Russia/Ukraine Time Series


Time Series of Violent Events in Ukraine
Using Armed Conflict Location & Event Data (ACLED) the above time series video is updated as data becomes available, usually weekly. OpenStreetMap data is also used for roads and boundaries.

The source data is downloaded using wget in it's native .csv format. Using GDAL ogr2ogr and a virtual format (.vrt) file the .csv is ETL'd into a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database. Within a Bash script each frame of the video is created using an .html template for each day as a JPEG image generated using CutyCapt. The contents of the .html template, specifically the map, is generated with an HTML <img> tag with a source pointing to a MapServer WMS url. The vertical scales are created within the same .html template using CSS. All the JPEG images are then passed to ffmpeg to create the final .mp4 video.

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