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Hike Planner Help Page

What is This?

This is a tool used to plan long distance hiking trips. It dynamically creates a plan based on your hiking style, terrain and other important factors. A spreadsheet or other trail planners use static methods to create a plan. You do not move down the trail at some predefined speed. There's a reason you hike 100 miles differently at the beginning of the trail compared to the end of the trail.

This is the only planner that captures the dynamic nature of planning a long distance hike.

Quick Start Guide

How do I create a plan?

That's it! You must be logged in to save your plan. That's important to know before you make a lot of edits.

Also, you may want to...

Consider zero/nero days. In terms of where and when, this is the single most important thing you can do to create an accurate plan. The catch is, you don't know exactly when, where or how long you are going to stop. You have a good idea of where your resupply packages are going to go, but you may not know how long you'll be there. Do your best! This goes a long way in creating a better plan.

What is a zero/nero day? From the moment you step off the trail, to the moment you step back on the trail counts as a zero/nero. If it's less than a day that means 'nero'. Travel time can be significant or not so much. A trail town like Cascade Locks is right on the trail, no travel time to or from the trail. On the other hand, leaving the trail for Bishop may mean a whole day just in travel time to and from the trail.That doesn't count the time you spend in town! Defining what a zero is can be very important to the accuracy of your plan.

So, what am I looking at?

If you didn't move the 'Style Slider' or change zero day values the plan represents a completely generic, average plan. This is a good place to start. The 'Section Days' column is important, it tells you how many days between resupply. More than 7 days it will be 'red'. The 'Section MPD' column tells you how many miles you must cover a day to reach your next resupply. Your MPD differs from section to section as dictated by terrain and other factors. Moving the 'Style Slider' will affect your MPD and 'Section Days' inversely.

How fast and how far will contribute significantly to the quality of a hike and it's different for each and every one of us. Not better or worse, just different.

Making it your own

This is the fun part! Here's a look at some of the options:

Journal Integration

The older spreadsheet-esque planner is still used in the case your trail is not specified in the new planner. This will be most cases. Otherwise, the new planner is integrated into your journal instead of the old one.

If you create a plan with the new planner it will take precedence over your old plan. If you wish to view/edit your old plan you must delete your plan created with the new planner.

You're still here???

Have fun out there on the trails and remember to always be careful! Now go plan a hike!

-postholer Sep 1, 2015

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