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Continental Divide Trail Snow Conditions - Jun 16, 2018

Below you will find detailed and current Continental Divide Trail snow conditions for the entire trail. This is not a 'snow pack' chart. This chart shows 'trail snow'. 'Snow pack' and 'trail snow' can differ significantly. Where the CDT traverses the highest terrain, the CDT snow conditions will almost always exceed snow pack.

Snow pack is not trail snow.

'Snow pack' is determined from relatively few physical snow sensors covering an entire mountain range of which most are not on or near the CDT. For instance, the previous postholer snow page relied on about 2 dozen sensors across thousands of miles of trail. Much of the CDT has no sensors, thus no coverage.

The charts here rely entirely on data from SNODAS modeling from NOHRSC/NSIDC. For example, the PCT has 5,300+ data points and the CDT 6,000+. Each trail has a point every half mile/within a half mile of the trail or better. This is a huge improvement in accuracy of CDT snow conditions. These snow graphs allow you to view the CDT in a way no one has before.

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Section detail: Cuba, NM to Twin Lakes, CO.

6/16/2018 - CDT, Cuba NM to Twin Lakes CO - 509.7 miles
Covered by snow: 0.0%, No snow: 100.0%, Above average: 0.0%, Below average: 37.6%, About average: 62.4%

CDT Snow SWE: Cuba NM to Twin Lakes CO, CDT Snow Cover: Cuba NM to Twin Lakes CO

Continental Divide Trail Snow Conditions
Click image for larger version or this Large Full Detail Image - Chart updates every 3 or 4 days from Nov 1 to Jul 28.

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Google Trail Map with Snow Overlays: Snow Water Equivalent :: Snow Depth :: Snow Coverage :: 24 Hour Snow Precip :: 24 Hour Non-Snow Precip :: 24 Hour Snow Melt :: 24 Hour Avg Snow Pack Temp :: Snow Density :: 24 Hour SWE Change :: 24 Hour Snow Surface Sublimation :: 24 Hour Blowing Snow Surface Sublimation

For further information visit the Continental Divide Trail Data Book. You may also want to view the CDT Google Map. View our printed Continental Divide Trail Maps, books and/or PDF

CDT Maps

Continental Divide Trail
topographic maps

Continental Divide Trail Snow Table, Highest to Lowest Order

This table has locations with SWE ordered from highest to lowest. Only locations with an average SWE greater than 3 inches are shown. Elevations are in feet, other values are inches unless otherwise stated. Click on column heading to sort by that column.

Trail MileJun 16, 2018 - Locations within a mile of measurementSWESWE Avg% SWE AvgElev
2834.9possible water34.726.21326252
2829.9cross left, Lake/pond21.616.41326895
2439.6possible water, Deer Lodge County, possible water18.314.81248629
2799.5possible water, possible water18.018.6977010
1964.6WY Seg 19, possible water, cross right16.96.62568184
2459.5cross left, Lake/pond, possible water16.47.22288504
2454.6East Fork Rock Creek15.510.11537875
2024.9possible water, possible water, possible water15.320.3758308
2010.0Grants Pass14.117.6808022
1924.7Fremont County, possible water, possible water13.29.21438990
2789.6No Name Gulch, Black Bear Creek12.88.91445764
2794.6possible water, Burnt Creek, Burnt Creek11.720.8566606
2464.5possible water, Upper Seymour Lake11.213.8818200
1934.72012 North Buffalo Fire, 2011 Nowlin Fire, 2011 Nowlin Fire10.39.51088598
2825.0South Fork Lick Creek, possible water6.29.3676732
2804.5cross right, 2013 Rock Creek Fire, possible water3.318.1187416
1904.7possible water, possible water, possible water2.73.3828700
1809.8cross right, possible water, possible water2.710.4269902
2615.0Jefferson County2.13.5607981
1909.7possible water, cross left2.03.1658496
2854.9East Fork Strawberry Creek, cross left2.05.0405706
1949.6possible water, possible water1.94.2458392
2349.7Lake/pond, Montana, possible water1.83.3558996
1914.7Moccasin Basin Rd, possible water, Dubois WY1.35.5248836
1919.7cross right, possible water, cross straight ahead0.68.089144
1474.5Lake/pond, Jackson County, Lake/pond0.413.4310355
859.8Alberta Peak, San Juan National Forest, Rio Grande National Forest0.03.8011648
1819.8possible water, possible water, Hat Pass0.07.6010437
2619.9Jefferson County, Powell County, Tr6620.04.908275
2859.9Strawberry Creek, Pondera County, Strawberry Creek0.06.206238
1794.9(no description)0.06.709921
1874.6possible water, possible water, possible water0.04.309141
2034.9Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Natl Forest Develop Road 078 Trl, cross right0.014.608191
810.0cairn, cairn0.04.7011689
1209.7Corbett Peak, Lake/pond0.05.8012045
1529.9cross road, cross left, cross road0.03.409758
1849.7possible water0.05.408491
1929.7cross right, cross right0.06.107640
2409.7Ravalli County, Bitterroot National Forest, Beaverhead County0.04.208590
784.5cross straight ahead, cross right0.04.2010755
864.8cross left, San Juan National Forest, Weminuche Wilderness0.06.4011551
1824.8cross right0.03.4010817
2864.9possible water, cross straight ahead, Blue Lake0.03.805923
1479.5Usfs Rd Trail 1101, CO Seg 42, Routt County0.020.5010322
1799.8possible water, cross right, cross left0.010.9010065
1959.6possible water, cross right, cross left0.05.508680
2039.9follow road, North Fork Split Creek, Natl Forest Develop Road 075 Trl0.08.908057
2279.9Idaho, Montana0.03.309455
2839.9Teton County, cross left, Lewis And Clark County0.08.505805
1214.7Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Colorado Trl0.04.1010907
1295.0(no description)0.05.1012804
1854.7(no description)0.04.608018
2015.0WY Seg 21, US Hwy 287, Old Faithful Rd0.04.407603
2414.7Surprise Lake, possible water, possible water0.05.308240
869.8possible water, cross straight ahead, Lake/pond0.09.2011380
1189.7Longs Gulch0.03.7010837
1829.8possible water, possible water, possible water0.05.1010634
2309.8Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, Idaho, MTID Seg 100.013.909032
1485.0Routt County, Jackson County0.013.5011023
1804.8cross right, possible water, possible water0.06.0010297
2844.9cross straight ahead, cross left, Bowl Creek0.03.605756
1299.9Grand County, Clear Creek County0.07.0012053
1539.8(no description)0.015.5010531
2339.8Lake/pond, possible water, Lake/pond0.04.908723
2820.0possible water0.04.006064
1434.5CO Seg 40, Grand County0.06.2011420
1514.9Jackson County0.03.7010053
1834.7possible water0.06.9010372
2314.8Darkhorse Creek, possible water, possible water0.04.608003
1490.0Routt County, Jackson County, cross straight ahead0.010.8011448
1969.6possible water, possible water0.03.707829
2610.0Spring, Spring, possible water0.03.708033
1304.9Grand County, Stanley Mtn, Clear Creek County0.04.8012441
1544.8possible water, cross road, cross straight ahead0.012.809926
2424.6Ravalli County, Beaverhead County0.08.808207
799.5(no description)0.03.2011175
1439.5Jackson County0.03.1010985
1839.7possible water, cross left0.03.9010828
2079.6Lake/pond, Clark Lake, possible water0.07.409367
854.8Railroad Pass, San Juan National Forest, Rio Grande National Forest0.04.6011016
1414.6turn left, cross left, cross right0.04.7010918
1495.0Lake/pond, possible water, cross left0.04.8010753
1814.8cross right, possible water, cross left0.010.8010153
1469.5possible water, Fishhook Lake, possible water0.05.409892
1549.8Fs Rd 412, cross left, cross straight ahead0.08.7010628
1869.7Gunsight Pass, possible water, possible water0.03.0010042
2029.9(no description)0.06.508510
2429.6cross right, Ravalli County0.09.108577
1844.7possible water, possible water, Green River Pass0.08.3010368

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