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Pacific Crest Trail Snow Conditions

Below you will find detailed and current Pacific Crest Trail snow conditions for the entire trail. This is not a 'snow pack' chart. This chart shows 'trail snow'. 'Snow pack' and 'trail snow' can differ significantly. Where the PCT traverses the highest terrain, the PCT snow conditions will almost always exceed snow pack.

Snow pack is not trail snow.

'Snow pack' is determined from relatively few physical snow sensors covering an entire mountain range of which most are not on or near the PCT. For instance, the previous postholer snow page relied on about 2 dozen sensors across thousands of miles of trail. Much of the PCT has no sensors, thus no coverage.

The charts here rely enitrely on remote sensing data from For example, the PCT has 5,300+ data points and the CDT 6,000+. Each trail has a point every half mile/within a half mile of the trail or better. This is a huge improvement in accuracy of PCT snow conditions. These snow graphs allow you to view the PCT in a way no one has before.

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Section detail: Kennedy Meadows to Echo Lake.

11/22/2017 - Kennedy Mdw to Echo Lake - 394.7 miles
Covered by snow: 88.0%, No snow: 12.0%, Above average: 79.6%, Below average: 18.3%, About average: 2.0%
(Average coverage for June 1st is 41%, June 16th is 22%)

Pacific Crest Trail Snow Conditions
Click image for larger version or this Large Full Detail Image - Chart updates every 3 or 4 days from Nov 1 to Jul 28.

Sierra Entry Indicator - The SEI is to help you determine what snow conditons are like north of Kennedy Meadow. This looks at hundreds of locations between Kennedy Meadow and Reds Meadow (210 miles) and gets the percent of average snow conditions. The SEI updates from Nov 1 to Apr 1. Last Update: Nov 22, 2017. Trail snow, not snow pack, is %154 of average.

(for entertainment purposes only)

SEI Indicator

April 1st historical links: 2004 :: 2005 :: 2006 :: 2007 :: 2008 :: 2009 :: 2010 :: 2011 :: 2012 :: 2013 :: 2014 :: 2015 :: 2016 :: 2017

Google Trail Map with Snow Overlays: Snow Water Equivalent :: Snow Depth :: Snow Coverage :: 24 Hour Snow Precip :: 24 Hour Non-Snow Precip :: 24 Hour Snow Melt :: 24 Hour Avg Snow Pack Temp :: Snow Density :: 24 Hour SWE Change :: 24 Hour Snow Surface Sublimation :: 24 Hour Blowing Snow Surface Sublimation

For further information visit the Pacific Crest Trail Data Book. You may also want to view the PCT Google Map. View our printed Pacific Crest Trail Maps, books and/or PDF

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Pacific Crest Trail Snow Table, Highest to Lowest Order

This table has locations with SWE ordered from highest to lowest. Only locations with an average SWE greater than 3 inches are shown. Elevations are in feet, other values are inches unless otherwise stated. Click on column heading to sort by that column.

Trail MileNov 22, 2017 - Locations within a mile of measurementSWESWE Avg% SWE AvgElev
2339.7spur to TH parking, State Hwy 410, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest14.25.62545406
2559.6rocky area, round Sitting Bull Mt13.77.91735104
2249.8spur trail to pond/meadow, Stagman Ridge/Rd 120 tr jct13.64.43095606
2254.8creeklet, creeklet, spring13.14.62855752
2554.5near Buck Crk Pass tr jct, Snohomish County, Miners Creek12.86.32034570
2224.8Placid Lake tr jct, campsite, Lake/pond12.54.03135014
2234.8creek, spring, creeklets12.43.14004047
2334.7creeklet, Anderson Lake, campsite12.25.32305393
2244.8Nat For Dev Rd 521, creek, campsite12.13.73274052
2619.5near road 500, gap12.17.91536598
2624.7pass above Benson Crk, Buffalo Pass11.78.11446687
2239.8old dirt road, Trout Lake Creek, North Fork Trout Lake Creek11.23.13613759
2259.8spur trail to crk, Killen Creek, Lake/pond11.04.52445925
2615.0Pacific Crest Trail 2000, crest, Grasshopper Pass11.06.41726772
2604.7(no description)10.95.91855381
2629.8Devils Backbone/NE ridge, Nat For Dev Rd 2000, Jim Pass10.87.51446198
2534.8Fire Creek Pass, Mica Lake, Fire Crk Pass10.77.31475821
2609.9Brush Creek, Brush Crk/W Fork Methow tr jct10.55.22024280
2329.7campsite, Yakima County, campsite10.35.02065646
2229.8dirt road, dirt road, Trout Lake10.13.42974276
2539.8(no description)10.16.91464772
2344.7Pierce County, Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Bear Gap10.04.62175944
1834.8creeklet, creeklet, Trapper Creek9.83.03275978
2519.6Red Pass, Red Pass, White Chuck River9.87.71276426
2324.7Lake/pond, Carlton Crk tr jct, Fish Lake9.63.92464157
2544.8(no description)9.57.51274995
2529.8Glacier Creek, Glacier Ridge Tr Jct9.46.21525526
2599.7Skagit County, Granite Pass, Okanogan County9.35.41726683
2524.7Baekos Creek, White Chuck River9.07.11273944
2414.6campsite, campsite, Kendall Peak8.93.42624851
2314.7Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Lake/pond8.84.61915522
2639.9Woody Pass, Trail 473 tr jct8.86.11446681
1849.8possible water cache, Crater Lake Hwy N, Hiker/Equestrian/Rim tr jct8.83.02936465
2509.9Lake Sally Ann, Cady Ridge tr jct, Snohomish County8.75.31645611
2594.6State Hwy 20, Hwy 20 Rainy Pass to Canadian Border, Skagit County8.75.31644878
2644.9Hopkins Pass8.66.01435909
1014.6notch on steep wall, Lake/pond, Mono County8.53.325810768
2419.6campsite, campsite, campsite8.34.12025069
2634.9Whatcom County, Holman Pass8.36.51285499
2515.0Indian Pass8.25.61465175
2504.8Saddle Gap, Saddle Gap, Pass Creek8.14.61765054
2349.7campsite, Norse Peak tr jct, Basin Lakes tr jct8.14.02036355
999.6Lake/pond, Lake/pond, campsite8.13.22539454
2319.7Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Lake/pond8.04.31865045
2454.5(no description)8.04.51785088
2354.7campsite, Arch Rock tr jct8.03.72166052
2469.5creeklet, Surprise Crk tr jct, Lake/pond7.94.91614779
2564.6near Hemlock Camp, South Fork Agnes Creek7.94.71683374
2424.5campsite, campsite, campsite7.74.01935070
2439.5creeklet, campsite, campsite7.74.91575427
2549.9near Suiattle River tr jct, Gamma Crk, Gamma Creek7.63.91952966
2459.5creek, spring, spring7.64.41733955
2444.5spring, spring, spring7.43.72003358
2464.5Deception Lakes outlet, Deception Crk tr jct, Deception Lakes7.45.01485056
2359.7creeklet, Pierce County, Yakima County7.23.12325032
2480.0creeklet, power lines, creeklet7.14.31654576
2484.5(no description)7.03.42063880
2274.8spur to ridge top camping, Lake/pond, pond7.03.12265586
2409.6Natl Forest Develop Road 9043 Trl, I-90 Snoqualmie Pass to Hwy 2 Stevens Pass, North TH7.03.02332988
2650.0Monument 78 Northern Terminus6.84.91394298
2494.7near Glasses Lake spur, crest, Snohomish County6.74.31565110
2499.8Top Lake tr jct, Lake/pond, Wenatchee Pass6.64.01654520
2429.6swampy area, swampy area, spring6.63.71783253
2309.7creek, Goat Rocks Wilderness, South Fork Clear Creek6.53.22034905
2474.5Chelan County, creeklet, creeklet6.54.31514640
2294.8Elk Pass, Coyote tr jct, creek6.54.01636661
2590.0Stiletto Peak tr jct, Fireweed Camp, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest6.53.71763892
2304.7Yakima County, Shoe Lake tr jct, campsite6.54.31516542
2449.5Spinola Crk tr jct6.14.01533480
2284.8Walupt Creek, spur to Sheep Lake, Sheep Lake5.93.41745673
2584.9Maple Creek5.83.71573204
2279.8Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Walupt Lake tr jct5.63.01875001
2489.6Smith Brook, Union Gap, Snohomish County5.44.21294835
2289.8Bypass tr jct, spring near small meadow, spring5.13.11655979
2299.7creeklet, creeklet, creeklet5.13.01704883
1984.6Lake/pond, Spring, Spring4.53.11456635
2109.9Salmon River, unsigned trail crossing, camp sites3.73.11195987

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