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Continental Divide Trail Snow Conditions - Jan 16, 2018

Below you will find detailed and current Continental Divide Trail snow conditions for the entire trail. This is not a 'snow pack' chart. This chart shows 'trail snow'. 'Snow pack' and 'trail snow' can differ significantly. Where the CDT traverses the highest terrain, the CDT snow conditions will almost always exceed snow pack.

Snow pack is not trail snow.

'Snow pack' is determined from relatively few physical snow sensors covering an entire mountain range of which most are not on or near the CDT. For instance, the previous postholer snow page relied on about 2 dozen sensors across thousands of miles of trail. Much of the CDT has no sensors, thus no coverage.

The charts here rely entirely on data from SNODAS modeling from NOHRSC/NSIDC. For example, the PCT has 5,300+ data points and the CDT 6,000+. Each trail has a point every half mile/within a half mile of the trail or better. This is a huge improvement in accuracy of CDT snow conditions. These snow graphs allow you to view the CDT in a way no one has before.

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Section detail: Cuba, NM to Twin Lakes, CO.

1/16/2018 - CDT, Cuba NM to Twin Lakes CO - 509.7 miles
Covered by snow: 89.6%, No snow: 10.4%, Above average: 2.3%, Below average: 95.4%, About average: 2.4%

CDT Snow SWE: Cuba NM to Twin Lakes CO, CDT Snow Cover: Cuba NM to Twin Lakes CO

Continental Divide Trail Snow Conditions
Click image for larger version or this Large Full Detail Image - Chart updates every 3 or 4 days from Nov 1 to Jul 28.

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For further information visit the Continental Divide Trail Data Book. You may also want to view the CDT Google Map. View our printed Continental Divide Trail Maps, books and/or PDF

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Continental Divide Trail Snow Table, Highest to Lowest Order

This table has locations with SWE ordered from highest to lowest. Only locations with an average SWE greater than 3 inches are shown. Elevations are in feet, other values are inches unless otherwise stated. Click on column heading to sort by that column.

Trail MileJan 16, 2018 - Locations within a mile of measurementSWESWE Avg% SWE AvgElev
1964.6WY Seg 19, possible water, cross right25.114.61728184
2024.9possible water, possible water, possible water24.919.41288308
2010.0Grants Pass24.717.61408022
1924.7Fremont County, possible water, possible water23.613.41768990
1949.6possible water, possible water23.312.71838392
1954.6possible water, possible water23.314.51619449
2029.9(no description)23.119.91168510
1959.6possible water, cross right, cross left23.016.81378680
1934.72012 North Buffalo Fire, 2011 Nowlin Fire, 2011 Nowlin Fire22.113.51648598
1809.8cross right, possible water, possible water21.713.11669902
2034.9Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Natl Forest Develop Road 078 Trl, cross right21.118.61138191
1799.8possible water, cross right, cross left20.412.915810065
1919.7cross right, possible water, cross straight ahead20.212.51629144
2039.9follow road, North Fork Split Creek, Natl Forest Develop Road 075 Trl20.220.01018057
1814.8cross right, possible water, cross left19.612.515710153
1914.7Moccasin Basin Rd, possible water, Dubois WY19.310.61828836
2834.9possible water19.317.01146252
1849.7possible water19.011.31688491
2044.9cross road, cross road, Black Canyon Loop Rd19.018.61028144
1969.6possible water, possible water18.914.01357829
1899.7possible water, possible water, cross right18.59.41979083
2015.0WY Seg 21, US Hwy 287, Old Faithful Rd18.012.81417603
1929.7cross right, cross right17.813.21357640
2794.6possible water, Burnt Creek, Burnt Creek17.418.2966606
2799.5possible water, possible water17.417.11027010
2019.9Little Firehole River, cross left, possible water17.013.51267355
1804.8cross right, possible water, possible water16.911.015410297
2454.6East Fork Rock Creek16.812.01407875
2829.9cross left, Lake/pond16.716.01046895
1904.7possible water, possible water, possible water16.78.81908700
1834.7possible water16.510.216210372
2309.8Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, Idaho, MTID Seg 1016.314.81109032
2439.6possible water, Deer Lodge County, possible water16.211.31438629
2449.6possible water, Deer Lodge County, possible water16.19.81648032
2825.0South Fork Lick Creek, possible water16.015.31056732
1944.6possible water, possible water, possible water15.912.31297676
1854.7(no description)15.811.21418018
2459.5cross left, Lake/pond, possible water15.79.61648504
1909.7possible water, cross left15.68.61818496
1844.7possible water, possible water, Green River Pass15.512.012910368
2804.5cross right, 2013 Rock Creek Fire, possible water15.015.9947416
2820.0possible water15.012.71186064
1829.8possible water, possible water, possible water14.88.517410634
2789.6No Name Gulch, Black Bear Creek14.814.41035764
2339.8Lake/pond, possible water, Lake/pond14.812.31208723
1889.6possible water, Fremont County, possible water14.58.31759355
1819.8possible water, possible water, Hat Pass14.511.113110437
2464.5possible water, Upper Seymour Lake14.510.71368200
1479.5Usfs Rd Trail 1101, CO Seg 42, Routt County14.519.77410322
1474.5Lake/pond, Jackson County, Lake/pond14.015.88910355
1794.9(no description)13.911.21249921
1879.6Lake Of The Woods Rd, cross left, cross right13.98.01749239
1974.5possible water, possible water, cross left13.711.41207453
1939.6possible water13.711.41207467
2994.6Flathead County, possible water13.612.51096890
1989.5possible water, possible water13.611.61177952
1864.72013 Green Fire, possible water13.59.61418993
1994.5(no description)13.411.21207908
2434.6possible water, cross right, Deer Lodge County13.49.01498182
1979.5cross left, 20-153CG, 20-146CG13.310.71247502
2444.6possible water, possible water, cross left13.38.91497874
1894.7Teton County13.18.61529715
2314.8Darkhorse Creek, possible water, possible water13.012.31068003
2615.0Jefferson County13.06.32067981
2414.7Surprise Lake, possible water, possible water13.09.71348240
2684.7(no description)13.07.61717607
2349.7Lake/pond, Montana, possible water12.710.11268996
1874.6possible water, possible water, possible water12.69.81299141
2429.6cross right, Ravalli County12.510.51198577
2619.9Jefferson County, Powell County, Tr66212.57.01798275
1539.8(no description)12.515.38210531
2409.7Ravalli County, Bitterroot National Forest, Beaverhead County12.39.71278590
1984.5possible water, possible water, cross right12.210.01227495
2784.6possible water, Reef Creek12.210.31185248
1859.7possible water, cross left, cross straight ahead12.29.11347997
2854.9East Fork Strawberry Creek, cross left12.112.11005706
2989.6cross left, Ahern Creek12.013.2916745
1824.8cross right12.09.312910817
2815.02013 Red Shale Fire, Hoxsey Creek12.09.71245684
2610.0Spring, Spring, possible water11.95.52168033
2624.9cross left, Jefferson County, Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest11.86.71767323
1544.8possible water, cross road, cross straight ahead11.716.2729926
2424.6Ravalli County, Beaverhead County11.710.21158207
2984.7cross right, cross straight ahead, Flathead County11.714.6806886
2419.7Ravalli County, possible water, Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest11.78.81337731
2344.7cross straight ahead, Big Swamp Creek, possible water11.68.91307964
2839.9Teton County, cross left, Lewis And Clark County11.612.4945805
1839.7possible water, cross left11.59.412210828
2404.7cross straight ahead, cross straight ahead, MTID Seg 1311.58.41377737
2844.9cross straight ahead, cross left, Bowl Creek11.511.8975756
2859.9Strawberry Creek, Pondera County, Strawberry Creek11.415.7736238
2969.7possible water, possible water11.313.7826185
1884.6cross left, possible water, possible water11.37.61499267
2759.6cross right, Straight Creek, 2012 Elbow Pass Complex Fire11.19.51176383
2754.6cross left, cross right, Spring11.07.01575863
2999.6possible water11.014.0795988
2689.7S Fork, turn right, Gould Creek Rd10.97.31496897
2769.62012 Elbow Pass Complex Fire10.910.91005717
1414.6turn left, cross left, cross right10.99.711210918
2084.6(no description)10.77.81378245
2679.7(no description)10.66.71587608
1514.9Jackson County10.513.57810053
2744.7cross right10.59.81076437
1439.5Jackson County10.411.19410985
1549.8Fs Rd 412, cross left, cross straight ahead10.414.87010628
2629.9cross straight ahead, possible water10.36.51587061
1299.9Grand County, Clear Creek County10.39.211212053
2634.7turn right, Ontario Creek10.26.01706862
2064.9possible water, cross straight ahead, cross straight ahead10.210.3997714
1485.0Routt County, Jackson County10.216.36311023
1490.0Routt County, Jackson County, cross straight ahead10.113.87311448
2699.7(no description)10.17.31386748
2329.8cross right10.19.31097856
2569.9possible water10.14.42307918
2334.8Blmtc4, MTID Seg 11, Miner Creek10.09.01117546
2764.6Straight Creek, possible water10.09.21095790
2979.7Lake/pond, Lake/pond, cross straight ahead10.010.9925200
1869.7Gunsight Pass, possible water, possible water9.97.513210042
2079.6Lake/pond, Clark Lake, possible water9.89.41049367
2639.7495-b1, cross left, Telegraph Cr Rd9.84.92006073
1495.0Lake/pond, possible water, cross left9.814.17010753
1469.5possible water, Fishhook Lake, possible water9.813.6729892
2379.7Idaho, Montana9.88.21207143
2354.7Lake/pond, possible water9.88.81118571
2864.9possible water, cross straight ahead, Blue Lake9.813.0755923
2469.5possible water, Lake/pond, cross straight ahead9.87.51316989
2929.8Pitamakan Pass, cross left, cross right9.713.0757383
1434.5CO Seg 40, Grand County9.611.58311420
2934.7possible water, North Fork Cut Bank Creek9.612.2795427
2674.7MTID Seg 21, possible water, Faith Gulch9.66.41507007
2389.7Gibbons Pass Rd9.68.91087295
2049.9(no description)9.512.1797622
2964.7possible water, cross right, Siyeh Creek9.513.1736538
2849.9cross straight ahead, Grimsley Creek9.49.7975402
2399.7(no description)9.48.71087410
2734.7Scapegoat Wilderness9.37.91187932
1404.6cross left, Willow Pass Trl, possible water9.38.21139814
2694.7cross straight ahead9.17.01306779
2874.9(no description)9.013.0696896
2054.9cross left, Montana, leave road left9.09.3976947
2944.7Red Eagle Creek9.010.0905066
1789.9possible water, Fs 10302, possible water8.98.81019300
2644.7cross left, Lewis And Clark County, Powell County8.96.01486631
1554.8turn left8.910.58510354
2094.7Montana, Idaho8.98.91007564
2384.7(no description)8.88.41057293
2104.7Hell Roaring Creek, Hell Roaring Canyon, cross left8.77.01247130
2774.6South Fork Sun River, possible water, South Fork Sun River8.79.5925374
2729.7Lewis and Clark National Forest8.75.81507235
1209.7Corbett Peak, Lake/pond8.78.99812045
2869.9(no description)8.712.8686041
2269.9Montana, Idaho8.55.01709030
2255.0(no description)8.55.51559935
2739.7Helena National Forest, Lewis and Clark National Forest, cross right8.56.31357951
1464.6leave road right, cross right, follow road8.411.1769579
2959.7Saint Mary River, Virginia Creek, cross left8.410.5804595
2749.6cross straight ahead, Pear Creek8.44.71795406
1184.7possible water, Lake/pond, Galena Lake8.48.99411329
2924.8Dry Fork, cross left8.49.3905483
2904.8cross right, Railroad Creek8.310.0835568
2109.7cross left, cross left, Montana8.310.2817952
1309.9Grand County, Clear Creek County, James Peak Wilderness8.37.810611856
1394.6possible water, possible water, possible water8.38.6979585
2319.8Jahnke Creek, Blind Canyon8.27.11157603
2669.7Natl Forest Develop Road 136 Rd, cross road, cross road8.24.61786700
1500.0possible water, CO Seg 43, possible water8.211.1748493
2359.7possible water8.26.21328423
2664.6LaSalle Gulch, cross road8.14.51806850
1524.9cross straight ahead, Jackson County, Colorado8.012.3659263
1344.8Indian Peaks Wilderness, fence, possible water8.07.41089867
2494.5turn right, Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, turn right7.95.41468228
2364.7cross right, South Fork Sheep Creek7.95.31496220
1304.9Grand County, Stanley Mtn, Clear Creek County7.88.79012441
1174.7cross straight ahead, Lake/pond, North Willow Creek7.87.310710949
2779.6cross left, Bob Marshall Wilderness7.85.91325270
1424.5cross straight ahead, Grand County7.88.59210728
2304.8(no description)7.88.4938700
1399.6cross straight ahead, possible water, Jackson County7.89.78010804
2919.8(no description)7.88.0986456
1519.9cross left, cross left, Usfs Rd 5007.712.1649451
2324.8Berry Creek, turn left, possible water7.77.71007144
2605.0turn right, gate, leave road right7.73.82037522
2589.9(no description)7.64.11857200
2724.7Green Mtn, possible water, cairn7.64.51697351
2114.6Idaho, Clark County7.610.4738325
2649.6Lewis And Clark County, gate, cross road7.63.62116287
1290.0possible water, possible water, possible water7.68.68811244
1384.7possible water, 2013 Big Meadows Fire, Lower Granite Falls7.58.4899624
1124.6Texas Creek, Lake/pond, Lake/pond7.56.711210714
2585.0possible water, Silver Bow County, Silver Bow County7.44.01857086
1445.0Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest, Lake/pond7.47.41009226
1179.7(no description)7.47.410011030
2229.5cairn, Idaho, Spring7.44.71579444
1189.7Longs Gulch7.49.18110837
3004.6cross right, Camp Creek, possible water7.47.21034440
2899.8possible water7.411.1675822
1409.6possible water, Jackson County, Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest7.37.01049715
1104.7possible water7.35.513311769
2574.9possible water7.34.31706977
2069.9Montana, cross left7.38.8837518
2709.7Helena National Forest7.33.42156976
1529.9cross road, cross left, cross road7.213.4549758
2279.9Idaho, Montana7.27.3999455
2654.61802b2, cross straight ahead, possible water7.24.21717171
1509.9Spring, cross left, cross straight ahead7.212.2599166
1419.6cross left, Jackson County, Grand County6.98.38310595
2914.8Fortyone Mile Creek, fence, possible water6.98.1855729
2489.5possible water, Little American Creek, Lake/pond6.95.01386965
1559.8cross right, cross right6.910.5668868
2119.6Lake/pond, Montana, Lake/pond6.98.4829468
2600.0North Fork Dry Cottonwood Creek, cross straight ahead, Bob Creek Rd6.93.42037191
1534.8possible water6.913.0539610
2974.7turn right6.98.0864956
2499.5cross road6.95.21337796
2374.7(no description)6.86.81007563
2889.8Pondera County, cross straight ahead, cross straight ahead6.811.3605857
2394.7Fs Rd 1066.68.4796954
2594.7Deer Lodge County6.43.12067258
2474.5Lake/pond, Lake/pond6.34.11546306
2369.7Montana, Idaho, possible water6.36.6957167
1784.9cross right, possible water6.37.0909324
2245.0Idaho, Montana6.35.11249411
1429.5Grand County, Jackson County, cross left6.39.26811385
2939.7Triple Divide Pass, possible water6.29.6657165
2704.7Flesher Pass Rd, trailhead parking6.23.02076301
1214.7Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Colorado Trl6.29.56510907
3009.6(no description)6.16.01024232
2219.6possible water, Blmmenu6, Tendoy Creek6.15.51118130
1334.8Rd 128u, possible water, Cabin Creek6.07.08610122
2224.6possible water, gate, Lake/pond6.04.91228908
2209.6Little Deadman Creek, cross right, gate5.94.91208586
2530.0cross right, Basin Creek, turn right5.94.11447220
2535.0cross straight ahead, possible water, cross straight ahead5.94.21407673
2484.5Dry Creek Rd, Dry Creek Rd, turn right5.93.71596444
1099.7possible water5.97.18311320
2234.5possible water, Lake/pond, Tex Creek5.83.91498280
1760.0possible water, possible water5.86.2948622
2239.5turn right, turn right, Morrison Lake5.83.71578269
1119.8(no description)5.84.512912312
2879.8cross left5.78.5675891
1339.8Lake/pond, Dirt Rd, possible water5.77.37810293
1129.8possible water5.76.48911195
1139.7South Fork Clear Creek, cross left, South Fork Clear Creek5.76.09510755
1504.9English Creek, Lost Dog Creek5.610.0568189
1459.5Grizzly Creek5.68.2688566
2894.8cross right, cross left5.58.4655493
1280.0possible water5.46.09012042
2259.9Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, Montana, Idaho5.43.91387809
1224.6(no description)5.36.58212288
2214.6Spring, cross right, Nicholia Creek5.35.8918204
2124.6Lake/pond, Idaho, Montana5.26.6798225
2099.7Natl Forest Develop Road 056 Trl, Idaho, Natl Forest Develop Road 056 Trl5.29.5557525
2294.9(no description)5.16.5788586
1269.5Peru Creek, Warden Gulch, County Road 2605.17.17210528
1285.0possible water, gate, Bakerville W5.06.5779824
2299.8cross right, Spr Of Kny Crk, cross straight ahead5.06.6768269
1779.9cross right5.06.8749212
859.8Alberta Peak, San Juan National Forest, Rio Grande National Forest4.814.83211648
1374.7Hallett Creek, cross straight ahead, possible water4.86.67310761
1564.8possible water, Divide Peak4.89.1538642
1089.7turn left, Hunt Lake, leave road left4.78.45611304
2250.0cross left, Montana, possible water4.73.71278817
864.8cross left, San Juan National Forest, Weminuche Wilderness4.716.52811551
2949.7Red Eagle Creek, cross left4.76.3754689
2274.9(no description)4.64.61008946
839.9Archuleta County, San Juan National Forest, possible water4.611.24112666
1109.7Chaffee County, Morgans Gulch, possible water4.64.410512820
824.9possible water, possible water, Conejos County4.512.63611529
829.9possible water, Rio Grande National Forest, North Fork Conejos River4.511.14111530
1454.5Colorado Creek4.46.8658390
2149.6Montana, Montana, cross right4.44.9908629
2129.6possible water, Spring, possible water4.36.1707596
2189.6cross left, possible water, Sawmill Creek4.33.11398006
834.9Adams Fork Conejos River, San Juan National Forest, Adams Fork Conejos River4.312.33511317
1449.5fence, Lake/pond4.36.4678630
1774.9possible water, possible water4.36.7649471
1164.8Lake/pond, cross straight ahead, Lake/pond4.35.38110529
849.8possible water, Rio Grande National Forest4.214.03011458
854.8Railroad Pass, San Juan National Forest, Rio Grande National Forest4.216.52511016
1094.7Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Lake/pond4.26.16911564
2884.8cross straight ahead, Woods Creek, cross left4.27.9535590
2139.6Lake/pond, Lake/pond, cross right4.25.0848435
2194.6possible water, possible water, possible water4.23.21318493
1169.7Mount Massive Wilderness, CO Seg 24, Elbert Creek4.16.46410086
2264.9gate, Continentle Divide Rd, cross straight ahead4.13.41218064
1149.8fence, Little Willis Gulch, possible water4.14.29811274
1769.9WY Seg 12, Bridger-Teton National Forest, possible water4.15.3778257
2525.0(no description)4.13.91057524
794.5possible water, possible water4.013.82910233
799.5(no description)4.012.73111175
1259.5follow road, County Road 60, cross right4.05.37512318
2154.5Little Table Mtn, Caribou-Targhee National Forest3.95.1768505
1319.9Stewart Rd3.95.17611292
1369.7North Inlet, North Inlet, North Inlet3.77.0539041
810.0cairn, cairn3.712.03111689
1134.8cross right, Gunnison County3.76.26011407
2179.5cross straight ahead, possible water, gate3.73.41098398
1079.7leave road left, CO Seg 19, turn left3.67.44911385
819.9Lake/pond, El Rito Azul, possible water3.611.63111510
944.5possible water, cross right, Lake/pond3.511.23112216
1084.7cross left, turn right, Original Monarch Pass3.57.64611683
1755.0cross straight ahead, cross left, Shoshone National Forest3.45.7608784
1574.8(no description)3.46.6527931
1764.9Bridger-Teton National Forest3.44.2818167
939.5CO Seg 9, cross left, possible water3.410.93111805
929.6CO Seg 8, possible water, possible water3.310.33211786
2134.6Ching Creek3.36.2537568
1584.8possible water3.35.4617803
784.5cross straight ahead, cross right3.313.22510755
1349.8turn right, Irving Hale Creek, Lake/pond3.35.7588326
1219.6fence, cross right, cross straight ahead3.36.7499930
1569.8WY Seg 3, Sage Creek Rd, Deep Gulch3.25.0647727
2289.9Idaho, Salmon-Challis National Forest, Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest3.23.3977463
1254.6Park County, Glacier Peak3.24.76812319
1750.0Lander WY, turn right, cross road3.23.6898085
1144.8Hewitts Gulch, possible water, Colorado Trl3.15.45710162
1044.7cross right, Razor Creek, cross right3.14.96311102
1204.7cross left, Cataract Creek, cross left3.16.34910043
1579.8Mccarty Canyon Rd3.15.7548109
814.9cairn, Archuleta County, cairn3.110.23012101
954.5cross straight ahead, Rio Grande National Forest, cross right3.09.63112470
919.6cross straight ahead, possible water, Raber Lohr Ditch3.010.13010717
2284.9(no description)3.05.0608654
1199.7Fiddler Creek, Jones Gulch Way, cross straight ahead2.96.4459973
1229.6Colorado Trl, Colorado Trl, Lake/pond2.96.54510041
2204.6gate, Lake/pond, Lake/pond2.93.9747861
1194.7Lake County, Eagle County, Leadville CO2.85.94710449
1074.8cross straight ahead, Gunnison County2.85.74911906
974.5leave road left, Grand Mesa2.86.34411793
869.8possible water, cross straight ahead, Lake/pond2.816.01811380
2199.6Montana, Middle Fork Little Sheep Creek Rd, possible water2.73.2848417
879.7San Juan National Forest2.610.52512138
1249.6Colorado Trl2.46.43810863
934.5possible water, possible water, San Juan County2.410.42312117
789.5Dixie Creek, possible water, New Mexico2.412.61910302
844.8turn left, CO Seg 3, Elwood Pass2.311.72011675
1324.8cross straight ahead, follow road, Rogers Pass2.34.65011902
805.0cairn, South San Juan Wilderness, possible water2.29.62312056
1314.9James Peak Wilderness, Mill Creek, possible water2.25.44111381
1244.6Colorado Trl2.25.83810613
979.5CO Seg 12, Lake City CO2.27.72911151
949.5Lake/pond, cross right, cairn2.110.32012752
924.6San Juan National Forest, Rio Grande National Forest, Rio Grande National Forest2.19.42212454
1004.5Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Lake/pond2.16.73110514
1329.8leave road left, Indian Peaks Wilderness, CO Seg 342.04.14911748
1239.6Colorado Trl, Soda Creek2.05.33810029
1354.8Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Knight Ridge1.94.7408826
1114.7possible water1.93.45611905
2169.6Caribou-Targhee National Forest1.93.9497125
874.8San Juan National Forest, San Juan National Forest, Rio Grande National Forest1.810.51712278
960.0(no description)1.78.02112746
1389.7Trail Ridge Rd, leave road right, leave road left1.74.4398771
884.7Lake/pond, Piedra Pass, cross straight ahead1.710.41611423
914.6Lake/pond, Lake/pond, Rio Grande National Forest1.77.92211733
1295.0(no description)1.76.22712804
1379.7cairn, possible water, cairn1.73.05711993
984.5Willow Creek, Lake/pond, possible water1.55.92512243
1359.7cross right, Outlet Trl, cross straight ahead1.55.4288382
2159.5Spring, Boatman Springs Rd, cross road1.53.9387651
889.7possible water1.510.51411763
894.72013 West Fork Complex Fire, Hinsdale County, San Juan National Forest1.59.71511782
899.7Knife Edge, cross straight ahead, San Juan National Forest1.59.41611991
1069.7possible water, CO Seg 18, Marshall Pass1.45.72510859
1264.5Geneva Peak, cairn, cairn1.43.04713243
1274.5Summit County, Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests, Clear Creek County1.33.63612875
1064.7Grand Mesa, Saguache County, Pike and San Isabel National Forests1.34.72811499
909.6cross left, Lake/pond, Rio Grande National Forest1.38.81512074
1054.7Sargents Mesa, CO Seg 17, cross straight ahead1.34.23111720
780.0Forest Rd 74, cross left, cross left1.110.01110409
769.6Lagunitas Creek, Lake/pond, NM Seg 311.08.81110121
1009.5Lake/pond, La Garita Wilderness, Nutras Creek1.06.11610111
989.5possible water, cross straight ahead1.04.52211998
994.6San Luis Pass, CO Seg 13, Saguache County1.05.02012061
1049.7(no description)1.04.92011334
999.6Cochetopa Creek, cross straight ahead, Lake/pond1.05.12012084
1589.8(no description)1.03.4297351
904.6possible water, Rio Grande National Forest, possible water0.98.01111837
1039.7(no description)0.94.02310725
754.6cross straight ahead, cross left, turn left0.78.0910097
1234.6Colorado Trl, Colorado Trl, Pelican Cir0.74.2179520
729.7turn left, possible water, turn right0.76.81010383
969.5Rio Grande National Forest0.75.61312498
759.6gate, Lake/pond0.78.4810026
1014.5turn right, turn right, Lake/pond0.63.0209869
1364.7Hancock St, Pitkin St, Mountain Ave0.65.0128396
965.0cross straight ahead0.65.21213230
764.6possible water, fence, Rio San Antonio0.68.089699
1059.7cross straight ahead, Rio Grande National Forest0.64.21410625
654.8cross right, possible water, cross right0.53.71410298
734.7Cañada Jarosita, possible water, possible water0.46.369602
659.8(no description)0.43.81110293
714.6fence, cross straight ahead, Continental Divide Trl0.33.399185
719.6cross straight ahead, gate, cross left0.35.069448
749.9cross straight ahead, Forest Rd 42b0.37.6410050
724.7(no description)0.35.759731
739.7Bonita Canyon, cross straight ahead, cross straight ahead0.34.378848
744.7Forest Rd 91b, County Road 450, Sullivan Tank0.24.649203

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