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Pacific Crest Trail Snow Conditions - Jan 13, 2019

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Below you will find detailed and current snow conditions for the entire Pacific Crest Trail. Types of information include current/average snow amount for date, current snow coverage, minimum/average/maximum amount for April 1st and an elevation profile so you can contrast snow conditions with elevation. Snow condtions are presented in graph and tabular format.

Snow pack vs trail snow. Snow pack aggregates values from relative few physical sensors/hand measurements located over an entire mountain range, then displays that daily aggregate over time. This is not ideal for hikers as hikers are concerned with a very specific area (the trail). Trail snow takes a single modeled value at thousands of specific locations along the trail on the current date. This is ideal for hikers as they can see snow conditions on or near the trail uninfluenced by conditions miles away at wildly different elevations. This stark example shows snow pack vs trail snow at the most critical time of the year.

Conditions At A Glance
1/13/2019 - Kennedy Mdw to Echo Lake - 394.7 miles
Covered by snow: 98.6%, No snow: 1.4%, Above average: 23.9%, Below average: 46.3%, About average: 29.8%
(Average coverage for June 1st is 41%, June 16th is 22%)
Section detail: Kennedy Meadows to Echo Lake.

Here are some aggregate graphs using modeled snow data, NOT snow pack. PCT SWE from Kennedy Meadow to Echo Lake, JMT SWE from Crabtree Mdw to Tuolumne Mdw, PCT Coverage from Kennedy Meadow to Echo Lake, JMT Coverage from Crabtree Meadow to Tuolumne Meadow

Entering the sierra early may or may not be a good idea. It depends on you and your skills. Here are things to consider before entering the sierra early.

Data originates from SNODAS modeled data and NOHRSC/NSIDC.

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Pacific Crest Trail Snow Conditions
Click image for larger version or this Large Full Detail Image - Chart updates every 3 or 4 days from Nov 1 to Jul 28.

Sierra Entry Indicator - The SEI is to help you determine what snow conditons are like north of Kennedy Meadow. This looks at hundreds of locations between Kennedy Meadow and Reds Meadow (210 miles) and gets the percent of average snow conditions. The SEI updates from Nov 1 to Apr 1. Last Update: Jan 13, 2019. Trail snow, not snow pack, is %74 of average.

(for entertainment purposes only)

SEI Indicator

April 1st historical links: 2004 :: 2005 :: 2006 :: 2007 :: 2008 :: 2009 :: 2010 :: 2011 :: 2012 :: 2013 :: 2014 :: 2015 :: 2016 :: 2017 :: 2018

Google Trail Map with Snow Overlays: Snow Water Equivalent :: Snow Depth :: Snow Coverage :: 24 Hour Snow Precip :: 24 Hour Non-Snow Precip :: 24 Hour Snow Melt :: 24 Hour Avg Snow Pack Temp :: Snow Density :: 24 Hour SWE Change :: 24 Hour Snow Surface Sublimation :: 24 Hour Blowing Snow Surface Sublimation

For further information visit the Pacific Crest Trail Data Book. You may also want to view the PCT Google Map. View our printed Pacific Crest Trail Maps, books and/or PDF

PCT Maps

Pacific Crest Trail
topographic maps

Pacific Crest Trail Snow Table, Highest to Lowest Order

This table has locations with SWE ordered from highest to lowest. Only locations with an average SWE greater than 3 inches are shown. Elevations are in feet, other values are inches unless otherwise stated. Click on column heading to sort by that column.

Trail MileJan 13, 2019 - Locations within a mile of measurementSWESWE Avg% SWE AvgElev
2529.8Glacier Creek, Glacier Ridge Tr Jct36.924.21525526
2544.8(no description)33.727.51234995
2534.8Fire Creek Pass, Mica Lake, Fire Crk Pass33.326.01285821
2519.6Red Pass, Red Pass, White Chuck River33.127.91196426
2259.8spur trail to crk, Killen Creek, Lake/pond31.420.61525925
2254.8creeklet, creeklet, spring31.220.91495752
2424.5campsite, campsite, campsite30.720.91475070
2109.9Salmon River, unsigned trail crossing, camp sites30.422.61355987
2509.9Lake Sally Ann, Cady Ridge tr jct, Snohomish County30.023.31295611
2334.7creeklet, Anderson Lake, campsite29.428.81025393
2515.0Indian Pass29.222.91285175
2284.8Walupt Creek, spur to Sheep Lake, Sheep Lake29.019.81465673
2504.8Saddle Gap, Saddle Gap, Pass Creek28.521.51335054
2339.7spur to TH parking, State Hwy 410, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest27.827.51015406
2539.8(no description)27.625.01104772
2634.9Whatcom County, Holman Pass27.521.71275499
2289.8Bypass tr jct, spring near small meadow, spring27.517.31595979
2249.8spur trail to pond/meadow, Stagman Ridge/Rd 120 tr jct27.421.41285606
1979.6Reese Lake, Separation Creek, Foley Ridge tr jct27.015.71726503
2639.9Woody Pass, Trail 473 tr jct27.020.71306681
2559.6rocky area, round Sitting Bull Mt26.726.9995104
1984.6Lake/pond, Spring, Spring26.515.31736635
2294.8Elk Pass, Coyote tr jct, creek26.520.91276661
2644.9Hopkins Pass26.020.91245909
2454.5(no description)25.120.91205088
2329.7campsite, Yakima County, campsite24.824.91005646
2349.7campsite, Norse Peak tr jct, Basin Lakes tr jct24.619.21286355
1580.0Mavis Lake tr jct, Siskiyou County, Trinity County24.412.22007148
2219.8Lake Sebago, Lake/pond, Blue Lake24.417.31414715
2399.6Yakima Pass, Twilight Lake, Twilight Lake outlet24.418.11353661
2414.6campsite, campsite, Kendall Peak24.018.91274851
2469.5creeklet, Surprise Crk tr jct, Lake/pond24.021.51124779
2499.8Top Lake tr jct, Lake/pond, Wenatchee Pass23.920.31184520
1894.7Cowhorn Traverse tr jct, campsite, Klamath County23.814.21687055
1909.7Deschutes National Forest, creeklet23.514.61616948
2650.0Monument 78 Northern Terminus23.318.71254298
2480.0creeklet, power lines, creeklet23.320.21154576
2464.5Deception Lakes outlet, Deception Crk tr jct, Deception Lakes23.222.21055056
1989.6Scott Lake TH tr jct, Spring23.017.01356277
2304.7Yakima County, Shoe Lake tr jct, campsite22.923.3986542
2224.8Placid Lake tr jct, campsite, Lake/pond22.821.11085014
2319.7Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Lake/pond22.824.0955045
2624.7pass above Benson Crk, Buffalo Pass22.623.6966687
2619.5near road 500, gap22.423.4966598
2314.7Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Lake/pond22.223.1965522
2354.7campsite, Arch Rock tr jct22.018.51196052
2034.5Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Shale Lake21.810.82025742
2489.6Smith Brook, Union Gap, Snohomish County21.820.11084835
2419.6campsite, campsite, campsite21.820.91045069
2344.7Pierce County, Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Bear Gap21.821.91005944
1974.6creeklet, water, campsite21.814.11555937
2439.5creeklet, campsite, campsite21.321.9975427
1809.8campsite, creeklet, campsite21.214.41476726
2049.5Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Lake/pond20.912.91626391
1575.0standing water, campsite, Marshy Lake/E Boulder Lake tr jct20.912.81637064
1849.8possible water cache, Crater Lake Hwy N, Hiker/Equestrian/Rim tr jct20.521.1976465
1214.9Silver Lake/Long Lake/Mt Elwell tr jct, seep20.511.71757335
2494.7near Glasses Lake spur, crest, Snohomish County20.419.51055110
2444.5spring, spring, spring20.420.01023358
1869.8Howlock Mtn/Diamond Lake tr jct20.411.91717124
1874.8(no description)20.311.51776844
2474.5Chelan County, creeklet, creeklet20.221.6944640
2274.8spur to ridge top camping, Lake/pond, pond20.018.01115586
2114.9Lost Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Creek19.818.11095417
1299.8creek, Plumas County, creek19.610.71835687
1969.6Koosah Mtn19.514.11386424
1140.0Spring, cross 3 creeklets, creek19.418.51057683
2214.8small meadow, Sheep Lakes, Indian Heaven Wilderness19.414.81314149
2019.5Linn County19.313.91396293
2324.7Lake/pond, Carlton Crk tr jct, Fish Lake19.219.8974157
2234.8creek, spring, creeklets19.219.9964047
2279.8Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Walupt Lake tr jct19.118.91015001
1864.8Mt Thielsen tr jct19.112.51537265
2029.5Swallow Lake/Shirley Lake tr jct19.110.31856444
1209.9dirt road, dirt road, trail to Deer Lake18.912.71497466
1109.5Fontanillis Lake, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, Lake/pond18.915.61218273
2629.8Devils Backbone/NE ridge, Nat For Dev Rd 2000, Jim Pass18.922.6846198
989.6Lake/pond, Jack Main Cyn South tr jct, Falls Creek18.918.31038080
994.6Lake/pond, Lake/pond, S end of Grace Meadow18.719.2978663
1534.6seep, Spring, Spring18.712.11556776
1304.8unknown tr jct, Butte County18.713.81366639
1104.5Gilmore Lake tr jct, water & camp site, Half Moon Lake tr jct18.616.11168326
1159.9dirt road, creek, Upper Castle Creek18.615.91177404
1999.6Deschutes County, Belknap Crater tr jct, Little Belknap Crater tr jct18.612.31516075
1585.0campsite, Trinity Alps Wilderness, South Fork Lakes tr jct18.511.01685977
1164.9same road, creek, creeklet to right of trail18.517.91037919
1145.0creek, Painted Rock tr jct, North Fork American River18.415.81167570
1129.5(no description)18.318.01027822
1829.8Union Peak tr jct18.217.11066234
2229.8dirt road, dirt road, Trout Lake18.121.3854276
1904.7creeklet, Lake/pond, Lake/pond18.015.71156003
2044.5Russell Creek, creek, creeklet18.010.51715471
2524.7Baekos Creek, White Chuck River17.926.3683944
2459.5creek, spring, spring17.721.9813955
1934.7Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Lake/pond17.612.81386323
2264.8Lava Spring, Mount Adams Wilderness, creek17.216.71034519
1099.5Eldorado National Forest, spur trail left to Lake Aloha, Lake/pond17.014.81158190
999.6Lake/pond, Lake/pond, campsite17.024.0719454
2404.6campsite, other, Olallie Crk16.921.6783658
1274.8Gold Lake tr jct, Silver Lake tr jct, Bucks Lake tr jct16.910.61596840
2409.6Natl Forest Develop Road 9043 Trl, I-90 Snoqualmie Pass to Hwy 2 Stevens Pass, North TH16.717.4962988
1219.9Spring, Sierra County16.610.81546572
2239.8old dirt road, Trout Lake Creek, North Fork Trout Lake Creek16.620.2823759
1889.7Nat For Dev Rd 60, unnamed tr jct, campsite16.513.61215818
969.6Smedberg Lake, Smedberg Lake, Lake/pond16.418.4899318
1804.92014 790 Fire, nice view of Klamath Falls, Divide Trail tr jct16.412.81286788
1229.93 point dirt road jct, Johnsville Mc Crea Rd, East Hapkins Seep16.411.61416482
1169.9dirt road, dirt road, dirt road16.318.4898062
1529.6Trinity County16.212.81276750
1964.6Deschutes National Forest, Elk Lake Resort, Deschutes County16.113.41205297
2554.5near Buck Crk Pass tr jct, Snohomish County, Miners Creek16.123.5694570
2244.8Nat For Dev Rd 521, creek, campsite16.022.2724052
2359.7creeklet, Pierce County, Yakima County16.018.6865032
930.0Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Lake/pond16.016.39810503
1174.9Nevada County, trail skirts edge of road, join jeep road16.017.7907974
1154.9Donner Pass Rd, Nevada County, Mt Stephens15.912.01337086
1354.7Kings Crk Mdw/Bench Lake/Falls tr jct, Shasta County15.911.31416241
1359.8Horseshoe Lake tr jct, slow moving creeklet, Swan Lake15.99.61666687
1599.5North Fork Horse Range Creek, Statue Crk/Duck Lake TH tr jct15.96.32526781
1949.7near Cougar Flat, Cougar Flat, Spring15.913.91145856
884.5Silver Pass, Lake/pond, Lake/pond15.88.518610532
1135.0Alpine Meadows Ski Area, S ridge of Ward Peak15.817.2928390
2069.92014 Logging Unit Complex Fire, dirt road, Mt. Hood National Forest15.89.61654848
1944.7Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Lake/pond15.715.9995703
1039.6E Fork Wolf Crk, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Middle Fork Wolf Crk15.715.9998342
2615.0Pacific Crest Trail 2000, crest, Grasshopper Pass15.720.5776772
1124.5Tahoe National Forest, dirt road, Blackwood Canyon15.612.91217270
1024.6Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest15.615.61009286
2374.6Blowout Mtn tr jct, campsite, campsite15.614.71065231
1150.0(no description)15.617.2918113
1524.6campsite, Soapstone tr jct15.510.51486292
2004.6Washington Ponds, Washington Ponds15.512.21275698
2594.6State Hwy 20, Hwy 20 Rainy Pass to Canadian Border, Skagit County15.418.6834878
1054.6Eagle Creek15.413.91118558
1959.6Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Lake/pond15.312.31245549
1224.9creeklet, creeklet, Plumas County15.310.61446088
2269.8spring, creeklet, spring15.214.31064855
2024.5Minto Pass, Willamette National Forest, Jefferson County15.110.31475577
959.5Spiller Creek15.117.3878858
1044.6Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Bull Cyn tr jct, Noble Canyon15.016.2939310
1074.6Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Forestdale Crk15.016.5918451
979.6(no description)15.016.3928424
1279.8Lake/pond, Mill Crk/Bucks Lake tr jct, Grassy Lakes15.08.61746260
1019.6to parking area, cross paved access road, Sonora Pass/Kennedy Mdw North14.915.3979651
1994.6Lake/pond, N Mathieu Lake tr jct, Lake/pond14.913.71095410
1929.7Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Bobby Lake tr jct14.812.21215527
1939.7(no description)14.815.1985984
935.0(no description)14.815.5958996
1549.5creeklet, E Cement Bluff14.88.91666777
1924.7Deschutes County, Lane County, Maiden Peak Saddle14.712.11216292
2014.5pond, Lake/pond, Santiam Lake tr jct14.713.11125147
1539.5Trinity County14.711.21317636
984.6Stubblefield Canyon14.716.1917950
1309.8near pond, view Lassen Pk/Peek of Mt Shasta, Butte County High Point tr jct14.715.3967014
2484.5(no description)14.617.9823880
1049.6Ebbets Pass tr jct, State Hwy 4, Lake/pond14.615.5948731
2384.6Kittitas County, near end of old dirt road, King County14.614.31024628
1069.6(no description)14.614.8999003
1819.8Lake/pond, Jack Spring tr jct14.413.31086177
1824.8(no description)14.415.2956446
1034.6Spring, old fence line, Golden Canyon14.316.8859178
2429.6swampy area, swampy area, spring14.319.3743253
1844.8Sphagnum Bog tr jct14.216.8856032
2299.7creeklet, creeklet, creeklet14.216.4874883
1349.7Lassen National Forest, Willow Creek, spring14.210.91305924
1114.5creek & waterfall, Phipps Creek, Phipps Crk14.213.71047898
1789.9(no description)14.212.31156014
1079.6Upper Truckee River, Lake/pond, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit14.114.3998672
2104.9Hwy 35 Barlow Pass to I-84 Cascade Locks, Old Hwy 35 TH, Barlow Rd14.114.8954160
1879.7Douglas County14.010.11396681
2599.7Skagit County, Granite Pass, Okanogan County14.018.5766683
2309.7creek, Goat Rocks Wilderness, South Fork Clear Creek14.018.5764905
1554.5Trinity County, creeklet13.96.12286989
1594.5creeklet, Russian Wilderness, 2014 July Complex Fire13.96.62116461
2055.0Many Lakes Viewpoint, Lake/pond, Jefferson County13.912.11155676
1029.6Stanislaus National Forest, Boulder Lake tr jct13.814.2978767
2389.6Nat For Dev Rd 154, power lines, dirt road13.816.4844008
1914.7swampy pond, Lake/pond, larger pond13.712.61095722
2584.9Maple Creek13.716.1853204
1954.6Mac Lake, Mac Lake, Lake/pond13.512.21115118
1569.5Trinity Alps Wilderness, Siskiyou County13.59.61416438
1064.6Lily Pad Lake, Lake/pond, Lake/pond13.513.41017762
1234.8road crossing, La Porte Rd13.410.21316608
964.6Matterhorn Creek, Matterhorn Cyn/Burro Pass tr jct13.315.5868441
1314.8Humboldt Rd, Tehama County, NE ridge/Robber Roost13.312.61066594
1859.8Nat For Dev Rd 961, Mount Thielsen Wilderness, Fremont-Winema National Forests13.212.01105961
2060.0Olallie Butte tr jct, dirt road, power lines13.110.61244807
1604.5dirt road to Ruffey Lakes13.05.92206992
864.5Selden Pass, Selden Pass, Marie Lake13.012.810210784
1454.6Summit Lake Rd13.07.21816095
1084.5Eldorado National Forest, Schneider Camp tr jct, Schneider Camp/17E16 tr jct13.019.3678974
2369.6campsite, dirt road, Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest13.015.6834745
1834.8creeklet, creeklet, Trapper Creek12.919.1685978
1625.0campsite, campsite, Shackleford TH/Summit Lake tr jct12.96.12116934
1119.5Richardson Lake, spur trail Richardson Lake, Richardson Lake12.914.2917531
2065.0Clackamas County, dirt road12.89.71324906
924.5Madera County, JMT/PCT jct, Thousand Island Lake12.815.58310102
869.5Lake Italy Tr Jct, Hilgard Branch12.712.8999317
1324.8Buck Mtn tr jct, Plumas County, Tehama County12.710.91177586
1364.8Nobles tr jct, Cinder Cone tr jct, near Soap Lake12.58.71446364
1559.5Trinity County, dirt road, Siskiyou County12.47.31705975
1004.6W Fork W Walker River bridge/near tr jct, West Fork West Walker River, Cinko Lake tr jct12.416.5758607
1089.5creek, near tr jct N of Benwood Meadow, Eldorado National Forest12.412.7987576
1204.9Sierrra Buttes dirt road, Sierra Buttes Spring, old jeep road12.38.81407150
1179.9Mule Ears Crk12.313.9887675
889.5Fish Creek, Fish Creek, Tully Hole/McGee Pass tr jct12.310.21219502
1854.8Klamath County12.314.6846207
1544.5Spring, old jeep road, Trinity County12.39.11356978
1884.7Douglas County, Bradley Crk TH tr jct12.29.21336468
1589.5Pacific Crest National Scenic Trl, campsite, Pacific Crest National Scenic Trl12.18.71396873
954.5Cold Canyon, Cold Canyon12.113.2928708
2039.5Linn County, spring, Hunts Crk tr jct12.011.91014598
2009.6Nat For Dev Rd 811, dirt road, old dirt road11.912.1984679
2144.9springs, East Fork Eagle Creek, Wahtum Express tr jct11.911.81013980
1059.6Raymond Lake Crk, Raymond Lake tr jct, Mokelumne Wilderness11.910.91098332
2209.8campsite, spring, spur trail to dirt road11.910.91093241
794.7small wooden bridge, ford creek11.86.81749446
950.0Yosemite Valley/McGee Lake tr jct, Tuolumne River, Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp tr jct11.514.3807977
2604.7(no description)11.519.6595381
799.7(no description)11.45.91939704
1319.8Tehama County11.311.5986593
1799.8Red Lake tr jct, campsite, Fremont-Winema National Forests11.312.9886080
2609.9Brush Creek, Brush Crk/W Fork Methow tr jct11.317.5654280
1094.6spring, creeklet, Pacific Crest Trl11.215.2747479
1794.8Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forests, Christy Spring tr jct11.112.4906314
789.7Sixty Lake Basin/JMT tr jct, Rae Lakes, South Fork Woods Creek11.18.912510702
1620.0campsite, spring, creeklet11.15.71956480
2449.5Spinola Crk tr jct11.018.9583480
2379.6creeklet, Tacoma Pass, Tacoma Pass10.815.5703910
904.5Ansel Adams Wilderness, John Muir Wilderness, Crater Creek10.713.4808661
1264.8Big Creek Rd, Quincy, spring10.610.61005512
894.5Purple Creek, Purple Lake10.511.29410311
1814.8Ranger Spring tr jct, Seven Mile tr jct, Fremont-Winema National Forests10.412.8815760
2394.6old dirt road, spring, dirt road10.215.5663804
824.6Middle Fork Kings River10.210.7958342
2364.7Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, Kittitas County, dirt road10.115.5654978
1769.8paved road10.07.91275446
1269.8Pacific Crest Trl, Bucks Lake Wilderness, Pacific Crest Trl10.09.81025726
1839.8S Fork Copeland Crk, South Fork Copeland Creek, Bybee Crk tr jct10.015.9635452
1564.5spring, spring, Trinity County9.98.01246179
839.6Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Evolution Creek9.712.18011262
849.5Evolution Creek, Evolution Crk ford, Evolution Creek9.711.6849087
879.5Mono Pass tr jct, North Fork Mono Creek, campsite9.79.9988292
1919.7Hwy 58 Willamette Pass to Hwy 242 McKenzie Pass, dirt road, Willamette Pass TH9.712.9755092
809.7South Fork Kings River/trail jct9.35.915810380
1184.9join Pass Crk Loop road, Pass Creek, Forest Rte 709.38.91046464
844.6Lake/pond, Evolution Valley, Lake/pond9.311.5819920
1014.6notch on steep wall, Lake/pond, Mono County9.120.44510768
2590.0Stiletto Peak tr jct, Fireweed Camp, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest9.115.3593892
784.7Kearsarge Pass tr jct, Cedar Grove tr jct, Kearsarge Pass/Bishop/Independence9.07.512010071
899.5(no description)9.011.5789977
1614.5headwaters Babs Fork of Kidder Crk, tr jct to spring8.65.21656390
1609.5campsite, campsite8.55.91446788
974.6Benson Lake tr jct, Piute Creek8.514.1607604
1009.6Pacific Crest Trl, Emmigrant Pass tr jct8.519.44410028
945.0dirt road jct, Soda Springs spur, Soda Springs8.310.3818603
919.5(no description)8.213.1639625
874.5Bear Ridge TH tr jct8.213.7609971
1344.8dirt road, Domingo Spring tr jct, Section Old Red Bluff Rd8.18.3985108
819.6Lake/pond, campsite, Palisade Creek8.13.92089927
1704.8Klamath National Forest, Sheep Camp Spring, campsite8.19.6846867
2074.9dirt road, Spring, dirt road8.08.1994002
1774.8S Fork Little Butte Crk, South Fork Little Butte Creek, Lake of the Woods tr jct7.99.3855292
779.7Bubbs Creek, Lake/pond7.87.011110888
1369.82012 Reading Fire, Lassen National Forest7.87.9995960
1459.6Alder Crk tr jct7.78.8885473
829.6Le Conte Canyon, Little Pete Meadow, Lake/pond7.613.0588882
859.5Senger Creek7.412.2619477
2139.9Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness, Natl Forest Develop Road 660 Rd, Larch Mtn dirt road7.410.0744299
914.5Shadow Lake/Agnew Mdw tr jct, Shadow Lake tr jct7.49.2808145
1694.9dirt road 40S01, campsite, Spring7.34.71556605
909.5PCT/JMT tr jct, Inyo National Forest, Devils Postpile tr jct7.310.9677666
1339.8Tehama County, dirt road, dirt road7.210.0725727
754.8campsite, Rock Crk tr jct, creeklet7.29.27810280
769.7view, Bighorn Plateau, Lake/pond7.28.78311326
1444.6old jeep road, dirt road, old dirt road7.14.01785236
2129.9(no description)7.011.2634101
2124.9Top Spur tr jct, Mount Hood Wilderness, Clackamas County6.912.4564249
2579.8Clear Creek, PCT trailhead6.99.7712201
2099.9Clackamas County, Wasco County, US Hwy 266.710.6633987
1329.8Soldier Creek6.78.1835961
1449.7dirt road, Summit Lake Rd6.64.61435216
734.8campsite, Tulare County, Inyo County6.66.110810156
1784.8Fs, South Rye Ski tr jct, campsite6.69.0735336
1635.0spring, 2014 Happy Camp Complex Fire6.54.31516533
1464.6creeklet, Devils Canyon, seep6.46.11055364
1630.0Spring, Marble Rim/Big Lake tr jct, Canyon Crk tr jct6.44.31495993
1689.9campsite, campsite6.34.11546635
1640.0Big Ridge6.34.31476885
2094.9Nat For Dev Rd Road 58, Nat For Dev Rd Road 240, Jackpot Mdws tr jct6.38.4753879
744.8Spring, Spring, Spring6.06.79010972
1439.7dirt road, dirt road, Shasta-Trinity National Forest6.03.71625446
739.8Tulare County, near Dutch Meadow, campsite5.95.311110279
714.8Cow Canyon, Cow Crk, Cow Crk5.94.81238269
2564.6near Hemlock Camp, South Fork Agnes Creek5.718.9303374
1239.8Chimney Rock, Bald Mtn/Little Grass Valley Res. tr jct, cross old jeep road5.710.2566016
834.6Middle Fork Kings River, Lake/pond, Lake/pond5.610.75211126
854.5Piute Creek, Sierra National Forest5.610.5538037
2134.9campsite, Buck Peak tr jct5.610.8524338
2549.9near Suiattle River tr jct, Gamma Crk, Gamma Creek5.416.8322966
724.8Tulare County, Gomez Meadows, Inyo County5.33.41568994
1714.9Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forests, Spring5.35.11046916
1684.9Klamath National Forest, Bear Dog Spring, Lowdens Cabin tr jct5.23.11686109
729.8campsite, Inyo County, campsite5.23.614410131
814.6Mather Pass, Mather Pass5.26.08712058
759.8Guyot Pass5.18.95710687
1199.9possible camp site, Switchback Spring, Flume Crk spur tr5.17.5685589
2080.0dirt road5.16.8754302
1764.8Lake/pond, Spring, Griffin Pass4.96.1805660
719.8view, campsite, Spring4.83.812610482
1779.8Jackson County4.47.7575509
804.7Pinchot Pass, Pinchot Pass4.34.310012027
2204.8Cedar Crk tr jct, campsite, campsite4.37.7563576
1259.82 springs4.18.4495462
1709.8Spring, old jeep road, Spring4.18.0516460
2149.9Ruckel Crk tr jct, Benson Way tr jct, Benson/Ruckel tr jct3.96.6594139
1334.8cross dirt road, State Hwy 36, old dirt road3.97.1555079
2569.7(no description)3.810.9352486
774.7Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Lake/pond3.54.97112309
2119.9flat bench, campsite, Sandy River3.211.6283299
1244.8dirt road 23N65Y, Fowler Crk tr jct, Butte Bar Trl3.16.3494975
1719.9spring, spring, spring3.04.1736290
2089.9vague access road crosses PCT, Timothy Lake2.45.4443249
1754.8jeep road, Wildcat Glades, Pacific Crest Trl2.03.1655089
2084.9Mt. Hood National Forest, Miller/Headwaters tr jct, Clackamas Lake1.95.3363473
1194.9cross dirt road, Haypress Valley, Haypress Creek1.94.9394850
2574.8Agnes Creek, Agnes Gorge, Stehekin1.85.6321640
1699.9spring, dirt road by old cabin, Oregon1.84.1445780
1254.8creek, seep, campsite1.64.7343676
2174.9campsite, old dirt road, 3 dirt road jct1.14.5243030
1519.6(no description)1.05.0205019
2184.9Nat For Dev Rd 41, spur to top of ridge, campsite0.64.5132963
1759.8dirt road, dirt road, Pacific Crest Trl0.63.6174747
2199.9campsite, campsite, dirt road0.03.202240

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