberriesBlueberries!Jo Gathering Blueberries For Breakfast
BlueberriesBlueberry Bushes Line The TrailMucho Blueberry
Blueoak Savannah
Blue-Oak Savannah
Bobby Lake Show Map
Bobby LakeSunset At Bobby LakeMorning At Bobby Lake
Bobby LakeSunrise Over Bobby LakeSunrise Over Bobby Lake
Bobcat Canyon Show Map
Bobcat Canyon
Boiling Springs Lake Show Map
Geothermal Sulphurous LakeBoiling Springs LakeBoiling Lake
Close-upBoiling Springs LakeBoiling Springs Lake
Boiling Spring LakeBoiling LakeBoiling Sulpher Lake
Boiling Springs LakeBoiling Lake
Boulder Lakes Show Map
Boulder Lakes
Boulder Oaks Cg
Boulder Oaks Campground
Boulder Pass Show Map
Tom At The Top Of Boulder PassLittle Giant Pass From Boulder Creek PassBoulder Creek Pass From Little Giant Pass
Bouquet Canyon Show Map
Bouquet CanyonAnother Gorgeous Sunset From Bouquet Canyon
Bouquet Canyon Reservoir Show Map
Bouquet Canyon Reservoir
Brahma Lake Show Map
Brahma LakeBrahma LakeBrahma Lake My Campsite
Bridge Over The South Fork Of The Kern RiverBridge Over Deep CreekArch Bridge Over Deep Creek
Bridge Over Wood CreekBridge Over Feather RiverWiggly Suspension Bridge Over Maple Creek
The Bridge We Camped ThenDeep Creek BridgeCliff Swallows Under Bridge
Vic Filtering Water Under A BridgeBreakfast BridgeThe Border Of Oregon And WashingtonThe Bridge Of The Gods
The Bridge CrossingDad On A BridgeBrand New Bridge Across Agnes Creek
Bridge Of The GodsView From The Bridge Of The Columbia RNot Scary Snowbridge
Cottonwood Bridge The Only Shade For 40 MilesResting At Deep Creek BridgeThe Deep Creek Bridge To Splinters Cabin
D Joe Fishing At The Swallow Bridge- Mile 14Deep Creek BridgeSouth Fork Of Kern River Bridge - Home To Cliff Swallows
One Person Suspension BridgeBridge Over Paiute CreekBridge On Feather River
Same BridgeSuspension BridgeA Fancy New Bridge
Bridge On Girder CreekBridge On Eagle CreekMakeshift Brigde Over Sandy River
1st Bridge Over Deep CreekArched Bridge Over Deep CreekBridge Over Feather Middle Fork
Bridge At Squaw CreekWoods Creek Suspension BridgeSuspension Bridge Over Woods Creek
Bridge Over The Kern RiverChillin The Feet In The Creek Under The Bridge With Great GraffiDramatic Pause The Bridge Of The Godsthundering Creshendo
Hiker Bridge Out Of Ramona FallsBridge Across Warm Springs CreekNew Bridge Over White Chuck River
The Bridge Across Vista CreekThe Bridge Over The Suiattle RiverLongest Span Bridge On The PCT Over Agnes Creek
Suspension Bridge Over Maple CreekNice BridgeCool Bridge
Wind River BridgeBridge Over The Feather RiverBridge Over Feather River
Josiah And Seraina Crossing River At Cottonwood BridgeXing Under Cottonwood BridgeCottonwood Bridge
Bridge Of The Gods-2009Bridge Over Middle Fork Feather RiverLone Ranger Crosses A Bridge In The Glacier Peak Wilderness
South Fork Kern River BridgeArch Bridge Over Middle Fork Feather RiverArch Bridge Over Middle Fork Feather River
Bridge Over Feather River
Bridge Creek Show Map
Bridge CreekBridge CreekLooking Down On Bridge Creek
Bridge Creek Forks Come TogetherSuspension Bridge Near Bridge Creek
Bridge Of The Gods Show Map
Bridge Of The GodsBridge Of The GodsThe Border Of Oregon And WashingtonThe Bridge Of The Gods
Me Bridge Of The Gods TrailheadBridge Of The GodsView From The Bridge Of The Columbia R
Bridge Of The GodsBridge Of The GodsDramatic Pause The Bridge Of The Godsthundering Creshendo
Bridge Of The Gods Over The Columbia RiverColumbia River Gorge Looking West From The BridgeColumbia River Gorge Looking East From The Bridge
Bridge Of The GodsWalking Bridge Of Gods Into WashingtonApproach To The Bridge Of The Gods
Columbia Gorge From The BridgeBridge Of The GodsBridge Of The Gods-2009
Bridge Of The GodsAt The Bridge Of The Gods
Britton Dam Lake Show Map
Lake Britton DamThe Dam That Created Lake Britton From Burney FallsDam On Lake Britton
Oh To Be So Relaxed On Britton Lake
Brown Mt Shelter Show Map
South Mt Brown ShelterBrown Mountain ShelterWest Brown Mt Shelter
Swanky Brown ShelterSouth Brown Mountain Shelter LR Dreams And Kentucky BlueBrown's Shelter
South Brown Mountain Shelter LR Dreams And Kentucky Blue
Brush Creek Show Map
Deer At Bush CreekGarage Sale At Brush Creek
Bubbs Creek Show Map
Bubbs Creek CanyonFrom Yesterday Bubbs Creek Canyon And East Vidette Looking SoVidette Peak And Bubbs Creek Canyon
Bubbs Lake
Evening Hiking To Bubb's Lake
Buck Creek Pass Show Map
Stormy Weather On Bucks Creek Pass
Bull Canyon Show Map
Another Boring Place For A Snack - Bull Canyon With Bull Lake
Bull Lake Show Map
Bull LakeAnother Boring Place For A Snack - Bull Canyon With Bull LakeMt Shasta Behind Bull Lake
Bullfrog Lake Show Map
Vortex At Upper Bullfrog LakeA Stop At Bullfrog Lake BasinBullfrog Lake In Kearsarge Basin
Bullfrog LakeBullfrog LakeBull Frog Lake
Bullfrog Lake In The Smoke
Bumping River Show Map
Bumping River Running Through A Large Meadow
Burkhart Spring
Burkhart Spring
Burnt Area Of The Tehachapi Mountains Near The TopWild Flowers In The BurnPurple Lupine Growing In A Burned Area
Burnt Trees Salute The Sky
Burney Falls Show Map
Burney FallsBurney FallsBurney Falls
Me In Burney Falls!Me Getting The Hell Out Of Burney FallsAnother Shot Of The Falls
Burney FallsBurney FallsBurney Falls Bridge
My First View Of Burney FallsBurney FallsPCT Sign At Burney Falls State Park
My Lunch View Of Burney FallsBurney Falls SignBurney Falls
Burney Falls Tinted By SmokeBurney FallsBurney Falls
Burney FallsCome Right Out Of The Rock!Burney FallsBurney Falls
Burnt Rancheria Campground Show Map
D Kat At Burnt Ranch CG
Butterflies!Variable Checkerspot ButterflyButterflies Mating
Checkerspots MatingSwallow Tail By Chimney CreekCheckerspot On Daisy
Colorful Moth On The TrailA New ButterflyMoth
Butterfly On My MattressFrittlillary ButterflyHard To See But It's A Ton Of Butterflies!
ButterflyParnassian ButterflyButterfly
Parnassian ButterflyNice ButterflyNaughty Butterflies
Friendly ButterfliesUnidentified ButterflyUnidentified Butterfly
Hummingbird MothButterfly On Tent
Lucky 5 CacheA Water Cache With Seating!Water And Lead Weight Cache
Lead Weight CacheFull Of Lead Weights!The Pink Flamingo Oasis Cache
Third Gate Water CacheReady To Leave The CacheOasis Water Cache
Cooler At Oasis Cache With Several Fewer BeersHeaded To Third Gate CacheCasa De Luna Cache
Steve At Water CacheWaer CacheThe Motherlode Of Trail Caches Near Three Points Trailhead
Water CacheHikers Oasis CacheYea! A Water Cache!
This Mouse Enjoyed The Water Cache As Much As We DidThe GREATLY APPRECIATED Water CacheRefilling The Scissors Crossing Cache With Warner Springs Monty
Scissors Crossing CA Donated Water Cache3rd Gate Water Cache3rd Gate Water Cache
Near Hikers Oasis CacheScissors Crossing CacheThank You For Water Caches
Water CacheWater Cache At Scissor's CrossingThis Cache Was Amazing! Much Thanks!!
Anza Water CacheMary Jo And Gary At The Water CacheLooking Down On Scissors Crossing
Water CacheNow That's A Water CacheCache
3rd Gate Water Cache - Thank YouOasis CacheThe Oasis Cache
The OasisAnderson's Oasis CacheRed Carpet Treatment At The Water Cache
Oasis Water CacheWater CacheWater Cache
Water CacheAt The OasisAnother Great Cache
The Highway 22 OasisSoda Cache!3rd Gate Water Cache
Cache 22Water Cache Third Gate Yahoo!Hiker Oasis Water Cache At Mile 147
Water Cache At 3rd GateHeavenly 3rd Gate Water Cache At The End Of The Day!Anza Water Cache
La Cache Des AndersonPatrick And Bigfoot Right After 3rd GateCarrying Up Water To 3rd Gate Is A Lot Of Work!
Scissors Crossing Water CashHiker's Oasis CacheOnyx Cache Couch
Cache Picture FrameSwope And Bugs At CacheShin Drugstore And Hui Enjoy The Hwy 22 Cache
Cache 22My Pack Leaning Against A Large Water Cache3rd Gate Cache
Red Carpet Water CacheWater Cache At Scissor's CrossingCache 22
Pretty CactusMore Cacti We Love 'em15' Tall Octodillo Shrub Cacti
Beavertail Cactus In BloomThree Dancers Cactus Bottom RightOur Camp In The Cactus Field
Barrel CactusCactus Garden Down To The Stables And Draft HorsesCactus
CactusFishhook Or Corkseed CactusCactus In The Morning
Lovely Cactus BloomsFuzzy Cactus In BloomCactus Flower
A Range Of Cactus BloomingGrumpy CactusSan Felipe Hills Cactus Garden
Barrel CactusCactus YupFlowering Cactus
Barrel CactusCactus5 Types Of Cactus Within 10 Feet
More CactusCactusPCT Cactus
PCT Desert CactiPrickly PearCactus Flower
Cactus FlowerCactus FlowerCactus Flower
The Last CactusInteresting CactusPrickly Pear
CactiHedgehog CactusBlooming Cactus
Pink Cactus BloomCactus Pear Bloom
Cajon Pass Show Map
Cajon Passsee The Heat HazeCool At Last-under The Highway At El CajonDawn Comes To El Cajon
Crossing Under Cajon PassMe At Cajon Pass MacDonaldsCajon Pass 8 Miles Away
Looking Back Towards Cajon PassMcDonalds OasisAt Interstate 15 McDonalds Is Evidently A PCT Institution
Cajon Pass McDonald'sView Back Over Cajon Pass From 7000 FeetCajon McDonalds
At McD's And Hiker Backpacks In BackgroundView Into Cajon PassMcDonalds Is Signposted
McDonald's Trail SignBacktrack Sleeping Under Horse Cart Outside McDonald'sHikers Gathering After McD's Feed
Big John Outside McD'sTunnel Near Cajon PassLooking Down On Cajon Pass
Cajon PassDown To Cajon PassLooking Down At I-15 Cajon Pass
Coming Up Out Of Cajon PassCliffs Above Cajon PassCajon Pass Train
California Oregon Border Show Map
California BorderThe Oregon Border!Welcome To A New State
Bye Bye CaliforniaHello OregonSteve Back At The Border Of CA And ORCalifornia Border
The CaliforniaOregon BorderMe At The BorderMe At The Oregon Border
The Border SignCalOr Boarder
Callahans Show Map
Roughing It At Callahan's
Camp Glenwood Show Map
Camp Glenwood BSA LodgeCamp Glenwood Lunch
Camp Urich Show Map
Our Savior Camp Urich ShelterGovernment MeadowUrich Camp At Government Meadow
Our Savior Camp Urich Shelter
Campo Show Map
First Map Of The HikeCampo To Lake Morena
Clear Cozy CampsiteCampsite Near Bear Lake RoadOur Camp In The Cactus Field
Caribou Crossroads
Caribou Crossroads
Carson Pass Show Map
Carson PassCrossing At Carson PassCarson Pass Ranger Station
Dinner Near Carson PassAfter Carson Pass
Carson River Show Map
Scenery Along Carson River
Casa De Luna
Banner Signed By All Of The Hikers Visiting Casa De LunaCasa De Luna CacheMrs Anderson Moons Us As We Take The Photo
Hanging Out At Casa De LunaHikers Out Front Of Casa De LunaCasa De Luna Banner
2009 Banner At The AndersonsSunseeker Jay And Terrie Anderson At The Casa De LunaSunseeker And Subzero Watching Movies At The Casa De Luna
Jay And I Feet Watching Movies At The Casa De LunaThe Scene At Casa De Luna
Cascade Locks Show Map
Sunrise Over Cascade LocksCelebrating Finishing Oregon In Cascade Locks- Aug 26 2009
Cascades Show Map
CascadesA Dramatic View Of The CascadesAnother Fabulous View Of The Cascades
Stately Cascade Peaks With Fog BelowCascade Range Looking North
Castle Crags Show Map
C CragsCastle CragsRiv On Castle Crag Check Out The Patched Pants!
PCT Campground At Castle Craig State ParkCastle CragsCastle Crags
Castle CragsCastle Crags 2First View Of Castle Crags
Castle CragsCloser To The CragsCastle Crags From The Backside
Castle Crags Very ImpressiveCastle CragsCastle Crags
Castle CragsNow I Know Why It's Called Castle CragCastle Crag Campground
Mt Castle CragCastle Crag AgainOther Side Of Castle Crag
Castle Crag Western SideAlmost Level With The Top Of Castle CraigCastle Crag From The North
Another Big Rock With Its Own Lake And Castle Crag In The BackgCastle CragsThe Back Side Of Castle Crags
Approaching Castle CragsCastle Crag SP PCT CampsiteCastle Crags
Castle CraggsUp Into The Castle CragsLooking Back At The Crags
Walking Under Castle CragsMore Castle CragsCastle Crags From The East
Castle CragsSwitchbacks Up To Castle CragsCastle Crags
Looking Across To Castle CraigsCastle Crags State Park Campground PCT Hiker CampsiteMt Shasta And Part Of Castle Crags
Castle Crags Near I-5
Cat Ear
Cat EarCat-eared Lily
Cathedral Lakes Show Map
Dawn At Cathedral Lakes
Cathedral Pass Show Map
View From Cathedral PassLooking Down To Deep Lake From Cathedral PassLooking South From Cathedral Pass
Meadowlake Before Cathedral Pass ClimbView From Near Cathedral Pass
Cathedral Range Show Map
Tuolumne River And Cathedral RangeCathedral RangeCathedral Range
Cathedral Rock Show Map
Cathedral Peak
Catwalk Show Map
Josie And Cody On The CatwalkThe Foggy Catwalk!
Cauliflower Fungus
Cauliflower Fungus
CeanothusCeanothus Aka California LilacCeanothus Bush
Cedar Springs Dam Show Map
Cedar Springs Dam
Ceder Springs Trail Show Map
Ceder Springs Trail Jct
Chariot Canyon Show Map
Sunset Near Chariot CanyonChariot Canyon HillsideUpper Chariot Cyn
Camp At Upper Charriot Cyn
Charlotte Lake Show Map
Charlotte Lake And Glen Pass Is In Those Mountains SomewhereCharlotte Lake SunsetJack Octavia And Dreams Zeroing At Charlotte Lake
Jack Octavia And Dreams Zeroing At Charlotte Lake
Charlton Butte
Charlton Butte In Burn Area
Charlton Lake Show Map
A Bug-free Peninsula On Charlton LakeMy Lunchtime View Of Lake CharltonCharlton Lake
Chelan Lake Show Map
Lake Chelan At SunsetLake ChelanShuttle On Lake Chelan
Lake ChelanSunset Over ChelanChelan
Lake ChelanHikervenner Paa Lake Chelan
Chicken Spring Lake Show Map
Chicken Spring LakeChicken Spring LakeChicken Springs Lake- 11235 Ft
Ginny In The Evening At Chicken SpringsAbove Chicken Spring LakeChicken Spring Lake
Chicken Spring LakeChicken Skin At Chicken Spring LakeLittle Chicken Lake And Cirque Peak
Chicken Spring LakeChicken Spring LakeChicken Spring Lake
Snags By Chicken Spring LakeWater Still Life Chicken Spring LakeLeaving Chicken Springs Lake
Chimney Creek Show Map
Swallow Tail By Chimney CreekRegister At Chimney Creek
Chinook Pass Show Map
View East From Chinook PassMt Rainier National Park Gateway
A Very Confused ChipmunkChipmunk
Chiwawa River Show Map
Chiwawa River
Blooming Cholla
Cibbets Flat Show Map
Cibbets Flat Campground
Cispus Pass Show Map
Just Over Cispus PassView East From Cispus PassView West From Cispus Pass
Cleghorn Picnic Area Show Map
Walking Out Of Cleghorn Picnic Area
Cleghorn Ridge Show Map
Moon Over Cleghorn Ridge
Cliff Lake Show Map
Quiet Evening By Cliff LakeOregon Hiker With Her Friends At Cliff LakeShelter At Cliff Lake
Cliff Swallows
Cliff Swallows Under Bridge
Cloudburst Summit Show Map
Cloud Burst Summit
Columbia River Show Map
Columbia RiverColumbia RiverThe Columbia River
Barge On The Columbia RiverColumbia River!Bridge Of The Gods Over The Columbia River
Columbia River Gorge Looking West From The BridgeColumbia River Gorge Looking East From The BridgeOur First Glimpse Of The Columbia Gorge
Down Down To The GorgeColumbia Gorge From The BridgeColumbia River
Columbia River GorgeDeck Of The Columbia Gorge Steamwheeler
ColumbineColumbine And Tiger Lily
Combs Peak Show Map
One Of The Pearl Girls On Combs PeakSunset From Combs PeakNear Combs Peak
Coon Creek Jump Off Show Map
Camp At Coon Creek Jump OffCoon Creek Jumpoff
Coon Lake Show Map
Coon Lake
Copper Canyon
Copper Canyon
Corn Lillies
End Of The Corn Lillies
Cottonwood Bridge Show Map
Cottonwood Bridge The Only Shade For 40 MilesJosiah And Seraina Crossing River At Cottonwood BridgeXing Under Cottonwood Bridge
Flowering Pastures Near Cottonwood CreekCottonwood Bridge
Cottonwood Creek Show Map
End Of Bushwhack Cottonwood CrkCooking And Eating Lunch At Cottonwood Creek
Cottonwood Pass Show Map
Climbing Up To Cottonwood PassCottonwood Pass
Coulter Pine
Coulter Pines Grow In The Wetter Areas - Huge Pine Cones!
Cow Creek Show Map
Ginny And Piper At Cow CreekCamp Day 3 Above Cow Creek Canyon
Cow Parsnip
Cow Parsnip
Crabtree Meadows Show Map
Vortex In Crabtree Meadow On Way To Forester PassCrabtree MeadowCrabtree Meadows--our Campsite
Crabtree Meadow
Crag Lake Show Map
Crag Lake
Crater Lake Show Map
Crater LakeCrater LakeCrater Lake Campsite
Entering Crater Lake National ParkCrater Lake SunriseA Last Look At Crater Lake
Crater LakeThe Beauty Of Crater Lake Under CloudsCrater Lake
First View Of Crater LakeWizard IslandCrater Lake Check Out That Blue
Wizard IslandWizard Island CraterWizard Island
Crater Lake!A View Back Towards Crater LakeSpectacular Hiking Along Crater Lake Rim
More Spectacular Views Of Crater LakeCrater Lake On A Windy But Very Clear DayMt Mazama Crater Lake NP On The Horizon
Entering Crater Lake NP The 5th National Park On The PCTWizard IslandCrater Lake
Crater Lake AreaMy First Sight Of Crater LakeThe South East Rim In The Setting Sun
The North Rim At SunriseWizard Island From The LookoutAlso Crater Lake
Crater LakeCrater LakeCloudy Crater Lake
Crater Lake SunriseCrater Lake SunballFog Climbing Over The Rim
Wizard Island With TreeCrater LakeCrater Lake
A Geek In Crater LakeMore Crater LakeStill More Crater Lake
Sick Of Crater LakeLeaving Crater LakeCrater Lake
Beautiful Crater LakeGoodbye Crater LakeCrater Lake
Crater LakeSunrise Over Crater Lake And Wizard IslandArrival At Crater Lake
Reflections On Wizard Island And Crater RimWizard Island Between A Rock And A Wood PlaceWizard Island At Crater Lake NP
Sunrise Over Crater Lake And Wizard Island
Crowder Canyon Show Map
View From Atop Crowder CanyonCrowder Canyon
Curtis Lake
Curtis Lake
Cutthroat Pass Show Map
View From Cut Throat PassClouds At Cutthroat PassView From Cutthroat Pass
South View From Cutthroat PassNorth View From Cutthroat PassView On Climb To Cutthroat Pass
Kiltman At Cuttthroat Pass
Checkerspot On DaisyBeuatiful Daisies And Wild Peas
Dalate Creek
Delate Creek Lunch Stop
Giant Dandelion Seed Balls And My Foot
Deadfall Lakes Show Map
Resting At One Of The Deadfall Lakes
Death Canyon Show Map
Death Canyon Meadow
Deception Pass Show Map
Spring By Deception Pass
Deep Creek Show Map
Deep Creek Bridge DestroyedCamped Above Deep CreekBridge Over Deep Creek
Deep CreekFollowing Deep CreekBridge Over Deep Creek
Deep CreekAnother Of Deep CreekArch Bridge Over Deep Creek
Sand To Sleep On Warm Water To Relax In-Deep CreekBridge Over Deep CreekDeep Creek
Deep Creek BridgeAt Deep Creek With Irritated EyesLeaving Deep Creek In The Morning
Resting At Deep Creek BridgeDeep Creek CanyonLower Pool And Deep Creek
Middle PoolMiddle PoolAlmost Out Of Deep Creek Canyon
The Deep Creek Bridge To Splinters CabinMinnie Hanging Out In Deep CreekDeep Creek Just Below Splinters Cabin
Deep Creek 2Deep Creek 3Deep Creek
Deep CreekDeep Creek Bridge1st Bridge Over Deep Creek
Arched Bridge Over Deep CreekDeep Creek CanyonArched Bridge In Deep Cr Cyn
Deep Creek BridgeDeep Creek BridgeDeep Creek
Arched Bridge On Deep Creek
Deep Creek Bridge Show Map
Deep Creek BridgeDeep CreekDeep Creek Bridge
Deep Creek Hot Spring Show Map
Deep Creek At The Hot SpringsChase Enjoying Hot Springs As I DepartDay Hilers Taking Float Into Hot Springs
HotspringsGranite Rocks On Hills Near Deep Creek Hot SpringsDeep Creek Hot Springs!
Deep Creek SpringDeep Creek At Hot SpringsSteam From The Hot Pool
Deep Creek Hot Springs Taken From Afar For Obvious ReasonsMan Hiker Cache HotspringsDeep Creek Hot Springs
Deep Creek Hot SpringsDeep Creek HotspringsDeep Creek Near Hot Springs
Deep Creek Hot SpringsDeep Creek Hot Springs
Deep Creek Hot Springs Show Map
Deep Creek Hot Springs
Deep Lake Show Map
Looking Down To Deep Lake From Cathedral PassMist On Frozen Deep Lake Meadow
DeerMorning Deer Awakening At CemetaryMorning Deer Visit
Deer In The MeadowLooking Up At Nearby DeerDeer At Bush Creek
Twin FawnsEver Play Where's Waldo There's A Deer In That Photo Give UpOkay How About Finding The Two Deer In This One
A Deer We Surprised On The TrailNearly Tame Park DoeDeer Keeping An Eye On Us
Bambie!Curious DeerBuck Near Rae Lakes
Deer Creek Show Map
Jo Meets Scouts Near Deer CreekOne Of Deer Creek's Many Waterfalls
Deer Lake Show Map
Deer Lake
Deer Springs Trail Jct Show Map
At Round Valley Note The Nice Clean Shirt!
Delate Creek Show Map
Waterfall On Delate CreekFalls On Delate Creek
Desert Mariposa Lily
Desert Mariposa LilyDesert Mariposa Lily Calochortus Kennedyi Sign Of HopeDesert Mariposa Lily
Desert Mariposa Lily
Desert Sage
Blooming Pungent Desert Sage
Desert Tortoise
Two Days Ago Got To See This Desert TurtleCaliforna Desert Tortoise Gopherus AgassiziiDesert Tortise - Fellow Traveler
Desert TortoiseDesert Tortoise
Desolation Wilderness Show Map
Leaving Desolation WildernessDesolation WildernessSusie Lake Desolation Wilderness
We Enter Desolation Wilderness Just After Echo LakeGorgeous!! Desolation Wilderness Is Really Lovely For 20 MilesDesolation Wilderness
Desolation Wilderness
Devils Peak Show Map
Devil's PeakPeanut Eater Enjoying The Devil's Peak ViewsNear Devil's Peak
Devils Postpile Show Map
Vortex Happy To See The Sign For Devil's Postpile!Devils PostpileDevil's Postpile
Columnar Basalt At Devils PostpileDevils Postpile National MonumentAtop Devil's Postpile
Dawn Comes To The Devil's PostpileDevil's Postpile MammothDevils Postpile Front
Devli's PostpileDevil's Postpile National MonumentTop Of Postpile
Devil's PostpileThe Devil's Pipe OrganTahoma At Devil's Postpile Monument
The Devil's Pipe OrganDevils Postpile
Devils Ridge
Devils Ridge
Devils Slide Trail Show Map
Devil's Slide
Dewey Lake Show Map
Flowers Along Dewey LakeDewey Lake
Diamond Lake Show Map
Diamond Lake From The Base Of Mt ThielsenDiamond View LakeDiamond Lake
Diamond LakeView Of Diamond LakeView From Diamond Lake Resort
Diamond View Lake With Diamond Peak Mirrored
Diamond Peak Show Map
Diamond Peak And Mt Yoran From Odell LakeLooking Across Summit Lake At Diamond PeakPassing Diamond Peak
Diamond Peak AreaDiamond PeakDiamond Peak
Below Diamond Peak
Dicks Lake Show Map
Dicks Lake From Dicks PassDicks Lake From Dicks PassNancy At Dicks Lake
Dicks And Fontanillis Lakes From Dicks Pass
Dicks Pass Show Map
Lunch Atop Dick's PassView From Dick's PassDicks Lake From Dicks Pass
Dicks Lake From Dicks PassNancy At Dicks PassDicks And Fontanillis Lakes From Dicks Pass
View From Dick's PassDick's PassDick's Pass
Steiner And Swiss Miss Prepare To Battle Dicks PassDick's Pass
Dome Land Wilderness Show Map
DomelandDomeland WIlderness
Donahue Pass Show Map
Nasty Suncups Below Donahue PassLyell Canyon From Donahue PassTom At Donahue Pass 11056 Ft
Looking Back Up Towards Donahue PassTop Of Donohue PassView North From Donahue Pass
Me At Summit Of Donahue PassDonahue PassBelow Donahue Pass
Nearing The PassView From The PassLyell From Donahue Pass
Banner Ritter And Others From Donahue PassLooking South Up Lyell Canyon To Donahue PassThe View Looking Up Toward Donahue Pass
Donhaue Pass From My BedDonohue Pass
Donner Lake Show Map
Auto Tunnel Near Donner LakeSmokey View Of Donner LakeBoats On Donner Lake
Donner Lake From The Old RoadbedDonner Lake From Donner PassDonner Lake
Donner Pass Show Map
Looking Back Towards Donner PassDonner PassDonner Lake From Donner Pass
Dorothy Lake Show Map
Dorothy LakeDorothy LakeDorothy Lake
Dorothy Lake
Dorothy Lake Pass Show Map
Dorthy Lake Pass
Drakesbad Guest Ranch Show Map
Drakesbad Guest RanchLounging At Drakesbad ResortAu Drakesbad Ranch
The Drakesbad Hot Spring PoolDaddy's Happy To Be At Drakesbad !!Drakesbad Guest Ranch
Drakesbad Guest Ranch PoolThe Drakesbad Resort's Hot Spring Pool
Dunsmuir Show Map
Dunsmuir Not At 98 FDunsmuir
Dusy Basin
Dusy Basin Base Camp
Eagle Creek Show Map
The Falls At Eagle CreekEagle CreekBridge On Eagle Creek
Eagle CreekEagle Creek AreaFalls Along Eagle Creek
Eagle Creek
Eagle Rock Show Map
Caitlin And The EagleEagle Rock Jason In Its ClawsEagle Rockonly Took Me 2 Hours With My Gerber
Eagle RockEagle RockEagle Rock Near Warner Springs
Eagle RockEagle Rock At NightEagle Rock Day
Eagle RockEagle RockCaroline On Eagle Rock
Brian At Eagle RockEagle RockEagle Rock In The Morning
Eagle RockEagle RockKat On Eagle Rock
Eagle RockEalge Rock With The 3 Of UsEagle Rock
Eagle RockEagle RockEagle Rock
Eagle RockEagle RockEagle Rock
Eagle RockEagle RockEagle Rock
Eagle Rock Does Really Look Like An Eagle -Me Posing At Eagle RockWedding At Eagle Rock
Eagle RockEagle Rock In The WindEagle Rock
This One's For Dennis Eagle RockEagle RockEagle Rock
Eagles Nest
Eagle's Nest
East Vidette Show Map
East VidetteFrom Yesterday Bubbs Creek Canyon And East Vidette Looking SoVidette Peak And Bubbs Creek Canyon
Sunset On Vidette Mt View From My Tent
Ebbetts Pass Show Map
Leaving Ebbett's PassNearing Ebbetts PassEbett's Pass
Ebett's Pass
Ebbetts Peak Show Map
Ebbetts Peak With US Flag On Top
Echo Lake Show Map
Looking Back At Echo LakeEcho Lake - Our View From The DeckA Rose Between Two Thorns - Matthew Karen And I At Echo Lake
4th Of July Picnic At Echo LakeEcho Lake Is Just This Store And A MarinaView Of Echo Lake From Above Where We Watch The Tahoe Fireworks
Echo Lake
Echo Summit Show Map
Echo SummitWEARY Hiker Makes It To Echo Summit Parking Lot
El Capitan Show Map
El CapitanYosemite Valley Is GorgeousEl Capitan
Elephant Rock
Elephant Rock
Elephants Back Show Map
Great View Of The Elephants BackElephants Back
Elk Lake Show Map
Trail Signs To Elk Lake
Elk Lake Resort Show Map
Bluegrass Band Elk Lake ResortElk Lake Resort - It's Really Much Nicer Than ThisElk Lake Resort
Elk Lake ResortElk Lake ResortElk Lake
Elk Lake Bar Has An Open Deck
Escondido Ridge Show Map
View South From Escondido Ridge
Etna Show Map
EtnaGoodbye Etna- You Were A Great Little Town With Great PeopleHiker Hut At Etna
Hitching Into EtnaDowntown EtnaEtna
Etna Summit Show Map
Etna SummitEtna Summit Area
Evolution Creek Show Map
After Fording Evolution CreekInfamous Evolution Creek FordLooking Back After Fording Evolution Creek
Crossing Evolution CreekEvolution CreekGetting Ready To Cross Evolution Creek
We're Crossing That! Evolution CreekKiwi Crossing Evolution Creek 26 June
Evolution Lake Show Map
Evolution LakeEvolution LakeEvolution Lake
Evolution Valley Show Map
Back To The Woods - Evolution Valley AreaEvolution ValleyEvolution Valley
Evolution Valley
Fall Creek Show Map
Fall Creek Close To Interstate 5
Ramona FallsFalls Along Eagle Creek
Falls Creek Show Map
A Bend In Falls Creek Through Grace Meadow
Ferry To VVRThe VVR FerryVVR Ferry Ride
Lake Edison FerryShuttle On Lake ChelanThe Ferry
Ferry In Stehekin Wa
Desert Ficus Plant
Fin Dome Show Map
Fin DomeRae Lakes And Fin Dome
Scorched SceneryBurnt Tree From 2002 FiresUndergrowth Returning Under Burnt Trees
Shadeless BurnedSomeone Had A Sense Of Humor About The BurnBad Burn Area From 2002
Fire Ravaged TrailBurned Brush Against A Desert SkyEnded Up Watching This For Miles As We Hiked Moving Over Apache
Stark Contrast Of Burnt Tree And Red BouldersFire On Apache PeakOne Cigarette Over 700 Firefighters Nearly 800 Acres
Aircraft Drops Water On To FireWhile On The Phone W911 The Log 10 Feet Downhill Lit On FireThe Burn
One Of The Many Burn Areas We Passed ThroughLupine Making A Come Back In The BurnBurned Forest
Around The FireKennedy Meadows FireBurned Section A Little Sad To See This Hope It Comes Back!
After The BurnRemains Of A FireSmoke From The Fire That Lies Ahead
Fire Burning On The RidgeWalking Through The Fresh BurnWild Fires
Burn Zone Outsize BBCWildfire Approaching Kennedy MeadowsKennedy Meadows Fire Is Getting Bigger!
My Personal Escort Through The Fire AreaFIRE!Walking Through A Burn Area
Fires Still Going Here There Were Three More Further RightSmoke HazeBeyond Escondido Ridge Near The Waptus Burn Area
A Sign Of Forest FireBurnt SectionThe Clover Fire Past Kennedy Meadows
A Fire SomewhereBurned AreaSadly Burned But Beautiful
After The BurnPart Of Burn AreaMore Of Burn Area
Post FireFlowers Coming Back After A BurnBurned Forest
Through Another BurnScorched Area Along Mission CreekFire-devastated Area Along Holcomb Creek
Huge Smoke Cloud In DistanceAtomic Cloud CloseupThe Remains Of A Forest After A Severe Fire
Fire South Of Olancha PeakBurn AreaMore Burn Area
Old BurnCharlton Butte In Burn AreaOld Axe Blaze
Burnt Forest At DuskRemains Of A Recent FireDistant Fire Lookout In Burn Area
Burned DescentBurned Area With Wind Farm BelowBurned Area
Fire Creek Show Map
Fire Creek
Fire Creek Pass Show Map
Looking North From Fire Creek PassFire Creek Pass
Fireweed And Some Sun!FireweedFireweed
Example Of The Flood Devastation
Vortex And FlowersIris On The Way To Showers LakeColumbine
Blue Sky Patiently Waiting While Mom Takes Flower PhotosMore FlowersPretty Purple
Desert FlowerFlowers In BloomCalifornia Peony
MonkeyflowersLupineTiger Lillies!
Magnificent Morning GloryLillyMountain Wildflowers
Wild Flowers Toward The NorthSome Chia With WildflowersPaintbrush
Dennis Walking Through The FlowersFlowers Against Charred Remains Of TreesDennis In The Chia
Desert MariposaMore FlowersFragrant Lupine
Trailside FlowersIndian Paintbrush In Rock OutcroppingWildflowers
Lovely PenstominMore FlowersWIldflower
Lupine Making A Come Back In The BurnFlowering BushYellow Flowers
Ubiquitous WildflowersShooting StarsLovely Wildflowers As I Cross Into Lower Elevation
Desert Mariposa LilyThe Lovely Desert FlowerMore Flowers
Desert Mariposa Lily Calochortus Kennedyi Sign Of HopeLupine On Mt HoodMariposa Lilly
PaintbrushCheckerspot On DaisyLupine And Paintbrush
PaintbrushWildflowers And St HelensFireweed And Some Sun!
Wild StrawberriesBlueberriesEnd Of The Corn Lillies
Flowers As I Move Lower To The DesertSmall Pink Flowers Line The TrailFloor Of Purple Flowers Near The Trail
The Reddest Paintbrush I Have SeenPoppies Near Laguna MountainsPussypaws
Shooting Stars Proliferate At Trail Side As Creek Crosses TrailHillside Of Lupine And Mule's EarCoral Inidan Paintbrush
The Walk Of Wild Iris And Mule's EarMore FlowersTiger Lily For Kathie On Her Birthday
White FlowerLilliesWild Flowers
WildflowersBlue FlowerA Trail Through Fields Of Wildflowers No Huckleberries Here
Cat EarWildflowers In The MistLarkspur
WildflowersWildflowersMore Wildflowers
Mt Glacier And LupineWildflowersPurple Penstimmon
Tall WildflowersWhite Pasqueflower SeedheadsLots Of Leopard Lillies
Shooting StarsFlowers Below Silver PassMonkey Flowers
LillyLarkspurYellow Lupine
The Wildflowers Were ProfusePaintbrushDesert Flowers
Gay FlowersCeanothusPoppy Bush
Purple NightshadePrickly PoppyLovely Desert Flowers
PhloxDesert Mariposa LilyFlowers
More FlowersPurple FlowersTrailside Flower
Cactus FlowerCactus FlowerCactus Flower
Cactus FlowerWildflowerWildflower Ready To Bloom
WildflowerYWF Yellow Wild FlowersPaint Brush
Field Of PoppiesFlowersPhlox - I Think
LiliesAnd LupineA Species Of Mariposa Lily Genus Calochortus
WildflowerFlowers Coming Back After A BurnRed Flower
Purple FlowereA Mountainside Of Yellow Flowers Was Amazing!Delphinium
Another Nice Patch Of LupineFlowers Along Dewey LakeYet Another Fantastic Flower Garden
A Nice Patch Of LupineLeopard LilyPaintbrush
PenstemonUnidentified LilyGrape Soda Lupine
Paintbrush And DesertPhloxRain Sprinkled Wild Flowers
Red Penstemon And Mtn LilacUnidentified FlowersMountain Pride Penstemon
Mountain Pride PenstemonWashington LilyA Flowery Meadow
Flowering BushesFireweedTrailside Flowers
Neighbor Hiking Across Fields Of PussypawsScarlet GiliaWashington Lily
Pine Drop Related To Snow PlantScarlet GiliaTiger Lily AKA Leopard Lily
Leopard LiliesHuge Meadows Full Of WildflowersGreat Flowers On North Side Of Pass
Tiger Or Leopard LiliesMore FlowersMariposa Lily
Mountain Pride PenstemonA Flower Patch In The ForestThe Infamous Poodle-dog Bush Turricula Parryi
Unidentified Monkey FlowerPaintbrushBeautiful Wildflower-filled Hillsides
Beautiful Flowers Abeit FoggyLily PadsLarkspur
WildflowersMountain Lilac Ceanothus And Chaparral-covered HillsMore Ceanothus In Bloom
Unidentified FlowersRed PenstemonWildfower Garden
Desert Mariposa LilyYet Another Trailside Flower GardenLupine
First Buttercup Of The YearLupinePoppies And Goldfields
Tons Of Flowers Were Blooming Around Warner SpringsBlue FlowersYellow And Blue
Happy FlowersPoppies Near TrailFlower Fields
Wildflower CloseupFlower Field Above TylerhorseMeadows Of Poppies Lupin And Asters
Flowers And SageFields Of PoppiesBeautiful Flowers Along The PCT Before Lake Hughes Road
Mule EarsWild Flowers In The BurnThese Made Me Think Of Brenda They Look Like Mini-lilacs
Blooming OcotilloPurple Lupine Growing In A Burned AreaWild Spring Flowers Abound
Pink Mariposa LilyYellow Mariposa LilyIndian Paintbrush
PhloxLupine In Burned AreaOrange Mariposa Lily
Scarlet GiliaWhite Mariposa LilyBush Monkey Flower
LupineCactus Pear BloomShooting Star
Mariposa LillySulphur Flowers And Mariposa LilyMulti Color Monkey Flower
Tiger LiliesVery Rare Yellow Lupin !!Very Rare Yellow Lupin !!
Giant Dandelion Seed Balls And My FootGorgeous Tiger LilyBeuatiful Daisies And Wild Peas
Columbine And Tiger LilyBiggest Stand Of Tiger Lilies I've Ever SeenPaintbrush En Masse
Yellow Lupin ! Never Seen It In WashingtonBeary Excite For Bear Grass !!!Rhododendron Reminds Me Of Hana And Home
Paintbrush EverywhereMonkey Flowers And LupinTiger Lilly
Beargrass CloseupAvalanche LilyWashington Mariposa Lilly
Indian PaintbrushLupineYellow Lupine
Ceanothus Aka California LilacPurple Lupine Growing In A Burned AreaCeanothus Bush
Exploding Lupine In Every MeadowYellow PaintbrushPoppies In Antelope Valley
Lupine In Antelope Valley
Fobes Saddle Show Map
Fobes SaddleSmall Peak Meadow Before Heading Down To Fobes SaddleA Long 3h Midday Rest In The Shade At Fobes Saddle
Looking East From Fobes Saddle
Foggy Pass Show Map
Foggy Pass
Fontanillis Lake Show Map
A Small Lakelet Beside Fontanillis LakeFontanillis LakeHappy Hikers At Fontanillis Lake
Dicks And Fontanillis Lakes From Dicks PassFontanillis Lake
Forester Pass Show Map
Forester PassForester Pass - Looking The Other WayAngie Standing Near The Top Of Forester Pass
View South From Forester PassView North From Forester PassJason Crossing The Snow Field On The Other Side Of Forester
Forrester Pass Up There SomewhereForster Pass Was No Joke Was Lost For Half The Day From SnowTop Of The World Forester Pass
Forester Pass From The SouthOn Top Of Forester PassEnjoying Forester Pass With John And Mercury
The Back Side Of Forester PassForester PassSouthwest Basin Below Forester Pass
Snow Chute Just Below Forester Pass June 20thAtop Forester Pass With Snuggles The Hitchhiking BunnyLooking North To Forester Pass
Jo And Cody At Forester PassThe Way Down From ForesterForester Pass
Socks On ForesterForrester PassApproaching Notch In Distance To The Right Of Cloud
Trail Cut Into RockCrossing The Icy Patch At Top Of PassYeah! Highest Point Of The PCT!
View NE From PassForrester PassThe Scary Chute At The Top Of The Pass
The Highest Point On The Longest DayVers Forester PassForester Pass
Forrester PassCamping At Base Of Forrester PassThe Pass
Forester Pass The Sharp NotchNorth From Forester PassLooking Back At Forester Pass
Highest Point On The PCTThe Trail Down From Forester PassForrester Pass
Forester Pass Goes Up The Broad V At RightForester PassSnow On North Side Of Forrester
Avo Descends The North Side Of Forester PassMe On ForresterAvo Descends The North Side Of Forester Pass
Climbing Forester Pass
The Evening FoxThe Fox I Startled
Fox Mill Spring Show Map
Fox Mill Spring
Fox Tail Pine
Fox Tail Pine
Foxtail Pine
Foxtail Pine Which Grows At TimberlineFoxtail Pines - I ThinkFoxtail Pine
Fr 22cache 22 Show Map
Cache 22
Fred Canyon Creek Show Map
Super Nice Camping Spot At Fred Canyon CreekFred Cyn Creek Hat Hair Not A Foe-hawk!Resting At Fred's Canyon Creek
Frogs Everywhere!My New Hiking Outfit At The Yellow Legged Frog DetourFrog
High Altitude FroggiesFrog Toad On Trail With No Water NearFrog
Frog!The Frog Fairy HelicopterFroggy!
Foggy!Endangered Frogs!!!Unidentified Toad
RibbitFrog VisitorFrog
Frog Lake Show Map
Sunset At Frog Lake
Fuller Ridge Show Map
Trail Near Fuller RidgeA Crack On Fuller RidgeFuller Ridge Side Of The Mountain
Crossing Fuller RidgePost-fall On Fuller Ridge--still Smiling!San Jacinto From Upper Fuller Ridge
Looking Back Towards Fuller RidgeFuller RidgeJust Before Fuller Ridge In San Jacintos
Crossing Fuller RidgeFuller RidgeFuller Ridge
Last Of The Fuller Ridge SnowTrail Near Fuller RidgeSnow On Trail Past Fuller Ridge
Looking Back At Knife-edge Fuller RidgeDawn From Lower Fuller RidgeCowboy Camping En Bas De Fuller Ridge
Looking Down Fuller RidgeLeaving The Wilderness And The Snow On Fuller RidgeA Safe Moment On Fuller Ridge
Fuller RidgeTrail At Fuller Ridge
Yellow And Orange FungusCauliflower FungusInteresting Fungus
Lichen BraceletFungus On A LogInteresting Fungus
Orange Fungi On TreeFungiOrange Shelf Fungi
Cool Lichens And CactusStrange Unique FungusCool Fungi
Lichen On Granite
Garnet Lake Show Map
Garnet LakeGarnet Lake From AboveBanner Peak Behind Garnet Lake
Banner Ritter Over Garnet Lake
Glacier Lake Show Map
Near Glacier LakeLamas At Glacier LakeGlacier Lake As Seen From Pieper Pass
Camp At Glacier Lake
Glacier Pass Show Map
Near Glacier PassTrail Guardian Near Glacier Pass
Glacier Peak Show Map
Beautiful Glacier PeakGlacier PeakGlacier Peak
DiGiorno In Front Of Glacier PeakMt Glacier And LupineGlacier Peak
Approaching Glacier PeakGlacier PeakGlacier Peak Triple Crowner Lint In Background
Glacier Peak And The North CascadesUp Close With Glacier PeakNorth Flank Of Glacier Peak
Glacier PeakGlacier Peak To The SouthGlacier Peak At Last
Glacier Peak AgainAlpine Trail View Glacier PeakGlacier Peak
Glacier Peak In The DistanceGlacier PeakGlacier Pk From Dolly Vista
Glacier Peak Detour
North End Of The Glacier Peak Detour
Glacier Peak Wilderness Show Map
Overgrown Trail In Glacier Peak WildernessRed Pass Glacier Peak WildernessGlacier Peak Wilderness
Lone Ranger Crosses A Bridge In The Glacier Peak WildernessGlacier Peak Wilderness
Glen Aulin Show Map
Glen Aulin FallsArch At Glen AulinTuolumne Near Glen Aulin
Glen AulinGlen Aulin In The DistanceToulumne River At Glen Aulin
White Cascades At Glen AulinGlen AulinEmpty Glen Aulin
View From Glen Aulin - Lunch
Glen Aulin Falls
Glen Aulin Falls
Glen Pass Show Map
Atop Glen PassView South From Glen PassGlen Pass
Painted Lady Next To Glenn PassGlen PassTrail Near The Top Of Glen Pass
Looking South Near The Top Of Glen PassThe Way Down From Glen PassCharlotte Lake And Glen Pass Is In Those Mountains Somewhere
Glen PassGlen PassTarn On South Side Of Pass
Glen PassGlenn Pass DescentLooking North At The Rae Lakes Region From Glen Pass
Glen PassOur Hero Atop Glen PassLooking North At The Rae Lakes Region From Glen Pass
Goat Lake Show Map
Goat Lake Andwhat's That Over ThereGoat Lake In Distance
Goat Rocks Show Map
Mt Rainier From Goat Rocks WildernessGoat RocksGoat Rocks Wilderness Vwww
Goat Rocks Wilderness VwwwAnother Mt Ranier View From Goat Rocks VwwwValley Below Trail In Goat Rocks
Goat Rocks WildernessGoat RocksGoat Rocks Drizzle
Early Morning In Goat RocksRanier From Goat RocksEast Side Of Goat Rocks Wilderness
Looking Forward To Goat Rocks WildernessWaterfall Goat Rocks WashingtonGoat Rocks Washington
Shoe Lake Goat RocksGoat RocksGoat Rocks Wilderness
Looking Back To The Goat RocksGoat Rocks SunsetGoat Rocks
Goat Rock WildernessGoat RocksLooking Back At Mt Adams Over The Goat Rocks
Goats On The PCTMountain Goats
Golden Oaks Spring Show Map
Golden Oak SpringViews Near Golden Oak SpringGolden Oak Spring
Golden Oaks Spring
Golden Staircase Show Map
The Golden StaircaseView From The Golden StaircaseSwitchbacks Down The Golden Staircase
Above Golden StaircaseThe Golden Staircase
Gomez Meadow Show Map
Part Of The Causeway Across Gomez MeadowGomez MeadowChris At Gomez Meadow
Grace Meadow Show Map
Grace MeadowA Bend In Falls Creek Through Grace MeadowGrace Meadow
Grace MeadowGrace MeadowsGrace Meadow
Grace Meadow
PCT Graffiti
Grand Falls
Grand Falls
Granite Pass Show Map
Rainbow From Granite PassMe On The Way To Granite PassApproaching Storm Near Granite Pass
Grassy Hollow Show Map
Grassy Hollow SignGrassy Hollow Bathing Spigot!
Great Western Divide
Great Western Divide
Grider Creek Show Map
Bridge On Girder CreekCrossing Greider Creek
Grizzly Bear
Poor Caged GrizzlyDakota The Grizzly At Predators In Action ConfinedvwwwA Grizzly In A Cage
Grizzly Peak Show Map
Grizzly PeakViews Around Grizzly
Grizzly Ridge Show Map
Grizzly Ridge
GrouseGrouse Are Strange BirdsMama Grouse
Retarded Grouse On The TrailGrouseGrouse
GrouseGrouseRoughed Grouse
Blue Grouse
Grouse Gap Shelter Show Map
Mt Shasta From Grouse Gap ShelterGrouse Gap Shelter
Guffy Campground Show Map
Evening Comes To Guffy CampNear Guffy CampgroundGuffy Camp Spring Is Running
R At Guffy CampgroundH At Guffy CampgroundPiped Spring At Guffy Campground
Guitar Lake Show Map
Looking Back At Guitar LakeMy Tent Behind Rock Shelter By Guitar LakeGinny In The Evening At Guitar Lake
Guitar Lake As Seen From The AscentLooking Down At Guitar LakeSunset From Tarn Above Guitar Lake
Hiking Above Guitar LakeOn Est Parti De Guitar Lake
Gumboot Lake Show Map
Gunboot Lake
Guyot Flat Show Map
Guyot Flat And Mt Guyot
A Guzzler - Livestock And Hikers Gather WaterGuzzler
HailHailsnow Storm
Half Dome Show Map
Half Dome From Out On Tenaya OverlookHalf Dome Close-upIf You Look Close Thats Riv Lying On The Edge Of Half Dome
Half Dome Through The Fire HazeHalf Dome
Harriet Lake Show Map
Lake Harriet
Harts Pass Show Map
Camp Near Harts PassIt Slowed Down A Bit Toward Harts PassBeyond Harts Pass --the Snow Kept Coming
Hart Pass Guard Station
Hat Creek Show Map
A Very Welcome Hat Creek
Hat Creek Rim Show Map
Haze Over Hat Creek Rim CanyonTree On Hat Creek Rim--this Is How I Felt!Evening On Hat Creek Rim
Hat Creek RimLassen From The Hat Creek RimLassen From Hat Creek Rim
The Valley Below Hat Creek RimSmoky Dawn On Hat Creek RimAlong Hat Creek Rim
Hang Gliders Over Hat Creek RimHat Creek RimView From Hat Creek Rim
Approach To Hat Creek RimUplifted Lava Climbing Hat Creek Rim
Hatcreek Rim
On Hatcreek Rim With Mt Lassen Behind
Hauser Canyon Show Map
Okay That's Hauser Canyon So Is That Squilley Lline The Trail
Hauser Creek Show Map
Leaving Hauser CreekStan And Friend - Hauser Creek
Papa Hawk Teaches Baby To Hunt
Haypress Creek Show Map
Haypress Creek From The Bridge
Hayrick Butte Show Map
The Lily Pond With Hayrick Butte Behind
Head Lake Show Map
Head Lake In Morning Sun
Heart Lake Show Map
Heart Lake Below Selden PassHeart Lake
Heather Lake Show Map
Heather Lake
Helen Lake Show Map
Finally The Real Helen LakeHelen Lake On Approach To Muir PassHelen Lake
Helen Lake - Scene Of Frog Hell
Hemet Lake Show Map
Above Lake Hemet On Alternate Route To Idyllwild
Hemlock Forest
Hemlock Forest
Hiker Heaven Show Map
Hiker HeavenJason Walking Towards Hiker HeavenHiker Heaven
Tents At Hiker HeavenCactus Garden At Hiker HeavenEntrance To Hiker Heaven
Departing Hiker HeavenHiker HeavenHiker Heaven
Hiker HeavenChilling At Hiker Haven Aka The Saufleys'Hiker Heaven!
My Trusts Estates Casebook In The Trash At Hiker Heaven!Hiker HeavenThe Cots Were Heavenly
Why Wait And Me With Donna And Jeff Saufley ThanksMy Home At Hiker HeavenDonna L-Rod Saufley
Sleeping Accommodations At Hiker HeavenHIker HeavenCamped In Safley's Back Yard
Safley's Front EntryFlowers At Hiker HeavenHiker Heaven
Tent Camp At Hiker Heaven
Hiker Oasis
Hiker OasisHiker OasisAt The Hiker Oasis
Hiker's Oasis Cache
Hikertown Show Map
Rolling Towards HikertownHikertownSweetfish Me And Bebop At Hikertown
The Walk Into Hiker TownHikertown And The Mojave Under The Grey SkiesHikertown
HikertownHiker TownHikertown
The View Coming Down Into Hiker TownHiker TownHiker Town!
Richard Of Hiker TownA Feast At Hiker TownHiker Town
Hiker TownHiker TownThe Last Mile Into Hiker Town
The Lawn At Hiker TownHikertown Style Old WestHa Ha I Loved Hikertown What A Great Place!
Panorama Shot Of Hikertown Right Before A StormHikertown Looks Like An Old Western Town With A Storejail EtcHikertown
Hikertown Anicca Ace The Purple Ninja Abbey Normal CaptainHikertownHikertown
Hikertown May 4 2010Hikers At Hikertown
Holcomb Creek Show Map
View From Ridge Over Holcomb CreekFire-devastated Area Along Holcomb CreekFord Of Holcumb Creek
Holcomb CreekHolcomb Creek
Hoover Canyon Show Map
Lunch Break View--Hoover Canyon
Hope Lake Show Map
Tom Fishing At Hope LakeToilet At Hope Lake
Hopkins Lake Show Map
Hopkins LakeHopkins Lake
Horned Toad
Horny LizardTaming A Horny-toad LizardHorny Lizard
Horny Toadonly For A SaddleMr Horned LizardHorned Toad
Another Horned ToadBlainville's Horned Lizard Phrynosoma CoronatumAww Cute Horny Toads
Horned Toad Or LizardHorned Toad So CuteHorned Lizard
Horned Lizard I Nearly Stepped OnSmile!Horn Toad
Two Inch Horny LizardHorned Lizard Along The PCTMy Horny Lizard Friend
Wild HorsesHorse SkullMendel Rider And His Horse Primo
Mendorider And TLC PrimoWild Wild HorsesHorsemen On Trail
Horse Rider Had To Clear Trail For HorseOur Ride To The Trail--horse Riders On The TrailThe Horse
HorsesSometimes We See Muleshorses On The TrailA Few Of The Horses
Feeding Horses The Surrounding Trees Oppsss2 Fellows 6 HorsesA Horse
Pie With Very Friendly HorseFound Me A Horse To Ride!
Horseshoe Meadow Show Map
Horseshoe MeadowsCrossing Horseshoe Meadows CreekLooking Down On Horshoe Meadows
Horseshoe Meadows
Hot Spring
The Drakesbad Resort's Hot Spring Pool
Hot Springs
Shower At Hot SpringsHotspring PoolHot Spring Showers
Many Ripe Huckleberries
Huckleberriesbreakfast!Huckleberries!Huckle Berries
Huckleberry PickingPicking Huckleberries With Lil' BuddhaHuckleberry Carpet
Motor Forages HuckleberriesHuckleberries On TrailHuckleberry Fields Look Like Alaska
Manzanita And Huckleberry BrushMotor Forages HuckleberriesHuckleberries
Hughes Lake Show Map
Lake Hughes And My Next Day's JourneyHughes LakeThe Rock Inn In Lake Hughes
There Is A Hummingbirdlook Harder!
Hwy 14 Show Map
Tunnel Under Antelope Valley HighwayTunnel Under 14
Hwy 173 Show Map
View At Hwy 173
Hwy 18 Show Map
Crossing Hwy18
Hwy 2 Show Map
Hiker Pile At Highway 2 Hitch Into WrightwoodJumping The Highway 2 Road Block Ha-ha!
Hwy 36 Show Map
My Monument ---- Finished At Highway 36 TrailheadSign Greeting Southbounders At Hwy 36 Trailhead
Hwy 58 Show Map
Cameron CanyonWind Farms Highway 58 Mojave
Hyatt Lake Show Map
Hyatt LakeHyatt LakeView From My Hyatt Lake Campsite
Hyatt Lake Resort Show Map
Looking Back At Hyatt Lake Resort
Hydroelectric Powerhouse
The Hydro-Electric Powerhouse
I10 Show Map
Bless The Shade Of I-10Under The Interstate - Shade Is GoodUnder Interstate 10
To To I-10Looking Down Toward I-10Sunday Breakfast Under The Interstate 10 Bridge
Crowdog And Carie Near I-10
I15 Show Map
Ridges Down To I-15Cool At Last-under The Highway At El CajonAt Interstate 15 McDonalds Is Evidently A PCT Institution
15 UnderpassTunnel Under I-15
I8 Show Map
I-8I-8 Our First National Scenic InterstateI-8
I80 Show Map
The PCT Going Under I-80I-80 UnderpassTunnel Under I-80
I-80 UnderpassThe PCT Passes Underneath I-80
I90 Show Map
Trying To Hitch On I-90 Read Sign BehindI-90
Idyllwild Show Map
Welcome To IdyllwildFriendly Digs In IdyllwildIdyllwild CA
Coming Into IdyllwildCharming IdyllwildIdyllwild Wood Carving
Indian Paintbrush
Indian Paintbrush After The Rain
Indian Pass Show Map
Indian Pass - I ThinkMe At Indian PassON The Way To Indian Pass
The TarantulaI Love This Fuzzy Bug!We've Seen A Million Of These Bugs
Very Large Unidentified BugUnidentified Beetle
Inspiration Point Show Map
Inspiration Point
Iris On The Way To Showers Lake
Irishtaylor Lakes Show Map
Burn Near Irish LakeMist On Irish Lake
Isabella Lake Show Map
View Of Lake Isabella VwwwView In Lake Isabella
Island Lake Show Map
Island Lake - Can You Spot The IslandIsland LakeIsland Lake Almost Full
Island Meadow Show Map
Island Meadow
Island Pass Show Map
Banner From Island Pass
Jackson Meadow Reservoir Show Map
Jackson Meadows ReservoirJackson Meadows Resevoir- On The Trial To Sierra CityHeading To Jackson Meadow Reservoir
Jackson Meadow Reservoir
James Creek Show Map
Shelter At James Creek
Jefferson Park Show Map
Jefferson Park And Mt JeffLooking Back At Jefferson ParkJefferson Park
Mt Hood From Jefferson WildernessJefferson ParkBeautiful Jefferson Park
Josephine Lake Show Map
Josephine LakeJosephine Lake
Joshua Tree Show Map
Joshua TreeJoshua TreeJoshua Tree Yucca Brevifolia
View From My Joshua Tree CampsiteLots Of Joshua Trees!Joshua Trees
Joshua TreesJoshua TreesJoshua Trees
Burned And Dried Up Joshua TreesJoshua TreeDancing Joshua Trees
Ros Og Et JoshuatraeJoshua Tree CampsiteYeahbut And Joshua Tree
Joshua TreesJoshua Tree
Jude Lake Show Map
Jude Lake
Julian CA DowntownA Nice Place To Stay In JulianJulianthat's Pretty Much The Whole Town!
Junction Peak Show Map
Junction Peak
Juniper And Granite
Kangaroo Springs Show Map
Kangaroo Springs
Kearsarge Lakes Show Map
Kearsarge Lakes And The Kearsarge PinnaclesKearsarge Lakes Again
Kearsarge Pass Show Map
Kearsarge PassBlue Sky Up And Over Kearsarge PassView From Near Kearsarge Pass
Great Rock Mountains From Top Of KearsargeCactus Blackfoot And LiLi On Kearsarge PassMe At Kearsarge Pass
Starting Up Kearsarge Pass With JellybeanViews From Kearsage PassKearsarge Pass
Kearsarge PassKearsarge 11845
Kearsarge Pinnacles Show Map
Kearsarge Lakes And The Kearsarge Pinnacles
Kennedy Canyon Show Map
View Into Kennedy CanyonSnows Up To Sonora
Kennedy Creek Show Map
Bridge At Kennedy Creek
Kennedy Meadows Show Map
Hanging Out In Front Of Kennedy Meadows General StoreKennedy MeadowsKennedy Meadows General Store
Kennedy Meadows FireHanging Out On The Deck At Kennedy MeadowsWildfire Approaching Kennedy Meadows
Kennedy MeadowsKennedy Meadows Fire Is Getting Bigger!At Long Last -- Kennedy Meadows!
My Personal Escort Through The Fire AreaKennedy Meadows General StoreComing Into Kennedy Meadows
A Friend I At The General StoreThe Clover Fire Past Kennedy MeadowsMy First View Of Kennedy Meadows General Store
Leona The Owner At The KM StoreHiking Into Kennedy MeadowsJay Dropping Us At KM
Relaxing On The Store PorchFirst Sight Of Kennedy MeadowsApproaching Kennedy Meadows
Kennedy Meadows StoreKennedy Meadows StoreKennedy Meadows Store
Coming Into Kennedy MeadowsMission Control In Kennedy MeadowsMelissa At KM Store With PCT Boxes
Kennedy Meadows Hiker Trash HotelLeaving Kennedy Meadows
Kennedy Meadows Lodge
New Kennedy Meadows Lodge
Kern River Show Map
Bless The Kern River!Bridge Over The South Fork Of The Kern RiverSouth Fork Kern River
Jason And ToughGuy Next To Kern RiverLunch By The KernSouth Fork Of The Kern River
The Kern River--more Water Than We've Seen YetSouth Fork Kern RiverNear South Fork Of Kern River
South Fork Kern RiverSouth Fork Of Kern River Bridge - Home To Cliff SwallowsSouth Fork Kern River
South Fork Kern RiverMonache Meadows And Kern RiverBridge Over The Kern River
Kern RiverSouth Fork Kern RiverSouth Fork Kern River Bridge
South Fork Kern RiverCampsite Kern RiverS Fork Kern River
Kern River Bridge Show Map
South Fork Kern River BridgeBridge Over The S Fk Of The Kern
Kerrick Creek Show Map
Trail Near Kerrick CanyonKerrick CreekKerrick Creek
Craig And George Rockin' And Rollin' To KickoffCaitiln And George Rocking And Rolling To KickoffCaitlin Chilling At Kickoff
Adventure Duo Kicks Off!With Meadow EdPCT Class Of 2008
PCT Class Of 08'My Campsite At The Kickoff With Trusts Estates CasebookDinner At ADZPCTKO
Tent City At ADZPCTKOKick OffGood Times At The ADZ
Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon Sign
Kitchen Creek Show Map
Kitchen Creek
Kitchen Creek Road Show Map
Kitchen Creek Road
Klamath River Show Map
Klamath RiverLooking Back At The Klamath RiverKlamath River
Down Down Down To The Klamath River Where Our Family's Rafted
Knife Edge Show Map
The Scary Ridge- It's Narrower Than It Looks!The Knife's EdgeKnife's Edge
Above The Knife EdgeKnife Edge TrailAbove The Knife Edge
Trail On The Knife's Edge
Kwaaymii Point Road Show Map
View At Kwaymii Point
L2 Show Map
Section L2 Trailhead
Lady Bug
Lady Bugs!
Lakeview Ridge Show Map
Kerry On Lakeview Ridge Summit 7126 Ft
Landers Fire Tank
Water At Landers Fire Tank
Le Conte Canyon Show Map
Grouse Meadow In LeConte Canyon
Lembert Dome Show Map
Lembert Dome As I Finally Reached The CampgroundLembert DomeLembert's Dome
Lembert Dome
Lemei Lake Show Map
Lemei Lake In The Early Morning
Leopard Lily
Leopard LilyLeopard Lilies
Lightning Strike!
Red Penstemon And Mtn Lilac
Unidentified Lily
Lily Pads
Lily Pads
Lily Pond
Quiet Lily Pond
Limber Pine
1500 Year Old Limber Pine At Top Of Mt Baden-PowellBonsai In Nature - Limber Pine As Much As 2000 Yrs OldAncient Tree On Baden-Powell
Might Be Hard To See But Thats A Lion!
Little Crater Lake Show Map
Little Crater Lake ReflectionLittle Crater Lake ReflectionLittle Crater Lake - Click In To See The Blue
Little Crater Lake
Little Giant Pass Show Map
Little Giant Pass From Boulder Creek PassBoulder Creek Pass From Little Giant Pass
Little Horsethief Canyon Show Map
Lil Horsethief Cyn CampLittle Horsethief CanyonCampsite At Horsethief Canyon
Little Hyatt Reservoir Show Map
Mist On Little Hyatt ReservoirLittle Hyatt ReservoirLittle Hyatt Reservior
Little Jimmy Spring Show Map
Little Jimmy SpringLittle Jimmy SpringLittle Jimmy Spring
Little Jimmy Spring CampgroundSequoia At Little Jimmy SpringLittle Jimmy Trail Camp
Little Pete Meadow Show Map
Above Little Pete Meadow
Little Tahquitz Valley
Little Tahquitz ValleyLittle Tahquitz Valley
Little Willow Lake Show Map
Little Willow Lake
Live Oak
Live Oak Elder
Live Oak Spring Show Map
Live Oak Spring
Good Traveling For Lizards!Lizard RockA Fancy Green Lizard Who Posed Very Cooperatively For The Camer
Big Lizard On TrailLizard On A LogLizard Wars!
Snake Attacks Lizard!Cairn With Lizard
Lamas At Glacier LakeLlama Packer
Llao Rock
Sunrise From Under Llao Rock
Lone Pine Canyon Show Map
Rock Formations In Lone Pine Canyon
Long Lake
A Breezy Day At Long LakeRidge Over Long Lake
Lookout Rock Show Map
Lookout RockLookout Peak
Lost Valley Show Map
View Over Lost Valley
Lost Valley Spring Show Map
Lost Valley Spring A Water Source During The SwitchbacksArrival At Lost Valley SpringSunset From Lost Valley Spring
View From Lost Valley Spring
Lower Castle Creek Show Map
Lower Castle Creek
Lower Echo Lake Show Map
Sarong I At Lower Echo Lake
Lower Rosary Lake Show Map
Rosary Lake Where I SwamMy Morning Wake Up View Of Lower Rosary LakeLower Rosary Lake
Rosemary LakeLower Rosary Lake
Lunatic Lounge
Lunatic Lounge SignLunatic Loungers
LupineLupine Making A Come Back In The BurnLupine On Mt Hood
Lupine And PaintbrushHillside Of Lupine And Mule's EarMt Glacier And Lupine
Yellow LupineAnd LupineAnother Nice Patch Of Lupine
A Nice Patch Of LupineGrape Soda LupineLupine
LupinePurple Lupine Growing In A Burned AreaLupine In Burned Area
LupineVery Rare Yellow Lupin !!Very Rare Yellow Lupin !!
Yellow Lupin ! Never Seen It In WashingtonMonkey Flowers And LupinLupine
Yellow LupinePurple Lupine Growing In A Burned AreaExploding Lupine In Every Meadow
Lupine In Antelope Valley
Lyell Canyon Show Map
Lyell Canyon From Donahue PassLyell CanyonLyell Canyon
Lyell CanyonLyell CreekLyell Basin
Lyle Fork Qui MeandreLooking Down To Lyell CanyonLyell Canyon
Moon Over LyellLyell From Donahue PassLooking South Up Lyell Canyon To Donahue Pass
Lyell Canyon
Lyell Creek
Lyle River Forms From Snow Melt
Maiden Peak Show Map
Maiden Peak Shelter
Maidu Lake Show Map
Maidu Lake
Man Eaten Lake Show Map
Man Eaten LakeAbove Man Eaten Lake
Maneaten Lake
Maneaten Lake
Manning Park Show Map
The Trailhead At Manning ParkManning Park With AldenLostTruantSweetfishStiltsDragonantManning Park Lodge
Rockstar And I At Manning Park LodgeWelcome To Manning Park
Manzanita With Its Lime Green Leaves And Red BarkManzanita AgainMan Manzanita
Manzanita Tree- Pretty BarkManzanita - I ThinkManzanita Tree
Blooming Manzanita Along The TrailBlooming ManzanitaTrailside Manzanita
Manzanita And Huckleberry Brush
Colorful Maple
Maple Creek Show Map
Wiggly Suspension Bridge Over Maple CreekSuspension Bridge Over Maple CreekMaple Creek Crossing
Suspension Bridge Over Maple Creek
Marble Mts Show Map
The Marble MountainsMarble MountainMarble Mountains
Peaks In The Marble MoutainsSunset Over The Marble Mountains
Marie Lakes Show Map
Marie LakesMarie LakesMy Favorite Lake - Marie Lake
View North Towards Marie Lake From Selden PassView North Towards Marie Lake From Selden PassSue Above Marie Lake
Chris Above Marie Lake
Mariposa Lilly
Mariposa Lilly
Mariposa Lily
Desert MariposaMariposa LillyA Species Of Mariposa Lily Genus Calochortus
Mariposa LilyPink Mariposa LilyYellow Mariposa Lily
Orange Mariposa LilyWhite Mariposa LilySulphur Flowers And Mariposa Lily
Marjorie Lake Show Map
Lake MarjorieLake Marjorie
Trail Marker Near Whitewater RiverPCT Marker And Trail1000 Miles!!
The Mile MarkerPCT SignHalfway Point
Bruce Next To The PCT Trailhead MarkerPCT SignMike Kathy And Me At The PCT Markers
The First 7 Miles OutPCT Near Warner Springs WWWMile One Sign
500 Mile Trail MarkThe 500 Mile MarkThe Old Style Marker For The Pct First One I've Seen In 700 Mi
1000km Mark!!!Mile 500500!
Walker Pass MarkerMelted SignNever Seen A Trail Marker Like This One Before
Mile 500!Happy 500 Miles!500 Mile-marker
500 Miles Down!PCT Road SignAnother Reassuring PCT Sign
Vintage PCT MarkerMe 2000 Mile Mark2000 Miles
First PCT SignsPCT Midpoint1000 Miles!
Halfway!A PCT Marker Being Consumed By A TreeTrail Sign Near Campo CA
Trail Marker Near Campo CATrail SignTrail Sign
Signs On The TrailThe Emblem That Keeps My GoingCairn
A Well Marked TrailTypical PCT Signage500 Miles Cone Style
Typical Trail MarkerLetter Writers At 500 Mile Mark500 Miles Down And Counting
Clear Trail MarkerTrail Sign Past WrightwoodPCT Marker Post
500 MilesThe 700 Mile Marker900 Miles!!!!
The 600 Mile MilestoneThe 900 Mile MarkerJohn Muir Trail Sign
The One Thousand Mile MarkerMarker At Sonora PassTrail Sign
1000 Miles500 Down1000 Frak'n Miles
A Neat Signpost Just Before Burney FallsBurney Falls SignPCT Midway Point
The Biggest Rock Cairn On The TrailHard To Miss This PCT SignPCT Marker
The 2000 Mile MarkerThe Most Grandiose Trail SignOriginal PCT Sign
A ToGo Mile MarkerMid Point MarkerTrail Sign In Dirt
The PCT Logo Leads The WayPCT Trail MarkerFanciest Trail Sign Ever
Midway PointOriginal PCT MarkerPCT Signs Are Posted In Many Unusul Places
PCT Sign In Ranch Land Just Past Barrel SpringThe 500 Mile MarkTrailmarker
Halfway Point Canada 1325 MilesTrail Sign Soon After Entering WashingtonPCT Marker On Bus Stop
Priceless Trail Sign!500-mile MarkerMile Marker 2000
Half-way Monument1000 Trail Miles
Mr Or Ms MarmotOur First MarmotHoary Marmot From The Day Before
Yellow Bellied Marmot Getting ClosePark Marmot Very TameMurray The Marmot Was Sad To See Us Go
MARMOT!MARMOT! AGAIN!First Marmot Sighting
MarmotA Yellow Bellied MarmotBold Marmot By His Hole
The Biggest Marmot I Ever Saw!A Pretty Lake And A Fat MarmotMarmot
Marmot2 Marmots On The Way UpMarmott
Another Friendly MarmotMarmotMarmots Living In The Rocks
Monte The Maarvelous MarmotMan You Humans Stink!!!Cute Marmot
Mr Marmot
Marten Lake Show Map
Marten Lake
Masterson Lake Show Map
Camp At Masterson LakeMasterson Lake
Mather Pass Show Map
Looking North From Mather PassTrail Up To Mather PassFrom Partway Up Mather Pass
Upper Basin And Mather PassPalisades View From Mather PassLooking Down Mather Pass
Vic Palisades Lake The View Up To Mathers PassLooking Back From Mathers PassComing Down Off Mather Pass
On To Mather PassSnow North Of Mather PassMather Pass
Approach To Mather PassLooking Back From Mather ApproachView North From Mather Pass
Coming Down Mather PassV Takes Last Treachorous Steps Through Mather PassApproaching Mather Pass
View From Mather PassCowbell And White Ryno Descend Mather Pass Towards The PalisadeGraduate And Shin Approach The Mather Pass Cornice
Kiwi At Mather Pass June 23Cowbell White Ryno Descend Mather Pass Towards The Palisades
Matterhorn Canyon Show Map
Matterhorn CanyonMaterhorn CanyonMaterhorn Canyon
Matterhorn Creek Show Map
Matterhorn Creek
Mattox Canyon Show Map
Mattox CanyonBurned Area Near Mattox Canyon
Mayan Peak Show Map
Mayan Peak - The Trail Went To The Right Of The Saddle
Mazama Village Store Show Map
Hiker Trash Outside The Mazama Store
Mccloud River Show Map
Mc Cloud RiverMcCloud RiverTrail Shaping Up Near McCloud River
Lyons Pride Crew Works Near McCloud River
Mccloud River Bridge Near Ash Camp Show Map
Ash Camp Kitchen
Mcclure Meadow Show Map
McClure MeadowCactus And Blackfoot In McClure MeadowMcClure Meadow
Mcivers Spring Show Map
Road To McIvers SpringMcivers CabinMcIver Spring
McIver Outhouse
Mckenzie Pass Show Map
Tower At McKenzie PassObservatory At Mckennzie PassThe Dee Wright Observatory At McKenzie Pass And The Lava Fields
Hurricane Hikes Up The Lava Flow Near McKenzie Pass
Meadow Before WarnerMountaintop Meadow
Merced River Show Map
The Merced River In Yosemite Valley
Mesa Creek Show Map
N Fork Mesa Creek With South Sister
Mesa Wind Farm Show Map
Some Of The Windmills In The Mesa Wind ParkMesa Wind FarmSunrise At Mesa Wind Farm
Mesa Wind FarmMessa Wind Farm Water TankMesa Wind Farm
Mesa Wind FarmMesa Wind FarmMesa Wind Farm - A Small Section
Past Mesa Wind FarmMesa Wind FarmSteep Climb Past The Mesa Wind Farm
Mesa Wind Farm
Messenger Flats Show Map
View Near Messenger Flats
Methow Pass Show Map
View Going Up To Methow PassThe Top Of Methow PassVista Near Methow Pass
Mica Lake Show Map
Swiffer Ant Farm Mica LakeMica LakeMica Lake
Mica Lake
Middle Fork Feather River Show Map
Bridge Over Feather RiverMiddle Fork Feather RiverBridge Over Middle Fork Feather River
Feather River Middle ForkFeather RiverBridge On Feather River
Same BridgeMiddle Fork Feather RiverBridge Over Feather Middle Fork
Bridge Over The Feather RiverBridge Over Feather RiverMiddle Fork Feather River
Arch Bridge Over Middle Fork Feather RiverYeahbut And The Middle Fork Feather RiverBridge Over Middle Fork Feather River
Middle Fork Feather RiverArch Bridge Over Middle Fork Feather RiverArch Bridge Over Middle Fork Feather River
Feather RiverBridge Over Feather River
Middle Sister Show Map
Middle Sister
Middle Velma Lake Show Map
Camp At Middle Velma LakeGeorge Fishing On Velma Lake
Mike Urich Hut
The Elusive Mike Urich Hut
Miller Lake Show Map
Vortex At Miller LakeMiller Lake Home Of The FrogsMiller Lake
Miller LakeMillar LakeClimbing Up To Miller Lake
Miller LakeMiller LakeMiller's Lake - Campsite
Minaret Falls Show Map
Minaret Falls
Minarets Show Map
Nice Views Of The MinaretsThe Minarets Over Shadow LakeThe Minarets By Daylight
The Minarets
Navigating With The Guidebook
Miners Lettuce
A Carpet Of Miners Lettuce Lit Our World From BeneathMiner's Lettuce Abloom And Lighting The WayMiner's Lettuce
Oaks And Miner's Lettuce
Mirror Lake Show Map
Mirror LakeMirror LakeRain Showers On Sisters Mirror Lake
Sisters Mirror LakeMirror LakeMirror Lake
Mission Creek Show Map
Camp Above Mission Creek DrainageAlong Mission CreekSunrise At MIssion Creek
Snak Near Our Campsite At Mission CreekMission Creek GorgeMission Creek
Mission CreekScorched Area Along Mission CreekMission Creek
East Fork Mission CreekLooking Back Down Mission CreekMission Creek
Mission Creek Maze
Mission Creek Trail Camp Show Map
Mission Creek Trail Camp Spring
Mojave Forks Dam Show Map
Cruising The Mojave DamMojave DamMojave Dam
Mohave DamMohave Forks DamLooking At Mojave Dam
Mojave Dam At Top Of PicMojave Dam At The End Of Deep Creek CanyonMojave Dam
Mojave DamNear The Dam FordMojave Dam
Monache Meadow Show Map
Vortex In Monache MeadowMonache MeadowView Over Monache Meadows
Monache MeadowsHigh Above The Northwest End Of Monache MeadowsMonache Meadows And Kern River
Monkey Flower
MonkeyflowersUnidentified Monkey FlowerBush Monkey Flower
Multi Color Monkey Flower
Monkey Flowers
Monkey FlowersMonkey Flowers And Lupin
Mono Creek Show Map
Mono CreekRichard Wizard Walks The Trail Across Mono CreekMono Creek Bridge
Monument 78 Show Map
Monument 78 And The Weird Swath Marking The BorderNorthern Terminus PCTRiding The Northern Terminus
Northern Terminus Of PCT With MeClear Cut At The 49th ParallellAt The Monument!
USCanadian Border! Monument 78Birdman At Monument 78Specsmiling Under His Glasses And Maggie At Monument 78
The Trio At The MonumentCanadian Border MonumentMonument 78
Monument 78The Border MonumentCanada!
Monuments At The Canadian Border
Moon Over Vasquez Rocks
MoonriseFull Moon Rising Last NightMoon Rising At Sunset
Moonrise From BedMoonrise!Moonrise
Moon RisingLast Evening's Full MoonMoonrise Over Cinder Cone
Setting Full Moon 530 AmSetting Moon Over The Ridge
Morena Butte Show Map
Caroline Morena Butte
Morena Lake Show Map
Lunch At Lake MorenaFirst Map Of The HikeCampo To Lake MorenaLake Morena
Bunnies At Lake MorenaCamp Site Lake MorenaPCT Class Of 2008
Lake Morena Our Starting PointAn American Flag Atop A Boulder Near Lake Morena CABeautiful Lake Morena
Leaving Lake MorenaStarting Again At Lake MorenaLeaving Lake Morena
At Lake Morena Park Day One CompleteLooking Back At Lake MorenaWe Made It Cooking At Lake Morena Campground
My Campsite At Lake Moreno CampgroundLake Morena Bag Lady TumbleweedLake Morena
Lake MorenaOn The Trail Near Lake MorenoLake Moreno - Kickoff
Mormon Rocks
Mormon RocksOne Of The Morman Rocks
Morning Glory
Magnificent Morning Glory
Mount Baldy
Mount Baldy In BackgroundBaldy Our Days Target In Sight
Mountain Lilac
Mountain Lilac Ceanothus And Chaparral-covered HillsMore Ceanothus In Bloom
Mountain Succulents
Mountain SucculentMountain Succulents
This Mouse Enjoyed The Water Cache As Much As We DidTiny Mouse Warming Self On Trail
Mt Adams Show Map
Mt AdamsVolcanoeMt AdamsMe Mt Adams
Mt AdamsMt AdamsMt Adams
Adams GlacierMt AdamsThats Adams On The Far Left And St Helens In The Middle
Mt AdamsMt AdamsClouds Clear For A Short Time In Front Of Mt Adams
Milky Color Is From Silt Running Directly Off Mt Adams GlacierMt AdamsView Of Adams From AM
But Going Toward Mt AdamsMt Adams And The GlacierView North-Sisters Jefferson And Mt Hood Mt Adams
Mt AdamsLooking Back At Mt AdamsMt Adams
Looking Ahead To Mt AdamsMt AdamsMy Only View Of Mt Adams
First Full Sighting Of Mt Adams - West FlankNorth Flank Of Mt Adams And The Large GlacierMt Adams To The NE
Mt Adams To The NEMt Adams Glowing In The SunsetLarge Glacier On Mt Adams
Mt Adams In DistanceMt AdamsMont Adams
Mont AdamsFirst View Of Mt AdamsMt Adams Closeup
AdamsCatch-up And Pika Near Mt AdamsMt Adams
Looking Back At Mt Adams Over The Goat Rocks
Mt Bachelor Show Map
South And West Face Of Mt Bachelor
Mt Baden Powell
Baden-Powell's South Side
Mt Badenpowell Show Map
Mt Baden-Powell1500 Year Old Limber Pine At Top Of Mt Baden-PowellView From Top Of Mt Baden-Powell
Another View From Top Of Mt Baden-PowellJason At The Very Very Top Of Mt Baden-PowellAngie At The Top Of Mt Baden-Powell
Baden Powell SummitSun Cups Below Mt Baden-PowellMt Baden-Powell Summit
Lei Low On Baden-PowellThe Trail Mostly Up Baden-PowellMount Baden-Powell Vwww
Baden-Powell VwwwA View From Summit In Warmer MonthOn Top Of Mount Baden Powell
Lights Of Los Angeles From The Top Of Mount Baden PowellClimbing BadenSummit Of Baden
Murf On Baden - The Worlds First Smurf Up HereBig Winds On Baden PowellBaden Summit
Trail Up BadenMt Baden-PowellMy Camp At 9000' On Baden Powell
Moon Over Benton-PowellMt Baden PowelBaden-Powell Summit
View From Baden-PowellEdge Of Baden-Powell And CloudsTrail Up To Baden Powell
Mt Baden PowellToward Baden PowellLast Snow On Baden-powell
Baden-powell PeakAt Baden-Powell MonumentBaden Powell
On Baden-PowellOn Baden-PowellMt Baden-Powell
Atop Mt Baden-PowellLooking Down From Mt Baden PowellAtop Mt Baden-Powell
Mt Baldy
Mt Baldy - Still With Some SnowMt BaldyMt Baldy From Guffy Camp
Mt Blowout Show Map
Blowout Mountain
Mt Brown Show Map
On Brown MountainThe Trail Through One Of The Brown Mountain Lava FieldsBrown Mountain Trail
Mt Cowhorn Show Map
Cowhorn MountainCow Horn MtLakelet Near Cow Horn
Mt Etna Show Map
Mt Etna From The South
Mt Gleason Show Map
View From Mt GleasonPines And Cedar On Mt Gleason
Mt Granite Show Map
Granite PeakGranite MountainGranite Peak
Mt Guyot Show Map
Guyot Flat And Mt Guyot
Mt Hitchcock Show Map
Mt Hitchcock From Whitney Trail
Mt Hood Show Map
Mt Hood In The Late AfternoonMt HoodMt Hood
Mt HoodLupine On Mt HoodLooking South And Back At Mt Hood In Clouds
Mt HoodMt HoodGoodstart At Sandy River With Mt Hood In Background
Approaching Timberline --- Mt Hood Shrouded In CloudsMt HoodMt Washington Three Finger Jack And Mt Hood Ahead
Mt HoodMt Hood And MeadowGoing Away From Mt Hood
View North-Sisters Jefferson And Mt Hood Mt AdamsLooking Back At Mt HoodLooking Back At Mt Hood
Approaching Mt HoodAlpenglow On Mt HoodZigzag River And Mt Hood
Wy' East Mt HoodMt Hood View From My Stealth CampMt Hood From Jefferson Wilderness
First Sight Of Mt HoodWY'EAST Mt HoodMy Second Good View Of Mt Hood
Mt Hood Taken As I Climbed The Lower Slopes To Timberline LodgeMt Hood In The Morning From Timberline LodgeMt Hood In My Rear View Mirror
Mt Hood From Timberline LodgeWashington Jefferson Hood In The CloudsMt Hood Mt Rainier Mt St Helens
Approach To Mt HoodThe Glorious Mt HoodMysterious Mt Hood
Mt HoodMt HoodClouds Covering Mt Hood
Looking Back At Mt HoodA Look Back At Mt HoodMt Hood In The Distance
Mt HoodMt HoodMt Hood
Mt Hood In The DistanceMt HoodMt Hood To The South
Looking Back At HoodMt Hood From Highway 35Mt Hood From The Trail Looking South
Mt HoodMt Hood The Night Before The FeastWeather Carrot With Mt Hood Off In The Distance
Mt HoodFirst View Of Mount HoodMount Hood
Mount HoodHood From The Timberline Trail 96Mt Hood
Mt Indian
PCT Along Indian MountainView Atop Indian Mountain
Mt Jefferson Show Map
Mt JeffersonMt JeffersonMt Jefferson
Mt JeffersonMt JeffersonShale Lake With Reflection Of Mt Jefferson
Mount JeffersonSnow Dusted Mt JeffersonJefferson Park And Mt Jeff
Beth And Mt JeffersonMt JeffersonFirst View Of Mt Jefferson
Mt JeffersonMt JeffersonLeaving Mt Jefferson In The Snow
View North-Sisters Jefferson And Mt Hood Mt AdamsMilky And Mt JeffersonApproaching Mt Jefferson
Mt Washington Three Fingered Jack And Mt JeffersonMt Washington Three Fingered Jack And Mt JeffersonMt Jefferson
View Of Mt Washington Thee Fingered Jack And Mt JeffersonApproaching Mt Jefferson From The SouthWest View From The Slopes Of Mt Jefferson
Mt Jefferson From The NorthApproaching Mt Jefferson From The SouthwestMt Jefferson At Scout Lake
Closeup Of Mt JeffersonWashington Jefferson Hood In The CloudsMt Jefferson In The Distance
Approaching Mt JeffersonMt Jefferson GlaciersWeather Starts To Break - Mt Jefferson Snow Covered
Mt JeffersonMt JeffersonMt Jefferson
Olallie Lake And Mt JeffersonBack Toward Mt JeffersonMt Jefferson
Mt Jefferson From Olallie LakeMts Washington JeffersonMt Jefferson
Mt Jefferson Under Con TrailsJefferson Has A Double SummitJefferson Sheds A Morning Lenticular
JeffersonMt JeffersonMt Jefferson
Mt Jenkins Show Map
Mt JenkinsView As I Climb Mt JenkinsMt Jenkins In The Morning Clouds
Ridge Off Mt Jenkins With Owens Valley In Background
Mt Kangaroo Show Map
Kangaroo Mountain
Mt Laguna Show Map
Mt Laguna SunriseMt Laguna ViewSign Opposite Mt Laguna Store
Looking North From Laguna MountainsMt Laguna StoreDesert View East From Mt Laguna Area
FUBAR In Mt Laguna General StoreMt LagunaSpikeMt Laguna Area
Mt Laguna AreaLaguna Mtn LodgeMt Laguna Sunrise
Mt Laguna SunriseMt Laguna Lodge In SnowPete And Loni At Mt Laguna
Mt Langley Show Map
Mt Langley
Mt Lassen Show Map
Mt LassenMt Lassen Through Smokey HazeCody And Lassen
Mt LassenLassenMt Lassen In Smoke
Mt Lassen Through The SmokeLassen VolcanoLooking Back At Lassen
Looking Back At Lassen Across The Edge Of Hat Creek RimFirst View Of Mt LassenMount Lassen
Lassen From The Hat Creek RimLassen From Hat Creek RimMt Lassen East Face
Goodbye Mt LassenMt LassenLast Views Of Lassen Peak
Lassen PeakMt LassenMt Lassen In The Distance
Mt Lassen From Cinder ConeOn Hatcreek Rim With Mt Lassen BehindMt Lassen In The Distance
Mt LassenMt LassenMt Lassen
Good-bye Mt LassenLassen Peak From Hat Creek RimLassen
Looking Back On Mt Lassen Over The Hat Creek Lava BedsLooking N To LassenLooking Toward Lassen From Hat Creek Rim
LassenSnowy Mt LassenMt Lassen
Mt Liebre Show Map
PCT At Libre MountainMoon Over Liebre MountainEvening View Near Liebre Mountain
Leibre Mountains
Mt Luther Show Map
Luther Mountain
Mt Mcloughlin Show Map
Mt McLoughlinMt McLoughlinMt McLoughlin
Loking Back At Mt McLaughlinMt McLaughlinMt McLoughlin
Mt Mc GlouchlanMt McLoughlin From Devil's Peak Trail - Mt Shasta Still VisibleLooking Back At Mt McLaughlin
Southerly View Of Distant Mt McLoughlin From Devil's PeakMt McLoughlin First Of The Oregon VolanoesMt McLaughlin
Southerly Views Of Distant Mt McLoughlin From Devil's Peak
Mt Pacifico Show Map
View At Ridge Of Pacifico Mt To Palmdale
Mt Rainier Show Map
Mt Rainier From Goat Rocks WildernessMt RanierMount Rainier
RainierMt Rainier Floating On A CloudKerry And Mt Rainier
After The Rain Cleared I Saw RainierMt RainierAnother Mt Ranier View From Goat Rocks Vwww
Mt Rainier From Needle Sight GapMt Rainier From LunchMt Rainier
PM Snack Break's View Of RainierMt Rainier - LoomingLast Veiws Of Ranier
Morning View Of RanierRanier From Goat RocksMt Rainier
First Close Sighting Mt RainierEvening Clouds Over Mt RainierMt Hood Mt Rainier Mt St Helens
L-R Mt St Helens And Mt Rainier Far In DistanceMt Rainier In The Distance To The NMt Rainier
Mt Rainier CloseupMt RainierMt Rainier
Mt Rainier To The NorthMt RainierMt Rainier
Mt RainerMt RainierGlacier Valley And Mt Rainier
Mt Rainier ViewLenticular Clouds On Mt RainierMt Rainier
Mt RanierMt Rainer
Mt Rainier Wilderness
Mt Rainier WildernessMt Rainier Wilderness
Mt Ritter Show Map
The Early Morning View Of Mt Ritter And Banner PeakBanner Ritter And Others From Donahue PassBanner And Ritter
Banner Ritter Over Garnet LakeRitter Closeup
Mt San Antonio Show Map
Mt San Antonio And The San GabrielsMt San AntonioMt San Antonio
Mt San Gorgonio Show Map
2 Days From Now That's Where I'll BeSan GorgonioThis Is Actually Gorgonio
Mt Gorgonio From A Ridge Just Below Fuller RidgeTen Thousand Foot Ridge Mt San GorgonioMt San Gorgonio
San GorgonioLooking Back At Mt San GorgonioSan Gorgonio Out My Window
Big Bear Lake And Mt San GorgonioSnow On The San Gorgonios
Mt San Jacinto Show Map
View Of San JacintoThe Very Snowy San Jacinto PeakSan Jacinto From Snow Canyon
Welcome To San Jacinto WildernessSan Jacinto Mountains Across The Pines-to-Palms HighwayInto The San Jacintos
Angie At The Peak Of Mt San JacintoOn Our Way To The Top Of Mt San JacintoStorm Shelter On Mt San Jacinto Built By CCC In 1933
Jason Sitting Atop Mt San JacintoScrambling Down The Granite Slabs Of Mt San JacintoSan Jacinto Peak
San Jacinto Looking From The NorthSnow On San JacintoSan Jacinto From The Valley
Looking Back Toward San JacintoSan Jacinto Moon At DawnSan Jacinto In The Snow This Is Where I Was Hiking To
In The San Jacinto'sCaroline With Mt San JacintoSan Jacinto At Dawn
Approaching San JacintoSan Jacinto From Upper Fuller RidgeStarting To Gain Elevation On San Jacinto
Mt San Jacinto From The Desert FloorMt San JacintoMt San Jacinto Over Dawson's Ridge
San Jacinto Wilderness- Starting The DayLooking Back At San JacintoSan Jacinto Mts
San JacintoToward San JacintoToward San Jacinto
Toward San JacintoNear San JacintoMe At Top Of Mt Jacinto
Mt Jacinto LunchMt Jacinto ViewAnother Mt Jacinto View
Hut - Mt Jacinto 1st Day Out Of IdyllwildSnow Capped San Jacinto Well Be Hiking ThereSnowcapped San Jacintos
Lenticular Over San JacintoView Of San Jacintos From Road To Big Bear LakeMt San Jacinto In The Distance
Goodbye San JacintosSnowy San Jacinto AwaitsSan Jacinto - The Mountain That Beat Me
San Jacinto And Fuller RidgeView Of Mt San JacintoViews Of The San Jacintos From Tahquitz Valley
San Jacinto PeakThe Snowy San Jacinto AwaitsSan Jacinto - The Mountain That Beat Me
View Of San JacintoMt San JacintoSan Jacinto From Fuller Ridge
Mt Shast
Mt Shasta Behind Bull Lake
Mt Shasta Show Map
Town Of Mt ShastaMt ShastaMe Shasta
Mt ShastaMt Shasta At DawnView Of Mt Shasta
View Of Mt ShastaMt ShastaI Can See Mt Shasta From Here!
Mt Shasta From The Lavender Farm Down The RoadMount Shasta Peeking Over The CloudsMt Shasta From Grouse Gap Shelter
Mt Shasta In The AfternoonClose To Mt ShastaMt Shasta Postcard View
Mt Shasta Across A MeadowMt Shasta Cloaked With SmokeMy Last View Of Shasta
Me And Mt ShastaMt Shasta At SunsetMt Shasta
Mt ShastaJo And Kerry - Mt ShastaMt Shasta At Dawn From Sheep Spring Camp
Mount ShastaShasta From Hat Creek RimMount Shasta
Mt ShastaThe Morning View Of Mt ShastaThe Evening View Of Mt Shasta
Mt Shasta From The WestMt Shasta At Sun UpMt Shasta
Mt ShastaMt Shasta AgainToad Lake With Mt Shasta In The Background
Shasta Rising Above The SmokeMt ShastaMt Shasta In The Smoke
Mt ShastaMt ShastaLooking Back At Mt Shasta
Mt Shasta Loom Large On The HorizonMt Shasta In The DistanceMt Shasta In Morning Light
Mt Shasta ViewMt ShastaMt Shasta
Mount ShastaShasta With FireweedShasta In The Clouds
First View Of Shasta In The DayFirst View Of Shasta At DuskMe Shasta!
Shasta Off To The East Getting Further AwayShasta Over A Beautiful LakMt Shasta
Mt Shasta In The DistanceMt Shasta At TwilightMt Shasta To The South
Mt ShastaMount ShastaStorm Over Mt Shasta
Mt St Helens Show Map
Mt St HelensWildflowers And St HelensThats Adams On The Far Left And St Helens In The Middle
Mt St HelensMt St HelensAs Close As We Got To Mt St Helens
Mt St HelensMt Hood Mt Rainier Mt St HelensL-R Mt St Helens And Mt Rainier Far In Distance
Mt St Helens To The WestMont St HelensSnowfield And Mt St Helens
Mt St Helens
Mt Stuart Show Map
Mt Stuart
Mt Table Show Map
Table Mountain
Mt Tallac Show Map
Blue Sky Blue Lake Tahoe - On Top Of Mt TallacBlue Sky And Mom On Mt TallacLake Tahoe From Mt Tallac
Mt Thielsen Show Map
View North To Mt ThielsenThielsen PeakAtop Mt Thielsen
On The Way Down- Mt ThielsenStill Descending Mt ThielsenJo Kerry Mt Thielsen Behind
Mt Thielsen In The MorningLooking South-Mt Thielsen In The DistanceLooking Back At Summit Lake And Mt Thielsen
Mt ThielsenHiking Under Mt ThielsenMt Thielsen
Thielsen PeakThielsen WildernessMt Thielsen
Gadget Girl And Mt ThielsenMt Thielsen In The EveningMt Thieslen
Mt ThielsenMount ThielsonMt Thielsen
Mt ThielsonMt ThielsenMt Theilson
Mt Thielsen And Next WaterRidge Route Up ThielsenMt Thielsen Rocky Summit
Mt Thielson
Rocky Mt Thielson
Mt Tower Show Map
Tower Mountain Is To The Right In Photo
Mt Washington Show Map
Belknap Lava Mt WashingtonMt Washington Three Finger Jack And Mt Hood AheadKerry Jo Mt Washington And The Sisters
Mt Washington Through Burned ForestMt WashingtonSunset View Of The Sisters And Mt Washington
Mt Washington Three Fingered Jack And Mt JeffersonMt Washington Three Fingered Jack And Mt JeffersonView Of Mt Washington Thee Fingered Jack And Mt Jefferson
Mt WashingtonWashington Jefferson Hood In The CloudsToward Mt Washington
3 Sisters Mt WashingtonMt WashingtonMts Washington Jefferson
Mt Whitney Show Map
Summit Of Mt WhitneySmithsonian Hut Atop WhitneyAtop Whitney
View From Atop WhitneyAtop Mt WhitneyMade It Up Mt Whitney Tallest Mtn In Lower 48 States
Me At Top Of Mt WhitneyEating Breakfast Atop Mt WhitneyMe In Front Of The Hut
Whitney HutView Down From Mt WhitneyAt The Top Of Mt Whitney
Mt Whitney Ahead Of UsGoing Up WhitneyCody And Jo Atop Mt Whitney
Mt Whitney ViewMe At The Smithsonian Hut Atop Mt WhitneyWhitney View
Smithsonian Hut Atop WhitneySummit Hut On Mt WhitneyFirst Look At Mt Whitney
First Good Sighting Of Mt WhitneyIt's A Bit Nippy On WhitneyMt Whitney From Town
Whitney SummitOn Summit Of Mt WhitneyAtop Mt Whitney Looking North -the Ice Axe Was A Borrowed Prop
Mt Whitney With HurricaneWhitney SummitFirst View Of Whitney
Fireweed On Top Of WhitneyDoug On Summit Of Whitney June 16Atop Mt Whitney Looking North -the Ice Axe Was A Borrowed Prop
Ascending WhitneyAt The Top Of The World
Mt Williamson Show Map
Eastern Desert From Mt Williamson
Mud Pond
Jo And Den At Mud Pond
Muir Hut
Muir HutYours Truly At The Muir HutKiwi At John Muir Hut 25 June
Muir Pass Show Map
Hut Atop Muir PassBlue Sky And Vortex Atop The HutNear The Top Of Muir Pass
Climbing Muir PassMuir HutView From Muir Pass
Near The Top Of Muir PassHut On Muir PassEndless Snow North Of Muir Pass
Muir Hut On The PassLandscape On North Side Of Muir PassMuir Hut
North Side Of Muir PassClimbing Up To Muir PassMuir Hut
Coming Down Off Muir PassAlmost There--Muir HutThe View North From Muir Pass
Sierra Club Shelter Atop Muir PassMuir Pass Is Past TheAn Excited Me By The Muir Hut
The Snow Getting HereThe Snow To Go DownHut On Muir Pass
Vers Muir PassMoose On Muir HutHut At Muir Pass
Muir Hut In Muir PassApproaching Muir PassMuir Pass
Bonanza So Happy At Muir HutClimb Up To Muir PassClimbing Up Muir Pass
John Muir Stone Hut
Muir Trail Ranch Show Map
Crossroads To Muir Trail Ranch
Sometimes We See Muleshorses On The TrailOne Loyal Pack MuleFlorenceFlo The Mule Says Hi To Lucy
Mule Ear
Hillside Of Lupine And Mule's EarMule Ear FlowersMules Ear Near The Crest
Acres Of Mule's Ear FlowersVast Fields Of Mules EarMule Ears
Lupine And Mules Ears
Mules Ear
Mule's Ears Blooming Near Raymond PeakThe Walk Of Wild Iris And Mule's Ear
MushroomMr Cody Ignoring A MushroomCluster Of Mushrooms
My Mushroom - Not Really A Chantrelle But Close!Biggest Mushrooms We Have Ever SeenBig Mushroom
Huge MushroomAmazing MushroomsMushroom Or World's Biggest Candy Corn
Mystery Peak
Mystery Peak
Napeequa River Show Map
The Raging Napeequa River
Natures Inn
Room At Nature's Inn
Needle Sight Gap Show Map
Needle Sight GapMt Rainier From Needle Sight Gap
Newcombs Ranch
Newcombs Ranch Where We Went To Call Our Mothers
No Way Ray
Memorial To No Way Ray
Noble Canyon Show Map
Noble Canyon Steep Drop Off
North Cascades
North Cascades WoodsNorth Cascades Wa
North Cascades National Park
North Cascades National Park
North Fork Feather River Show Map
North Feather RiverNorth Fork Feather River
North Fork Ranger Station Show Map
Sunrise Near North Fork Ranger StationOn The Trail Again Below North Fork Ranger StationArriving At North Fork Picnic Area
North Rosary Lake Show Map
Upper Rosary Lake
North Yuba River Show Map
Waterfall On Yuba RiverYuba River
Black Oak Leafing OutOaks And Miner's Lettuce
Oak Creek Show Map
Oak Creek CanyonOak Creek
Oasis Lounge
The Oasis Lounge - I Had My First Trail Beer
Observation Peak Show Map
Terracing Near Observation Peak
Obsidian Chips
Obsidian Chips In Trail
Obsidian Creek Show Map
Ice Cold Obsidian Creek
Obsidian Falls Show Map
Obsidian FallsObsidian FallsObsidian Falls
Obsidian FallsObsidian FallsObsidian Falls Beautiful In The Snow
Obsidian Falls
Ocotillo AbloomOcotillos With A View
Odell Lake Show Map
Diamond Peak And Mt Yoran From Odell LakeOdell Lake Shelter Cove
Olallie Lake Show Map
Ollalie LakeOlallie LakeOlallie Lake And Mt Jefferson
Olancha Peak Show Map
Olancha PeakOlancha Peak To The SouthFire South Of Olancha Peak
Old Snowy
Old Snowy Freezing Fog
Old Station
Heading To Old Station
Ollalie Lake
Ollalie Lake
Onyx Summit Show Map
Scott Joe At Onyx Summit
Opie Dilldock Pass Show Map
Oppie Dildock Pass Area
Orwa High Point Show Map
The Four Of Us At 7010-the High PointHighest Point In ORWAHighest PCT Point In ORWA!
Highest Point In OrWaOregon - Washington High Point
Were Pretty Sure This Is An OspreyOspreyOsprey With Tucked Wings Center Of Photo
Owens Valley Show Map
View Across Owens ValleySunrise Over Owens ValleyOwens Valley
Owens LakeView East To Owens Lake From The Sierra Crest
PaintbrushIndian Paintbrush In Rock OutcroppingPaintbrush
Lupine And PaintbrushPaintbrushThe Reddest Paintbrush I Have Seen
Coral Inidan PaintbrushPaintbrushPaint Brush
PaintbrushPaintbrush And DesertPaintbrush
Indian PaintbrushPaintbrush En MassePaintbrush Everywhere
Indian PaintbrushYellow Paintbrush
Painted Lady Show Map
Painted Lady Next To Glenn PassPainted Lady Above Rae Lakes
Palisades Show Map
Palisades View From Mather PassPalisades Group Of Peaks
Palisades Creek Show Map
Palisades Creek ValleyLower Palisades Creek Canyon
Palisades Lakes Show Map
Lower Palisades LakeVic Palisades Lake The View Up To Mathers PassLower Palisade Lake
Looking At Upper Palisade Lake
Palm Springs Show Map
West Palm Springs Below UsThe Palm Springs View All DayStunning Views Down Into The Desert Near Palm Springs
A Stunning Sleeping Place Withs Views Down To Palm SpringsPalm Springs View
Pamelia Creek Show Map
Pamelia Creek
Pamelia Lake Show Map
Pamelia Lake
Pancake Challenge
The Pancake Challenge25 Pounds Of Pancakes EatenThe Seiad Pancake Challenge
Panther Creek Show Map
Panther CreekPanther CreekPanther Creek Campground
Paradise Cafe Show Map
THE Paradise CafeA Burger Bigger Than His Head!At Paradise Cafe
The Jose' BurgerThe Paradise CafeMary Poppins Hikes Into Paradise
The Paradise CafePB On A Burger!
Paradise Lake Show Map
Leaving Paradise LakeParadise Lake In The Marble MountainsParadise Lake In The Marble Mountains
Park Lakes Show Map
Camp At Park LakesView Over Park Lakes Basin
Parnassian Butterfly
Parnassian ButterflyParnassian Butterfly
Pasaytan Wilderness Show Map
Pasaytan Wilderness WaSunset Pasaytan Wilderness Wa
White Pasqueflower SeedheadsUnidentified Fuzzy-Wuzzies
Paynes Lake Show Map
Paynes Lake
Pear Lake Show Map
Pear Lake-Ready For A Swim
Penny Pines Show Map
Furnace Canyon Something Hot Though
Penrod Canyon Show Map
Impressive Boulders At Penrod CanyonBoulders In Penrod CanyonPanoramic Shot Of Boulders Around Penrod Canyon
Lovely PenstominPurple PenstimmonPenstemon
Red Penstemon And Mtn LilacMountain Pride PenstemonMountain Pride Penstemon
Mountain Pride PenstemonRed Penstemon
Peter Grubb Ski Hut Show Map
Peter Grubb HutPeter Grubb Ski HutPeter Grubb Hut
Peter Grub HutPeter Grubb Hut - Double Decker Outhouse
PhloxPhlox - I ThinkPhlox
Pieper Pass Show Map
Looking Across The Canyon From The Climb Up To Pieper PassGlacier Lake As Seen From Pieper PassBelow Pieper Pass
And A Very Vocal PikaPikaPika
PicaFind The Pika!A Pika In The Open Rare
Pilot Rock Show Map
Pilot RockPilot Rock With Cool Cloud OverheadSheep Spring Camp As The Storm Approaches Distant Pilot Rock
Pilot RockPilot RockPilot Rock
Pilot RockPilot RockPilot Rock
Beautiful Sky Over Pilot RockPilot Rock In The DistancePilot Rock
Pinchot Pass Show Map
Waterfall On Way Up To Pinchot PassLake Near Pinchot PassI Believe Pinchot Pass Is The Notch To The Right
Snow Going Up Pinchot PassTop Of Pinchot PassSouth From Pinchot Pass
North From Pinchot PassNorth Of Pinchot PassMore Frozen Lakes North Of Pinchot Pass
The Trail Up To Pinchot PassMountain Goat Climbing Up Pinchot PassKiwi And Doug Pinchot Pass
The Trail Up To Pinchot Pass
Pine Cone
Big Ole Pine ConeIts Big As My HeadBIG!Kerry With Pine Cones
Big Pine ConeBristlecone PineSugar Pine Cones
Pine Drop
Pine Drop Related To Snow Plant
Pines Motel
Pines MotelcabinrusticThe Bates Er Pine Motel
Pink Motel
Inside The Pink Motel
Pinyon Pine
Pinyon PinePinyon Pine
Pioneer Mail Show Map
The Always Welcomed Pioneer Mail Picnic AreaMe Up Above Pioneer Mail TrailheadPioneer Mail Trail Aka Jackass Mail Route
Sunrise Over Camp PioneerAt Pioneer Mail Picnic Area
Pit River Show Map
The Pit River After The Dam
Pitcher Plant
Pitcher PlantThe Carnivorous California Pitcher PlantPitcher Plants
Pitcher PlantsPITCHER PLANTSCarnivorous Pitcher Plants
Pitcher PlantsCalif Pitcher Plant Lying In WaitCalifornia Pitcher Plant - Carniverous
Piute Creek Show Map
My Lunch Spot On Piute CreekBridge Over Paiute Creek
Piute Cypress
Paiute Cypress Near Julian CA
Piute Mts Show Map
Early Morning View Back Over The Paiute MountainsPiute Mountains
Monster OakCreekFlower BedGorgeous And Plentiful Yucca
Desert FloraVortex And FlowersIris On The Way To Showers Lake
ColumbineBlue Sky Patiently Waiting While Mom Takes Flower PhotosPretty Cactus
More Cacti We Love 'em15' Tall Octodillo Shrub CactiEven The Seed Pods Are Sharp And Pointy
Beavertail Cactus In BloomThree Dancers Cactus Bottom RightOur Camp In The Cactus Field
Barrel CactusThe Plant That Bit AngieManzanita With Its Lime Green Leaves And Red Bark
Angie Liked The Soft Thorns On This PlantGreen Velvety ScrubIndian Paintbrush After The Rain
More FlowersPretty PurpleJoshua Tree
Cactus Garden Down To The Stables And Draft HorsesManzanita AgainDesert Flower
Desert Ficus PlantHuckleberriesbreakfast!Pitcher Plant
Flowers In BloomCalifornia PeonyYucca Moon
CactusCactusOcotillo Abloom
Fishhook Or Corkseed CactusIncredible YuccaJoshua Tree
Cactus In The MorningDreaded Poodle Brush!Mountain Wildflowers
YuccaSnow PlantsWild Flowers Toward The North
Some Chia With WildflowersPaintbrushDennis Walking Through The Flowers
Flowers Against Charred Remains Of TreesA Carpet Of Miners Lettuce Lit Our World From BeneathDennis In The Chia
Cody And Mule EarsMiner's Lettuce Abloom And Lighting The WayMore Flowers
YuccaFragrant LupineTrailside Flowers
Lovely Yucca BloomingClose Up Of Yucca BlossomOne More
Lovely Cactus BloomsFuzzy Cactus In BloomIndian Paintbrush In Rock Outcropping
Cactus FlowerWildflowersLovely Penstomin
A Range Of Cactus BloomingPaiute Cypress Near Julian CAYucca In Bloom VWWW
More FlowersWIldflowerWierd Nonphotosynthetic Snow Plant
Lupine Making A Come Back In The BurnFlowering BushYellow Flowers
Ubiquitous WildflowersShooting StarsCoulter Pine Coneheads
Lovely Wildflowers As I Cross Into Lower ElevationDesert Mariposa LilyThe Lovely Desert Flower
Blooming Pungent Desert SageMore FlowersYuccas In Full Bloom
Joshua Tree Yucca BrevifoliaDesert Mariposa Lily Calochortus Kennedyi Sign Of HopeSnow On Yucca
Man ManzanitaSnow PlantsLupine On Mt Hood
Mariposa LillyPaintbrushBear Grass
Salmon BerriesMushroomCheckerspot On Daisy
Lupine And PaintbrushPaintbrushWildflowers And St Helens
Fireweed And Some Sun!Wild StrawberriesBlueberries
Mr Cody Ignoring A MushroomFoxgloveEnd Of The Corn Lillies
Flowers As I Move Lower To The DesertSmall Pink Flowers Line The TrailFloor Of Purple Flowers Near The Trail
The Reddest Paintbrush I Have SeenFoxtail Pine Which Grows At TimberlinePoppies Near Laguna Mountains
San Felipe Hills Cactus GardenJuniper And GranitePussypaws
Mule's Ears Blooming Near Raymond PeakThe Carnivorous California Pitcher PlantShooting Stars Proliferate At Trail Side As Creek Crosses Trail
Mountain SucculentBarrel CactusCoulter Pines Grow In The Wetter Areas - Huge Pine Cones!
Lots Of Joshua Trees!Hillside Of Lupine And Mule's EarCoral Inidan Paintbrush
Mountain SucculentsKidney Shaped Seed PodsThe Walk Of Wild Iris And Mule's Ear
More FlowersJoshua TreesTiger Lily For Kathie On Her Birthday
Joshua TreesCactus YupWhite Flower
LilliesWild FlowersWildflowers
Blue FlowerA Trail Through Fields Of Wildflowers No Huckleberries HereWildflowers
Mule Ear FlowersWildflowersWildflowers
Cat EarWildflowers In The MistLarkspur
WildflowersWildflowersMore Wildflowers
Mt Glacier And LupineWildflowersWarm Enough For The Bee To Enjoy The Thistle
Purple PenstimmonCluster Of MushroomsTall Wildflowers
Weeping Spruce TreeWhite Pasqueflower SeedheadsLots Of Leopard Lillies
Blackberries!Huckleberries!And Strawberries Too!
My Mushroom - Not Really A Chantrelle But Close!Blueberries!Shooting Stars
Flowers Below Silver PassMonkey FlowersSnow Plant
Pitcher PlantsPITCHER PLANTSYellow Lupine
ThimbleberryFlowering CactusBarrel Cactus
Bear GrassCat-eared LilyBeetle On Bear Grass
The Wildflowers Were ProfusePaintbrushJo Gathering Blueberries For Breakfast
Cactus5 Types Of Cactus Within 10 FeetMore Cactus
Desert FlowersCactusManzanita Tree- Pretty Bark
PCT CactusGay FlowersCeanothus
Poppy BushYuccaPurple Nightshade
Prickly PoppyLovely Desert FlowersPCT Desert Cacti
Yucca Plant FloweringPhloxDesert Mariposa Lily
Prickly PearFlowersMore Flowers
Purple FlowersTrailside FlowerCactus Flower
Cactus FlowerCactus FlowerCactus Flower
Interesting PlantInteresting Plant Close UpWildflower
Wildflower Ready To BloomWildflowerYWF Yellow Wild Flowers
Paint BrushField Of PoppiesMore Desert Plants
Mountain Plants Play With Desert PlantsManzanita - I ThinkFlowers
Joshua TreesPhlox - I ThinkLilies
And LupineMore Desert PlantsMore Desert Plants
A Species Of Mariposa Lily Genus CalochortusJoshua TreesBurned And Dried Up Joshua Trees
Joshua TreeWildflowerWild Cucumbers
Dancing Joshua TreesPinyon PinePinyon Pine
The Last CactusInteresting PlantFox Tail Pine
Flowers Coming Back After A BurnInteresting CactusSnow Plants
Biggest Mushrooms We Have Ever SeenAncient Tree On Baden-PowellRed Flower
Purple FlowereMules Ear Near The CrestAcres Of Mule's Ear Flowers
A Mountainside Of Yellow Flowers Was Amazing!DelphiniumAnother Nice Patch Of Lupine
Flowers Along Dewey LakeYet Another Fantastic Flower GardenA Nice Patch Of Lupine
Leopard LilyPaintbrushPenstemon
Unidentified LilyGrape Soda LupinePaintbrush And Desert
PhloxRain Sprinkled Wild FlowersRed Penstemon And Mtn Lilac
Unidentified FlowersWestern BunchberryRhododendron
Mountain Pride PenstemonMountain Pride PenstemonWashington Lily
A Flowery MeadowFlowering BushesFireweed
Trailside FlowersNeighbor Hiking Across Fields Of PussypawsScarlet Gilia
Carnivorous Pitcher PlantsWashington LilyPine Drop Related To Snow Plant
Scarlet GiliaTiger Lily AKA Leopard LilyLeopard Lilies
Huge Meadows Full Of WildflowersPitcher PlantsFoxtail Pines - I Think
Great Flowers On North Side Of PassSkunk CabbageTiger Or Leopard Lilies
More FlowersFireweedVast Fields Of Mules Ear
Mariposa LilyMountain Pride PenstemonA Flower Patch In The Forest
The Infamous Poodle-dog Bush Turricula ParryiUnidentified Monkey FlowerPaintbrush
Beautiful Wildflower-filled HillsidesBeautiful Flowers Abeit FoggyLily Pads
Quaking AspenLarkspurUnidentified Fuzzy-Wuzzies
Colorful MapleBig MushroomWildflowers
Huckle BerriesHuge MushroomDesert Vegetation
Pretty BerriesBlueberriesHuckleberry Picking
Picking Huckleberries With Lil' BuddhaAmazing MushroomsMushroom Or World's Biggest Candy Corn
Mountain Lilac Ceanothus And Chaparral-covered HillsMore Ceanothus In BloomUnidentified Flowers
Red PenstemonWildfower GardenHuckleberry Carpet
Desert Mariposa LilyCalif Pitcher Plant Lying In WaitMiner's Lettuce
Oaks And Miner's LettucePoppies And GoldfieldsOcotillos With A View
Prickly PearJoshua Tree CampsiteFresh Mushrooms Abound In The Hills
Mule EarsManzanita TreeMiniature California Poppies
Blooming Manzanita Along The TrailCalifornia PoppiesYeahbut And Joshua Tree
Hedgehog CactusBlooming ChollaBlooming Cactus
Indian PaintbrushPhloxBlooming Manzanita
Pink Cactus BloomColorful YuccaSnow Flower
Trailside ManzanitaThistle WeedJoshua Trees
Beary Excite For Bear Grass !!!Motor Forages HuckleberriesHuckleberries On Trail
Cow ParsnipBeargrass CloseupHuckleberry Fields Look Like Alaska
CloudBerrySalmonBerrySkunk CabbageMany Ripe Huckleberries
Blueberry Bushes Line The TrailMucho BlueberryManzanita And Huckleberry Brush
Ceanothus Aka California LilacBlue-Oak SavannahMotor Forages Huckleberries
HuckleberriesLive Oak ElderAgave Plant Near Scissor's Crossing
Teddy Bear Cholla In San Felipe HillsSnow PlantYucca During Snowfall
Poison Oak
Poison Oak!Lots Of Poison Oak Along The Trail
Poison Spring Show Map
Poison Spring Yum!
Ponderosa Pine Cone
Ponderosa Pine Cone
Poodle Brush
Dreaded Poodle Brush!The Infamous Poodle-dog Bush Turricula Parryi
Pooh Corner
Pooh Corner At Donner LakePooh Corner At Donner LakePooh Corner At Donner Lake
Pooh Corner At Donner LakeBill And Molly At Pooh Corner
Poppies Near Laguna MountainsField Of PoppiesPoppies And Goldfields
Poppies Near TrailFields Of PoppiesMiniature California Poppies
California PoppiesPoppies In Antelope Valley
Poppy Bush
Poppy Bush
Porcupine Lake Show Map
Porcupine Lake
Post Office
Post Office Resupply
Prickly Pear
Prickly Pear
Prickly Poppy
Prickly Poppy
Pumice Creek Show Map
Pumice Creek
Punch Bowl Falls Show Map
Punchbowl Falls
Punchbowl Falls
Punch Bowl Falls
Purple Lake Show Map
Purple Lake ReflectionPurple LakeFlat Spot Between Virginia Purple Lakes Got Lost Past Here
Purple Lake
Purple Nightshade
Purple Nightshade
PussypawsNeighbor Hiking Across Fields Of Pussypaws
Quaking Aspen
Quaking Aspen
Bunnies At Lake MorenaCan You Spot The Bunny
Rae Lakes Show Map
Rae LakesPainted Lady Above Rae LakesRae Lakes
Rae LakesRae LakesHigh Above Rae Lakes
Rae Lakes And Fin DomeRae Lakes After Glenn Pass NorthboundLooking North At The Rae Lakes Region From Glen Pass
Looking North At The Rae Lakes Region From Glen PassBuck Near Rae Lakes
Rainbow Show Map
RainbowRainbowRainbow Along The Misty Trail
Rainbow Over Wet Meadows
Rainy Pass Show Map
Rainy Pass TrailheadPeaks Opposite Rainy PassRainy Pass
Snow Covered Trail Shortly After Rainy PassRainy Pass
Ramona Falls Show Map
Kerry By Ramona FallsRamona FallsRamona Falls
Ramona FallsHiker Bridge Out Of Ramona FallsRamona Falls
Ramona Falls Through The TreesRamona FallsRamona Falls
Ramona FallsRamona FallsRamona Falls
Ranger Spring
Ranger Spring
Rattler!Rattler!Our First Rattlesnake
DiamondbackBaby RattlerRattlesnake
The RattlerRattlesnakeA Smaller Rattler
Rattle SnakeBaby RattlerRattler In Trail
Ian Had Just Warned Me I Would See RattlersWestern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake Crotalus AtroxSneaky Rattler
Timber RattlerThe Spring RattlesnakeRattlesnake
Rattlesnake In The TrailNaughty RattlerRattler!
Rattler!Mini Rattler Squares Off With MeThe Rattler I Disturbed
Northern Pacific Rattlesnake Crotalus Oreganus OreganusRattlesnakeJene's Rattle Snake
1st Rattler W FozziePissed Off RattlerBaby Rattler
First Rattle SnakeRattle Snake 2Rattle Snake
Rattlesnake On The GrillMojave GreenMojave Green Rattler
My First Rattler Finally !!Hsss Shake _____ And RollRattler!
Snow Does Not Preclude Rattlesnakes
Raymond Peak Show Map
Mule's Ears Blooming Near Raymond Peak
Red Cone Show Map
Red Cone
Red Pass Show Map
Red Pass Glacier Peak WildernessThe Valley Down From Red PassTrail Friends At Red Pass
Friendly Marmot At Red PassView Near Red Pass
Red Rock Water Tank
Red Rock Water TankRed Rock Water Tank
Red Tahquitz Show Map
Red Tahquitz Peak
Reds Meadow Show Map
Red's MeadowThe Still-closed Red's MeadowView Towards Reds Meadows
Red's MeadowRed's Meadow BreakReds Meadow Is A Welcome Sight
Post Office Resupply
Return Creek Show Map
Return Creek In Virginia Canyon
RhododendronRhododendron Reminds Me Of Hana And Home
Ritter Range Show Map
Ritter Range And Shadow LakeRitter RangeRitter Range
Bless The Shade Of I-10Ridges Down To I-15Cool At Last-under The Highway At El Cajon
Under The Interstate - Shade Is GoodI-8At Interstate 15 McDonalds Is Evidently A PCT Institution
Tunnel Under Antelope Valley HighwayI-8 Our First National Scenic InterstateHiker Pile At Highway 2 Hitch Into Wrightwood
Jumping The Highway 2 Road Block Ha-ha!My Monument ---- Finished At Highway 36 TrailheadSign Greeting Southbounders At Hwy 36 Trailhead
The PCT Going Under I-80Dennis On The Santiam HighwayI-8
15 UnderpassUnder Interstate 10To To I-10
Tunnel Under 14Kitchen Creek RoadCameron Canyon
Double Tunnel On Angeles Crest HighwayThe Highway 22 OasisRockwork On The Historic Columbia River Scenic Highway
Trying To Hitch On I-90 Read Sign BehindWind Farms Highway 58 MojaveView At Hwy 173
The PCT Passes Underneath I-80I-90Crowdog And Carie Near I-10
Road 38n53ahdina Cg Road Show Map
Trail Camp At Ah-Di-Na Meadows
Rock Creek Show Map
Rock CreekRock CreekRock Creek Crossing
Rock CreekRock Creek
Rock Pass Show Map
Our Camp Below Rock PassTom At The Top Of Rock Pass
Rock Ptarmigan
Rock Ptarmigan
Rockhouse Basin Show Map
Rockhouse Basin
Rockpile Lake Show Map
Rockpile Lake-Den And PhuongRockpile Lake
Rodriguez Water Tank Show Map
View From Rodriguez Water TankSunrise TankRodriegas Tank
Bed Time Rodriguez SpurHikers At The Rodriguez Spur OasisHikers At The Rodriguez Spur Oasis
Rodriguez Spur Camp Under A Near Full MoonThe Improvised PCT-Shop At Rodriguez Spur RoadPeaking Into The PCT-Shop They Carry A Lot Of Useful Stuff
Rosary Lakes
Looking Down To Rosary Lakes
Rosy Boa
Rosy Boa
Round Top Show Map
Hiking Towards Round Top
Rush Creek Show Map
Dawn At Rush CreekRush Creek
Russ Lake Show Map
Sunset At Russ Lake
Russell Creek Show Map
Russell Creek
Russian Wilderness Show Map
Entering Russian Wilderness And Thick Smoke
Sacremento River Show Map
Sacramento River
Saddle Jct Show Map
Saddle Junction
Sally Ann Lake Show Map
Approaching Sally Ann LakeLake Sally Ann Glacier Peak Wilderness
Sally Keyes Lakes Show Map
Sally Keyes LakesSally Keyes Lake
Salmon Berry
Salmon Berries
San Bernadino National Forest
San Bernadino National Forest
San Felipe Hills Show Map
Up In The San Felipe HillsCaitiln Surveying The San Felipe HillsSan Felipe Hills Cactus Garden
Sunrise Climbing Into The San Felipe HillsBefore Sunrise Climbing Into The San Felipe HillsTeddy Bear Cholla In San Felipe Hills
San Gabriel Mts
Peaks As I Ascen San Gabriel Mountains
San Ysidro Creek Show Map
San Ysidro CreekSan Ysidro CreekSan Ysidro Creek
Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Crane
Sandy River Show Map
Cody In The Sandy HeadwatersGoodstart At Sandy River With Mt Hood In BackgroundMakeshift Brigde Over Sandy River
Crossing The Sandy River
Santiam Highway Show Map
Dennis On The Santiam Highway
Scarlet Gilia
Scarlet GiliaScarlet GiliaScarlet Gilia
Scissors Crossing Show Map
Walk To Scissors CrossingPCT Near Scissors CrossingScissors Crossing
Refilling The Scissors Crossing Cache With Warner Springs MontyView From Trail Near Scissors CrossingScissors Crossing CA Donated Water Cache
A Rear View Of Scissors Crossing CAScissors Crossing Camp Last NightScissors Crossing Cache
Water Cache At Scissor's CrossingLooking Down On Scissors CrossingDevil's Walking Stick And Views Back To Scissors Crossing
Headed To Scissors XingWater Cache Hwy S2 - A Beautiful Thing!Scissors Crossing Camp
Scissors Crossing Water CashAgave Plant Near Scissor's CrossingWater Cache At Scissor's Crossing
SCORPION!!!Tiny ScorpionScorpion
Scout Lake Show Map
Mt Jefferson At Scout Lake
Seavey Pass Show Map
Tarn Near Seavey PassSeavey Pass
Seed Pods
Kidney Shaped Seed Pods
Seiad Valley Show Map
Seida Caf General Store Post OfficeView From The Climb Out Of Seiad ValleySeiad Valley At Lastagain Pancakes Here I Come!
Seiad ValleyThe Seiad Pancake ChallengeThis Is Seiad Valley
Seiad Valley From AboveBuck-30 And Too Obtuse At Seiad ValleySeiad Valley
Seiad Valley CafeWith CanaDoug And Skywalker At The CafePicture Of The Pancake Stack
SieadSeiad Pancake ChallengeSeiad Valley Cafe
Seiad Valley From Devils Peak AreaPancake ChallengeCampaign Sign In Seiad Valley
Selden Pass Show Map
View North From Selden PassHeading Up To Selden PassVortex At Selden Pass
Other Side Of Selden PassHeart Lake Below Selden PassThe View North From Selden Pass
Looking North From Selden PassScene On Back Of Selden PassSelden Pass
Selden PassView South From Seldon PassMountain Goat And Turtle At The Top Of Selden Pass
View North Towards Marie Lake From Selden Pass
Shadow Lake Show Map
The Minarets Over Shadow LakeShadow LakeDawn At Shadow Lake
Shadow Lake And Its Outlet CreekRitter Range And Shadow LakeStrange Rock Formation Over Shadow Lake
Shale Lake Show Map
Shale Lake With Reflection Of Mt JeffersonShale LakeShale Lake
Sheep Camp Spring Show Map
Sheep Spring Camp As The Storm Approaches Distant Pilot RockMt Shasta At Dawn From Sheep Spring CampSheep Camp Spring
Sheep Lake Show Map
Sheep Lake VwwwSheep LakeSheep Lake
Sheep Lake Number 3View Above Sheep Lake 3Sheep Lake
Shelter Cove Resort Show Map
Shelter Cove ResortShelter Cove Resort
Shoe Lake Show Map
Shoe LakeShoe LakeShoe Lake Goat Rocks
Shoe Lake
Worn Out ShoesNew ShoesNew Shoes
Shooting Star
Shooting Stars Proliferate At Trail Side As Creek Crosses TrailShooting StarsShooting Star
Showers Lake Show Map
View After Showers LakeOn The Ridge Before Showers LakeShowers Lake
Siberian Outpost Show Map
Siberian Outpost
Sierra Buttes Show Map
Sierra ButtesLooking Back At The Sierra ButtesSierra Buttes From Ridge Top Lunchroom
Another View From The RidgeSierra ButtesThe Sierra Buttes
Iceaxe Approaching Sierra ButtesThe Larger Sierra Butte - View From My TentSierra Buttes Lookout Tower
Sierra ButtesHeading North To Sierra ButtesClimb Up The Sierra Buttes
Looking South Back To The Sierra ButtesOn The Platform Deck Of The Sierra Buttes Lookout TowerSierra Buttes
Sierra City Show Map
Lakes Near Sierra CityWalking In To Sierra CityThe Bustling Metropolis Which Is Sierra City CA
Road Sign Sierra City CASierra City Baby!Downtown Sierra City- It's Only 1 Block Long
Sierra City ChurchSierra City Early MorningDowntown Sierra City
Sierra City - Red Moose CafeDowntown Sierra CitySierra City Is Tucked In The Valley
Sierra Pelona Show Map
Sierra Pelona Ridge Devoid Of TreesSierra Pelona RidgeGrassy Trail To Sierra Pelona Ridge
Silver Lake Show Map
Silver LakeSilver LakeRidge Over Silver Lake
Silver Lake In Morning Light
Silver Pass Show Map
Blue Sky Near Silver PassVortex Atop Silver PassLakes Below Silver Pass
Looking Forward From Silver PassLooking North From Silver PassSilver Pass
Flowers Below Silver PassRock Formation Approaching Silver PassSilver Pass Bagged
View North Towards Silver Pass AreaSilver PassSunset From Silver Pass
Glissade Path Down From Silver Pass Whee!!
Silverwood Lake Show Map
Silverwood LakeSunrise At Silverwood LakeLooking Back At Silverwood Lake
Morning At Lake SilverwoodSilverwood LakeSilverwood Lake
Silverwood LakeSilverwood LakeSilverwood Lake
Silverwood Lake From Cleghorn RidgeSilverwood LakeSilverwood Lake
Silverwood LakeSilverwood LakeLake Silverwood
Lake SilverwoodLooking Back At Lake SilverwoodSilverwood Lake Camp
Silverwood Lake Campsopt Before We Set Up High WindsBack Up Into The Hills Looking Back Toward Silverwood LakeStorm Break Over Silverwood Lake
Sunrise Over Silverwood LakeSilverwood LakeSilverwood Lake
Storm Break Over Silverwood LakeSilverwood LakePCT At Silverwood Lake
Siuattle River
Siuattle River Ford
Peter Grubb Hut - Inside
Ski Lift
Chair Lift TimeSki Lifts On TrailMtn High Ski Lift And Snowmaking Reservoir
Ski Lifts Above WrightwoodMountain High Ski LiftSki Lifts Above Wrightwood
Crystal Mountain Ski Area
Skinner Peak Show Map
Up On Spencer Peak
Skunk Cabbage
Skunk CabbageSkunk Cabbage
Sky Pilot
Sky Pilot
Skykomish Show Map
SkykomishWelcome To SkykomishCanadoug Enjoying A Beer And Cigar In Skykomish
Welcome To Skykomish
Smedberg Lake Show Map
Smedberg LakeSmedberg LakeSmedberg Lake
Rattler!Rattler!The Snake That Jason Almost Stepped On
Our First RattlesnakeBig SnakeDiamondback
Baby RattlerRattlesnakeThe Rattler
See The SnakeHow About NowRattlesnake
Snake On The TrailA Smaller RattlerRattle Snake
Baby RattlerSnake On The TrailRattler In Trail
Snak Near Our Campsite At Mission CreekIan Had Just Warned Me I Would See RattlersWestern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake Crotalus Atrox
Sneaky RattlerSnakeTimber Rattler
The Spring RattlesnakeRattlesnakeRattlesnake In The Trail
SNAKE!!My Birthday SnakeNaughty Rattler
Snakes Everwhere!Bull Snake For LunchKing Snake Yeah They Eat Rattlesnakes
Rattler!Snake 1Rattler!
Mini Rattler Squares Off With MeGopher SnakeThe Rattler I Disturbed
The Brown Wormlike SnakeGreat Basin Gopher Snake Pituophis Catenifer DeserticolaCalifornia Mountain Kingsnake Lampropeltis Zonata
Northern Pacific Rattlesnake Crotalus Oreganus OreganusJene's Rattle Snake1st Rattler W Fozzie
Pissed Off RattlerBaby RattlerFirst Rattle Snake
Rattle Snake 2Gopher SnakeNot A Rattler But A Big Boa
Rattle SnakeSnake Attacks Lizard!Snake
Racer SnakeSnow Does Not Preclude RattlesnakesRosy Boa
Stubborn Snake
Snoqualmie Pass Show Map
Picked Up On The Side Of The Road At Snoqualmie PassLooking Back To Alpental Village And Snoqualmie PassSnowqualamie
Sunnit Inn At Snoqualmie Pass 46 Degrees
Sequoia National Park Under Snow At 12000 FtVortex Cruising Through The SnowLingering Patch Of Snow!
Reservoir For Making SnowCrossing A Snowfield -- Kris' Biggest PhobiaAagh! SNOW!
San Jacinto In The Snow This Is Where I Was Hiking ToThis Is The First Snow On The Trail A Kodak MomentI Like Snow
Sun Cups Below Mt Baden-PowellSnow On The TrailFirst Sign Of Snow On Pack
Snow On The TrailMorning Snow Begins To AccumulateSnow Turns To Fog And Mist
Suncups Near The SummitFirst SnowSnow On Yucca
Steep Snow North Of Apache PeakSNOWSnow Fields
Snowy SlopeSnow Melt In Late AugustMountains Dusted By Yesterday's Snow
Snow On The TrailSnow And More SnowSnow
Snow We Don't Need No Stinking SnowThe Snow Kept FallingLots Of Snow
Heavy Snow Below MtJeffersonA Few Snow Banks To CrossSnow Banks And Meadows
Hailsnow StormLooking Back At The Fresh SnowLava And Snow
Crosing Snow FieldLeaving The Wilderness And The Snow On Fuller Ridge
Snow Canyon Show Map
Camp Above Snow CanyonWater!!! On The Way Down Snow CanyonRob Tom Tom Luke Drew
Water Fountain - Not Much ShadeOkay A Water Fountain On The PCTSnow Creek Fountain Logan Sitting And Jungle Boots
The Water Fountain At Snow CreekYucca And Mt San Jacinto From Snow Creek CanyonSnow Creek Water Fountain
Snow Cups
Snow Cups
Snow Lake Show Map
Snow LakeSnow LakeSnow Lake
Snow LakeThrust And I At Snow Lake - Near SnowqualimeSlider At Snow Lake - Near Snowqualime
JB At Snow Lake - Near SnowqualimeSwiffer Ant Farm JZ At Snow Lake - Near Snowqualime
Snow Plant
Snow PlantsWierd Nonphotosynthetic Snow PlantSnow Plants
Snow PlantSnow PlantsSnow Flower
Snow Plant
Not Scary Snowbridge
Fungus Flower From A Decayed Log
Soledad Canyon Show Map
Climbing Out Of Soledad Canyon
Sonora Pass Show Map
South Of Sonora PassLooking Back Toward Sonora PassEric On The PCT At Sonora Pass
Jen At Sonora PassMarker At Sonora PassVers Sonora Pass
Morning View Back Towards Sonora PassView From Sonora PassBig Red Navigates A Snow Field Crossing Near Sonora Pass
Sonora Pass- That WaySonora PassNear Sonora Pass
Looking South Towards The Sonora Pass Area
South Fork Kings River Show Map
Cascade Upper Kings RiverSouth Fork Of The Kings River
South Fork San Joaquin River Show Map
San Joaquin River CanyonSan Joaquin RiverSan Joaquin River
South Fork San Joaquin River
South Fork Scott River Show Map
Near The South Fork Scott River
South Russian Creek Show Map
South Russian Creek Canyon
South Sister
The Long Trail To South SisterSouth SisterSouth Sister
Southern Terminus Show Map
Southern TerminusSouthern TerminusFellow Hikers At The Start Of The PCT
Gotta Practice Those Dance Moves!At The MonumentMonument At Campo
Mexico BorderCampo MonumentStandard I Was At The Southern Terminous Picture
Starting MonumentJohn At The Southern Terminus Of The PCT Requisite PhotoSouthern Terminus In Campo
At The Border!The Actual Border Just Past The Barbed Wire FenceThe Southern Terminus
The Mexican-United States Border Near Campo CAWe Three Crazies At The Southern Terminus - Photo By Bob RiessAt The Monument
PCT Southern TerminusSouthern TerminusPCT Southern Monument
At The Border MonumentBorder FenceAt The Monumentcampothe Beginning
The Monument At The Beginning Of My AdventureThe Border FenceView Of Border Fence
Campo Southern TerminusThe Southern Terminus Naturally My Eyes Are Closed!Border Fence
Joel Seraina And Josiah Start At The Mexican Border In CampoAt The MonumentSouthern Terminus
Border ShotAt The Border MonumentAt The Southern Terminus The Kiwis Are Off!
Southern TerminusThe Mexican Border And PCT Monument
Spanish Needle Headwaters Show Map
Spanish Needle Creek Branch
Spanish Peak Show Map
Near Spanish Peak
Spectacle Lake Show Map
Mountains In The Morning Before Spectacle LakeSpectacle LakeSpectacle Lake
Spiller Creek Show Map
Spiller Creek
Spruce Tree
Weeping Spruce Tree
Squaw Creek Show Map
Squaw Creek
Squaw Peak Show Map
Squaw Peak
Squaw Valley Creek Show Map
Near Squaw Valley CreekSquaw Valley CreekSquaw Valley Creek
Bridge At Squaw CreekSquaw Valley Creek
Cheeky SquirrelWhat Supportive Squirrels!
Stegasaurus Fin Rock
Stegasaurus Fin Rock
Stehekin Show Map
StehekinView From Stehekin LandingWelcome To Stehekin
Stehekin BakeryDinner Stehekin LandingFerry Boat At Stehekin
Stehekin Pastry CompanyStehekin RiverStehekin Landing Resort
Stehekin Landing Lake Chelan WashingtonRainbow Falls On The Way To StehekinSunset On The Boat
Ferry In Stehekin WaStehekinFerry At Stehekin
Stehekin Le QuaiA Seaplane Departs From StehekinFerry From Chelan
Me At Stehekin LodgeA Seaplane Departs From StehekinAfter Eating PCT Burger At Stehekin
Lake Chelan Shore HikeYoung Bear Near Lake Chelan
Stehekin River Show Map
Stehekin River
Stellar Jay
Cool Blackheaded Southern Blue Jaynot Actual Name But Appears
Stevens Pass Show Map
Evening View Looking Back To Stevens PassStevens PassStevens Pass
Backpacking Stove As UFO
Wild StrawberriesAnd Strawberries Too!
Stuart Falls Show Map
Stuart Falls
Stump Ranch
Stump Ranch Matriarch
Subway Cave Show Map
Subway Cave Is BIIIIIG!!!Hanging Our Feet Over The TopSubway Cave
Subway Cave Lava TubeSubway Lava TubeSubway Cave
Hui In Subway CaveInside Subway CaveSubway Cave
Subway Cave
Suiattle Pass Show Map
Near Suiattle PassCamping High On The Mountain Past Suiattle PassSnow On Suiattle Pass
Suiattle River Show Map
Suiattle River CrossingSuiattle Riverbed Pack ExplosionCrossing The Suiattle
The Bridge Over The Suiattle RiverCrossing The Suiattle RiverI Screwed Up And Told T Dub This Wasn't The Suiattle
Crossing The Suiattle On 'THE LOGThe Lone Ranger Crosses The Suiattle RiverSuiattle River
Log Crossing Of Suiattle R
Sulphur Flower
Sulphur Flowers And Mariposa Lily
Sulphur Springs Show Map
Sulphur Springs SiestaSulphur Springs Camp
Summit Lake Show Map
Looking Across Summit Lake At Diamond PeakLooking Back At Summit Lake And Mt ThielsenSummit Lake
Summit LakeSummit Lake
Summit Tunnel
West End Of The Summit TunnelInside The Summit TunnelEast End Of The Summit Tunnel
Suncups Near The SummitNasty Suncups Below Donahue PassSun Cups
Sun Cups Galore
Mt Laguna SunriseSunrise Over Cascade LocksSunrise Along The Aqueduct
Sunrise At Silverwood LakePretty SunriseBeautiful Sunrise
Sunrise In The San GabrielsDesert SunriseSunrise In The Desert
Sunrise At MIssion CreekSunrise Near North Fork Ranger StationSunrise At My Campsite
Sunrise Or Sunset I Can't TellSunriseSunrise
Sunrise At B Lue Ridge CamnpgroundThe Dawn Is ComingSunrise From My Sleeping Bag
Sunrise At Mesa Wind FarmSunrise Over Owens ValleyMt Shasta At Dawn
SunriseSan Jacinto At DawnShadow At Sunrise
Sunrise At The Lookout Tower Hat Creek RimMe And God Check Out The SunriseCrater Lake Sunrise
Sunrise At Lake AlohaSunrise At Lake AlohaFirst Oregon Sunrise
SunriseSunrise From Under Llao RockMore Sunrise
Watching The Sun Rise At The Highest Spot In The Lower 48Sunrise Over The Mountains What S ReliefSunrise
An Amazing SunriseDawn At Rush CreekSunrise Tank
SunriseSunrise Over The CanyonSunrise Over Palm Springs
Self Portrait At SunriseSunrise- It Was Greeted By MoSho's Stand-up RoutineSunrise On July 5- Far Above Tahoe
Starting The Morning At Sunrise- AgainMt Shasta At Sun UpDawn From Lower Fuller Ridge
SunriseEarly Start Yields Beautiful SunriseSunrise Near Winday Lakes Area
Sunrise With Hoar FrostSunriseCrater Lake Sunrise
Sun RiseSun Rising On The BorderSunrise
Sunrise Over Lake TahoeGood Morning SunSunrise Over Camp Pioneer
Mt Laguna SunriseSunriseSunrise Over Silverwood Lake
SunriseSunrise Over Crater Lake And Wizard IslandSunrise Over Bobby Lake
Sunrise And CinderconesMt Laguna SunriseSunrise Over Crater Lake And Wizard Island
Sunrise Over Bobby LakeSunrise
Sunset Near Chariot CanyonSunset Over Whitewater CanyonSunset
SunsetSunsetSmoggy Sunset
Sunset Near SC42Sunset On Mt MorrisSunset From The Saddle
Sunset From CampAnother Incredible SunsetSunset Over The Saddle Where We Camped Tonight
High Desert SunsetSunrise Or Sunset I Can't TellWhat A Great Sunset
Sunsetting On Ridge Before CampgroundSun SettingSunset Across The Valley L-Rod Donna Saufley
Sunset From Under The OakSunset After Having Dinner Pushed On A Few More For CampSunset
Sunset Over The CemetaryMoon Rising At SunsetSunset At Frog Lake
Beautiful SunsetSunset From CampSunset
Sunset ViewSunset Over A RidgeSunset Before Cascade Locks
Sunset At Lake AlohaSunset At Lake AlohaSunset At Lake Aloha
Sunset At Lake AlohaSunset With SmokeSunset View
As The Sun Set13 August Gorgeous SunsetWeird Sunset
Another Smoky SunsetMt Shasta At SunsetThe 45 Minute Sunset
Rattlesnake SunsetSunsetSunset From Tarn Above Guitar Lake
SunsetSunsetSunset At Russ Lake
Sunset At Bobby LakeSunsetSunset As We Near Our Campsite
Sunset From Cowboy CampingAnother Reason To Love The Trail- SunsetsAnother Awesome Sunset
What A Sunset!Another Beautiful SunsetSunset
Charlotte Lake SunsetNice SunsetSunset
SunsetSunset Over ChelanFantastic Sunset
Sunset View Of The Sisters And Mt WashingtonFiery SunsetNice Sunset
Sunset View From Our CampsiteSunset After Cloudy DaySteep Sunset Trail
Late July SunsetMt Adams Glowing In The SunsetGoat Rocks Sunset
Fog Rolling In Over The Mountains Near SunsetFirst Night's SunsetSunset From Combs Peak
Sunset On The BoatSunset Pasaytan Wilderness WaSunset
Sunset Near North Lake TahoeSunsetBeautiful Light While Sunset
Sunset Photographed Right Out Of My Hammocksleeping BagSunset Canebrake RdLenticular Sunset
SunsetSunset On Vidette Mt View From My TentSunset Over The Marble Mountains
SunsetSouthern Washington SunsetLenticular Sunset
Southern Washington SunsetStorm Approaching At Sunset
Susie Lake Show Map
Susie LakeSusie LakeLake Susie
Sweetwater Mts
Looking Towards Sweetwater Mountains
Tahoe Lake Show Map
Blue Sky Blue Lake Tahoe - On Top Of Mt TallacLake TahoeView Of Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe From Mt TallacMy Last Good View Of Lake TahoeLake Tahoe Rim
Lake Tahoe And Airport In DistanceLake Tahoe RimLake Tahoe
Lake TahoeAnother View Of Lake TahoeFirst Glimpse Of Lake Tahoe
Sunset Near North Lake TahoeSunrise Over Lake TahoeLake Tahoe
Tahoe Rim Trail Show Map
Junction - PCT And Tahoe Rim Trail
Tahoe Valley Campground
Tahoe Valley Campground
Tahquitz Creek Show Map
Tahquitz Creek In The Meadow
Tahquitz Peak Show Map
Tahquitz Peak From Under Mt San JacintoTahquitz PeakTahquitz
Tahquitz MtTahquitz Peak From The North SideTahquitz Peak
Tahquitz RockTahquitz And Suicide RocksWe Survived Tacquitz Peak!
Hiking Up Towards Tahquitz PeakOn The Top Of Tahquitz Peak
The Tarantula
Sub-alpine Creek And TarnsSnow Melt TarnTarn On South Side Of Pass
Tarns On North Side Of PassMountain Tarn
Tatie Peak Show Map
Close Up To Tatie PeakWhite-out Near Tatie Peak
Teddy Bear Cholla
Teddy Bear Cholla In San Felipe Hills
Tehachapi Mts Show Map
Tehachapi Mountains
Tejon Ranch Show Map
Tejon Ranch Section
Temple Crag
Picnic Lunch 2nd Lake And Temple Crag
Terminal Geyser Show Map
Geyser Near DrakesbadGeyser Near DrakesbadGeyser Near Drakesbad
Terminal Geyser
The Fang
The Fang
The Nipple Show Map
The Trail Around The NippleLooking Back At The Nipple From The SouthDawn View Of The Nipple
Thielsen Creek Show Map
Kerry At Thielsen CreekMt Thielsen Creek
Thielson Creek
Water Finally At Thielson Creek
Warm Enough For The Bee To Enjoy The Thistle
Thistle Weed
Thistle Weed
Thomas Edison Lake Show Map
Blue Sky And Vortex At Lake EdisonLake EdisonHeading Out Across Lake Thomas Edison
Edison LakeLake Edison Ferry
Thousand Island Lake Show Map
Thousand Island LakeThousand Island Lake Close To Donahue PassBanner Peak Behind Thousand Island Lake
Thousand Island Lake1000 Island LakeThousand Island Lake Below Banner Peak
1000 Island LakeThousand Island Lake1000 Island Lake
Banner Over Thousand Island LakeThousand Island Lake- I Took A Good Long Lunch Watched Marmot1000 Island Lake
We Camp Near Thousand Islands LakeThousand Island Lake And Banner Peak
Sitting Out The T-storms
Our First And Hopefully Last Tiger Sighting On The PCT
Tiger Lilly
Tiger Lilly
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lillies!Tiger Lily For Kathie On Her BirthdayTiger Lily AKA Leopard Lily
Tiger Or Leopard LiliesTiger LiliesGorgeous Tiger Lily
Columbine And Tiger LilyBiggest Stand Of Tiger Lilies I've Ever Seen
Tilden Lake Show Map
Cactus And Blackfoot By Tilden Lake
Timberline Lodge Show Map
At Timberline LodgeTimberline LodgeTimberline Lodge VWWW
View Near Timberline Lodge VwwwTimberline Lodge When We Came In - Cold And Wet!Timberline Lodge - Clear And Sunny This Time!
Car Show At Timberline LodgePart Of Timberline LodgeMt Hood From Timberline Lodge
Timberline LodgeTimberline Lodge Mt JeffersonHistoric Timberline Lodge
Hood From The Timberline Trail 96
Timothy Lake Show Map
Helen And Caroline In Front Of Timothy LakeTimothy Lake In The Early Morning CalmTrail Crew At Timothy Lake
Timothy Lake
Tinker Knob Show Map
Beyond Tinker KnobFirst Half View From Tinker's KnobSecond Half View From Tinker's Knob
Tinker KnobTinker KnobTinker Knob The Peak Not The Person
Tinker KnobTinker Knob The Peak Not The Person
Tipsoo Peak Show Map
Tipsoo Peak
Toad Lake Show Map
Toad Lake Early In The MorningToad Lake With Mt Shasta In The Background
Trail Angel
Staying At A Trail Angel'sTerrie The Trail AngelTerrie Us And Joe
WS Trail AngelsDoreen Lorrainethank You!In Memory - Trail Angel WendyLei Low And L-Rod
Ginny With Trail Angels Walt And LaurieMrs Anderson Moons Us As We Take The PhotoSunset Across The Valley L-Rod Donna Saufley
Joe And TerrieGoosing With The Andersons12 Of Our First Trail Angel Team - Scout Mann
The Andersons In PersonAnonymous Trail AngelTrail Angels Staff And Nancy
Trail Angel- Tarzan With D CogTrail Angels Gave Us Ride From Trail To Idyllwild- Thank!!Trail Angels Audi David Jim
Me And The AndersonsRay Susan Logan - Wrightwood Trail AngelsThe Saufleys
Donna Et Jeff SaufleyTrail AnglesThe Braatens
Brenda The Trail Angel Outside Most Literally Of Belden TowThe HeitmansTrail Angels Chuck Norris And Tigger
Dinner With My Trail Angels Jack And DonnaCamped In Safley's Back YardSafley's Front Entry
Sunseeker Jay And Terrie Anderson At The Casa De LunaSunseeker And Subzero Watching Movies At The Casa De LunaJay And I Feet Watching Movies At The Casa De Luna
Jeff And Donna SaufleyTrail AngelsJeff And Donna Saufley
Trail Magic
Trail Magic - Sometimes The Coolers Are Full!Goodtimes At Trail Magic Rest PointTrail Magic
Trail Magic At Walker PassA 1st Class Trail Magic Location3 Points Trail Magic Gang
Trail MagicTrail MagicTrail Magic--thanks Dave!
Boomer His Dad Hector Making Trail MagicDave's Trail MagicTrail Magic Gormet
The Trail Magic From The CyclistsMore Trail MagicFaked Out By Empty Trail Magic
Trail Maintenance
Pete Fish Ed And Friend Clear TrailTrail Maintenance At Its BestWashington Youth Conservation Corps At Work
AmericaCorps Amongst The TerrainCheers To Trail Maintenance PeepsTrail Crew Near Belden
Volunteers Larry And Gene Clear The TrailPCTA Trail Crew Volunteers!ThankYou PCTA Volunteers!
Trail WorkersTrail Crew At Timothy LakeJake N Approves Oregon PCTA Trail Work
Trail CrewPrison Trail CrewCCC Trail Crew Hero
Don Twohey Works The Trail2010 Ash Camp CrewLyons Pride Crew Works Near McCloud River
Trail Pass Show Map
Rest Stop At Trail Pass
Trailer Park
Tralier Park Pizza With Mr Fusion
The Always Welcomed Pioneer Mail Picnic AreaSection L2 TrailheadThe Trailhead At Manning Park
Karen And Ginny At PCT Trail HeadRainy Pass TrailheadSign Greeting Southbounders At Hwy 36 Trailhead
Me Up Above Pioneer Mail TrailheadPioneer Mail Trail Aka Jackass Mail RouteSunrise Over Camp Pioneer
At Pioneer Mail Picnic Area
Trap Lake Show Map
Looking Down On Trap LakeTrap LakeTrap Lake
Trap Pass Show Map
View From Trap Pass
Trapper Creek Show Map
Trapper Creek
Trinity Alps Show Map
Hiking Along The Ridges In Trinity AlpsLeaving The Trinity AlpsThe Snowy Trinity Alps
The Snowy Trinity Alps
Trinity Divide Show Map
View From The Trinity DivideOn The Trinity Divide
Tom Cooking Fresh Trout For DinnerTrout At The Whitewater PreserveRainbow Trout
Gino Cookin' Up Some TroutTrout Infested Waters
Tule Canyon Show Map
Rock Formations Near Tule Canyon
Tule Canyon Truck Trail Show Map
Tule Springs Tank
Tully Hole Show Map
Tully HoleTully HoleTully Hole
Tunnel Falls Show Map
Tunnel FallsWalking Up To Tunnel FallsTunnel Falls
Trail Under Tunnel FallsTop Of Tunnel FallsThe Trail Tunnel Behind The Falls
Tunnel Falls Half Of ItTunnel FallsThe Tunnel
Tunnel FallsHurricane Approaches Tunnel FallsTunnel Falls
Hurricane Approaches Tunnel Falls
Tunnell Falls
Tunnell Falls
Tuolumne Show Map
Tuolumne Near Glen Aulin
Tuolumne Meadows Show Map
Blue Sky And Vortex At Tuolumne Meadows StoreVortex's Tuolumne Meadows BedroomLeaving Tuolumne Meadows
Coming Into Tuolumne MeadowsTuolumne Meadows Store And GrillTuolumne Meadows
Toulumne Meadows Store Post Office And GrillFamily Visits In Tuolomne MeadowsTuolumne Meadows
Tuolumne River Show Map
Tuolumne River And Cathedral RangeTuolomne River Sans NudistTuolomne River Falls
Tuolumne RiverToulumne River At Glen AulinToulumne River
Tuolumne River
Twin Lakes Show Map
Lower Twin LakeLower Twin LakeOne Of The Twin Lakes In Lassen NP
Lower Twin LakesLower Twin Lake And The End Of Lassen SnowLower Twin Lake
Twin Peaks Show Map
Twin Peaks
Tylerhorse Canyon Show Map
After Tylerhorse CanyonRough And Windy Night At Tylerhorse Canyon In My Hammock!There Was Snow Above Tylerhorse Canyon When I Woke Up
Tyndall Creek Show Map
Tyndall Creek Flowing On The PCTTyndall Creek CrossingTyndall Creek
Upper Truckee River Show Map
Getting Water At The Upper Truckee River
Valhalla Lake Show Map
Lake Valhalla Through The TreesLake Valhalla With Our GroupLake Valhala
Van Dusen Canyon Show Map
Our Vehcile Up Van Duesen Canyon
Vasquez Rocks Show Map
Vasquez RocksVasquez RocksMore Of Vasquez
A Little Dip Before Vasquez RocksHot Feet At Vasquez RocksVasquez Rock Park
Unexpected Encounter With Large Reptile In Vasquez RocksVasquez Rocks The Scene For Many A Famous Western MovieMoon Over Vasquez Rocks
Vasquez Rocks Aqua Dulce CAVasquez RocksVasquez Rocks
Vasquez Rocks ParkVasquez RocksVasquez Rocks
Also In Vasquez Rocks ParkVasquez Rocks 1Vasquez Rocks 2
Vasquez Rocks 3Vasquez Rocks 4Vasquez Rocks
Vasquez RocksVasquez Rocks - Home To Many Hollywood ScenesSan Gabriel In Vasquez Rocks
Yucca And Vasquez RocksZoner In Vasquez RocksVasquez Rocks
Joe Dan And Shin Hiking Through The Vasquez RocksVasquez RocksHiking In To Agua Dulce
Vasquez RocksVasquez RocksVasquez Rocks
Vermillion Valley Resort Show Map
Squatch Tourist Teatree And Space Cowboy Coming Out Of VVRFerry To VVRVVR
Loading Up For The Ride Out To The FerryVVRThe VVR Ferry
VVR Ferry RideVVR At Edison LakeVermillion Valley Resort
Vermillion Valley Resort Over 1700 Miles To GoVermillion Valley ResortMr Mountain Goat And I On The VVR Ferrry
Vermillion Valley Resort
Vernal Falls
Vernal Falls
Vincent Gap Show Map
Vincent GapOaks Near Vincent Gap
Virginia Lake Show Map
A Very Frosty Virginia LakeVirginia LakeVirginia Lake
Flat Spot Between Virginia Purple Lakes Got Lost Past HereLake Virginia- No Doubt About It- It's Gorgeous Out HereBeautiful Lake Virginia Thawing
Lake Virginia
Vista Creek Show Map
The Bridge Across Vista CreekCleared Trail Along Vista Creek
Volunteer Peak Show Map
Looking Back At Volunteer Peak
Walker Pass Show Map
Interesting Rocks On My Way Into Walker PassSomeone To Talk To At Walker PassWalker Pass Marker
Trail Magic At Walker PassWalker Pass MonumentLeaving Walker Pass
Kiwi Moa And Pete Calibrating Watches Walker PassWalker Pass Festivities
Wally Waldron Lodgepole Pine
Wally Waldron Lodgepole Pine - Approx 1500 Yr Old
Wanda Lake Show Map
Wanda Lake
Waptus Lake Show Map
Waptus LakeWaptus Lake
Waptus River Show Map
Waptus RiverWaptus River Clarity
Warm Springs River Show Map
Camping Near Warm Springs RiverBridge Across Warm Springs Creek
Warner Springs Show Map
Warner SpringsJason At The Warner Springs Road SignAngie At The Warner Springs Road Sign
Our Adobe At The RanchLooking Back Over The Warner Springs AreaHeaded To Warner Springs
View Into Warner SpringsLeaving Warner SpringsLeaving Warner Springs
PCT Near Warner Springs WWWAt Warner SpringWarner Springs Grasslands Gorgeous
Inside Warner SpringsCool Clouds And Rocks Above Warner SpringsWarner Springs Resort
Warner Hot SpringsHiker Friends In Warner Springs PoolWS Is Small- Just One Road
Our Cottage At WS Ranch- Sweet!Room At Warner SpringsWarner Springs Pool
Coming Into Warner SpringsPool At Warner SpringsThe Pool At Warner Springs Resort
Leaving Warner Springs Ranch Est 1844Coming Down In To Warner SpringsMeadow At Warner Springs
Washington Lily
Washington LilyWashington Lily
Washington Mariposa Lilly
Washington Mariposa Lilly
Cascading WaterfallWaterfallRainbow Falls
Blue Sky And Vortex Glad To Be At Rainbow FallsAngie's Rock WaterfallBurney Falls
WaterfallKerry By Ramona FallsRainbow Falls
Another Shot Of The FallsWaterfallWaterfall
Beautiful Brian Gorgeous At The WaterfallWaterfallTunnel Falls
Waterfalls EverywhereWaterfall On Yuba RiverStuart Falls
Waterfall On Delate CreekWaterfall After LunchMe By A Waterfall
Neat Waterfalls In Yosemite ValleyRamona FallsWalking Up To Tunnel Falls
One Of Deer Creek's Many WaterfallsOne Of The Center Fork Of The Kings River WaterfallsThe Long Waterfall
Glen Aulin FallsTuolomne River FallsFalls On Delate Creek
Punchbowl FallsTunnel FallsTrail Under Tunnel Falls
WaterfallFalls On The Way To Silver PassObsidian Falls
Waterfall Goat Rocks WashingtonRamona FallsOne Of Many Eagle Creek Waterfalls
Top Of Tunnel FallsThe Trail Tunnel Behind The FallsRamona Falls
Tunnel Falls Half Of ItThe Trailside WaterfallRainbow Falls
Waterfall On A Creek Feeding Snow LakeRamona FallsTunnel Falls
The TunnelRamona Falls Through The TreesRainbow Falls On The Way To Stehekin
Tunnel FallsRainbow FallsRamona Falls
Hurricane Approaches Tunnel FallsRamona FallsRainbow Falls
West Walker River Show Map
Blue Sky At West Walker RiverA Raging West Walker River
Western Bunchberry
Western Bunchberry
Western Divide
First View Of Western Divid
White Canyon Show Map
Looking Back On White Canyon
White Chuck River Show Map
New Bridge Over White Chuck River
White Pass Show Map
White Pass Ski SlopesLeaving White PassWhite Pass Area In Washington Vwww
White PassThe Kracker Barrel At White Pass
Whitewater Preserve Show Map
Trout At The Whitewater PreserveWhitewater Preserve
Whitewater River Show Map
Sunset Over Whitewater CanyonWhitewater RiverTrail Marker Near Whitewater River
Whitewater Creek Running Through The San BernadinosKerry Contemplates White RiverLooking Down On Whitewater River
Cowboy Camping At Whitewater CreekWhitewater CrossingWhite Water River
Whitewater CreekWhitewater River
Whitney Creek Show Map
Whitney Creek
Whitney Pass Show Map
Whitney Pass
Wickiup Plain Show Map
A Rainy Morning On The Wikiup PlainWickiup Plains With South SisterThe Wickiup Plain With The South R And Middle L Sisters
The Wickiup Plain With The South R And Middle L SistersWickiup Plain
Wild Cucumbers
Wild Cucumbers
Wild Iris
The Walk Of Wild Iris And Mule's Ear
Wild Peas
Beuatiful Daisies And Wild Peas
Wilma Lake Show Map
Wilmer LakeWilmer Lake In The Early Morning
Wind River Show Map
Wind River Bridge
Scenic WindmillsWindmill CentralWindmills In The Distance
Windmills Up CLoseSome Of The Windmills In The Mesa Wind ParkWind Park
Jason Relaxing Under WindmilsRock Formations In The Wind FarmThe Newer Windmills Of GE's Wind Farm
WindmillsGO GREEN!Windmills Outside TehachapiMan On Windmill
Wind FarmWind Generators At The Bottom Of Snow CanyonMesa Wind Farm
Wind FarmApproaching Sky River Wind FarmBack In The Wind Farm
Wind FarmsSunrise At Mesa Wind FarmTehachapi Wind Farm
Kinda Windy Down Here But That's A Scenic Windmill Farm!Mesa Wind FarmMessa Wind Farm Water Tank
Wind TurbinesMesa Wind FarmMesa Wind Farm
The Wind FarmMesa Wind FarmMesa Wind Farm - A Small Section
Midday And Even More Wind TurbinesTehachapi Wind FarmTehachapi Wind Farms
WindmillsA Big Wind FarmPast Mesa Wind Farm
Up Close And Personal With A Wind FarmTehachapi Wind FarmDescending Into The Wind Farm
WindwillsTurbinesWind Farm - June 8
Mesa Wind FarmWind Farms Across The MoutainsMore Wind Farms
Wind Turbines And CowsZoner Hiking Past Massive Wind TurbinesWind Farm And Clouds
Steep Climb Past The Mesa Wind FarmWindmills Climbing Up The MountainsMesa Wind Farm
Windmill FarmTehachapi Windmill Powerplant As Seen From The PCTWind Turbins Hundreds Of Them
The Wind FarmsThe Purple Ninja Walks Towards The Tehachapi Wind FarmTehachapi Wind Farm
Wind Farms Highway 58 MojaveEarly Morning Wind FarmThe Purple Ninja Walks Towards The Tehachapi Wind Farm
Tehachapi Wind FarmWind Farm ViewEntering The Windfarm
The Turbines Lulled Us To Sleep
Windy Lakes Show Map
Sunrise Near Winday Lakes Area
Winton Canyon Show Map
Camping Near Winton Creek
Wizard Island Show Map
Sunrise Over Crater Lake And Wizard IslandReflections On Wizard Island And Crater RimWizard Island Between A Rock And A Wood Place
Wizard Island At Crater Lake NPSunrise Over Crater Lake And Wizard IslandWizard Island
Wolf Creek Pass Show Map
Skiing Down Wolf Creek Pass
Woods Creek Show Map
Vortex Crossing Woods CreekBridge Over Wood CreekCaroline At Woods Creek
Bridge At Woods CreekWoods Creek Suspension BridgeSuspension Bridge
Woods Creek Suspension BridgeWoods CreekSuspension Bridge Over Woods Creek
Woods Creek
Woody Pass Show Map
Before Woody PassSouthbound Near Woody Pass
Wrightwood Show Map
Wrightwood CACoffe Shop In WrightwoodMile High Pizza In Wrightwood
Pines Motel WrightwoodThe Bates Er Pine MotelClimbing The Acorn Trail
Yellow Legged Frog
My New Hiking Outfit At The Yellow Legged Frog Detour
Gorgeous And Plentiful YuccaYucca MoonIncredible Yucca
YuccaYuccaLovely Yucca Blooming
Close Up Of Yucca BlossomOne MoreYucca In Bloom VWWW
Yuccas In Full BloomSnow On YuccaYucca
Yucca Plant FloweringYuccaColorful Yucca
Yucca During Snowfall
Zig Zag River Show Map
Zigzag River And Mt Hood
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