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Appalachian Trail Snow Conditions - Feb 19, 2019

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Below you will find detailed and current snow conditions for the entire Appalachian Trail. Types of information include current/average snow amount for date, current snow coverage, minimum/average/maximum amount for April 1st and an elevation profile so you can contrast snow conditions with elevation. Snow condtions are presented in graph and tabular format.

Snow pack vs trail snow. Snow pack aggregates values from relative few physical sensors/hand measurements located over an entire mountain range, then displays that daily aggregate over time. This is not ideal for hikers as hikers are concerned with a very specific area (the trail). Trail snow takes a single modeled value at thousands of specific locations along the trail on the current date. This is ideal for hikers as they can see snow conditions on or near the trail uninfluenced by conditions miles away at wildly different elevations. This stark example shows snow pack vs trail snow at the most critical time of the year.

2/19/2019 - JMT, Crabtree to Tuolumne - 181.8 miles - Well above average, %187
Covered by snow: 100.0%, No snow: 0.0%, Above average: 99.5%, Below average: 0.0%, About average: 0.5%,

Data originates from SNODAS modeled data and NOHRSC/NSIDC.

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Appalachian Trail Snow Conditions
Click image for larger version or this Large Full Detail Image - Chart updates every 3 or 4 days from Nov 1 to Jul 28.

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Google Trail Map with Snow Overlays: Snow Water Equivalent :: Snow Depth :: Snow Coverage :: 24 Hour Snow Precip :: 24 Hour Non-Snow Precip :: 24 Hour Snow Melt :: 24 Hour Avg Snow Pack Temp :: Snow Density :: 24 Hour SWE Change :: 24 Hour Snow Surface Sublimation :: 24 Hour Blowing Snow Surface Sublimation

For further information visit the Appalachian Trail Data Book. You may also want to view the AT Google Map. View our printed Appalachian Trail Maps, books and/or PDF

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Appalachian Trail Snow Table, Highest to Lowest Order

This table has locations with SWE ordered from highest to lowest. Only locations with an average SWE greater than 3 inches are shown. Elevations are in feet, other values are inches unless otherwise stated. Click on column heading to sort by that column.

Trail MileFeb 19, 2019 - Locations within a mile of measurementSWESWE Avg% SWE AvgElev
1849.8Mt Jackson, Mizpah Spring Hut Shelter23.46.33713691
1879.9Middle Carter Mtn, North Carter Mtn22.75.64054543
1829.8Galehead Hut Shelter22.56.73363397
1834.8Zealand Ridge21.56.73214044
1874.9Carter Notch, Lake/pond, Carter Notch Hut Shelter21.25.43933424
1854.8Mt Franklin, Lake Of The Clouds Hut Shelter, Lakes of the Clouds19.75.93345048
1839.8North Fork East Branch Pemigewasset River, Grafton County15.95.72792510
1824.8(no description)15.65.62795016
1990.0Crocker Mtn14.15.32663911
1864.8Parapet Brook, West Branch Peabody River13.35.42462803
2124.5Jo Mary Road TH, Jo Mary Rd13.06.8191682
2119.9Crawford Pond12.65.92141181
1799.7Mt Moosilauke12.45.02484388
2109.8Logan Brook Lean-to Shelter, Logan Brook12.35.72162408
1844.8Crawford Notch Rd, Saco River, Us 302 TH12.15.92051257
1984.9(no description)11.83.93033484
1809.7Eliza Brook Shelter, White Mtn National Forest11.85.52152389
2139.6No Official Name Or Unknown TH11.56.1189639
1909.5Full Goose Shelter, South Peak, North Peak11.53.83033164
1819.7White Mtn National Forest11.26.01872687
2104.8West Peak, Gulf Hagas Mtn11.05.91862483
1964.8Beech Hill Rd, Sandy River, Piazza Rock Lean-to Shelter10.95.51981918
2154.7(no description)10.76.31701194
2134.6Tirio Access Rd, Deer Brook, Pemadumcook Lake10.76.2173518
2060.0East Branch Piscataquis River10.46.1170644
2149.6Rainbow Stream, Lake/pond10.46.2168816
1634.5Black Brook, Lake/pond, Road Sholder TH10.14.72152221
1949.7Bemis Stream10.14.12461990
1939.7Oxford County, Franklin County10.04.52222633
2164.8Golden Road Pull-off TH, Golden Road Pull-off TH, West Branch Penobscot River10.06.1164578
1974.8Poplar Ridge Lean-to Shelter9.95.91682376
2074.6Lake/pond, Little Wilson Stream, Little Wilson Stream9.75.8167879
1979.9Lone Mtn9.64.32233189
1954.7Sabbath Day Pond Lean-to Shelter, Sabbath Day Pond, Long Pond9.63.62672373
2174.9The Birches Lean-to No. 1 Shelter, The Birches Lean-to No. 2 Shelter, Grassy Pond TH9.46.61421055
2099.7Gulf Hagas Brook9.36.01551089
2014.6Jerome Brook, Long Falls Dam Rd9.23.92361668
2009.6Little Bigelow Lean-to Shelter9.15.61631683
1904.5Maine, Carlo Col Shelter9.13.42682954
1959.8Lake/pond, Chandler Mill Stream9.14.52022389
1804.7(no description)9.15.31722876
2179.9Mt Katahdin ME, Thoreau Spring9.13.03035205
1814.7Lonesome Lake Hut Shelter, Lonesome Lake9.15.51652801
2019.6Lane Pond Rd, Sandy Stream, E Carry Rd9.06.31431261
1914.6Speck Pond Shelter, Pond Brook9.04.52003676
1994.5Me 27 TH, Stratton ME 04982, No Official Name Or Unknown TH8.95.61591425
1944.7Bemis Mtn8.93.52543410
1919.6Bear River, Bear River Rd, Nh 26 (grafton Notch) TH8.93.62472185
2144.6(no description)8.85.71541312
2094.7(no description)8.75.11711624
2169.9(no description)8.65.9146617
2064.5Monson ME, Pleasant Road TH8.55.71491012
2069.6Lily Pond, Bell Pond, Leeman Brook Lean-to Shelter8.44.91711137
1929.7Surplus Pond, Burroughs Brook, Andover Rd8.34.51841994
2089.7Fourth Mtn8.34.81731869
1869.8White Mtn Rd, Pinkham Notch TH, Lake/pond8.35.71462049
2055.0Marble Brook, West Branch Piscataquis River8.26.1134979
2159.8(no description)8.04.91631425
2044.9Bald Mtn Brook, Bald Mtn Brook Lean-to Shelter7.95.11551300
2024.7North Branch Carrying Place Stream7.75.91311290
2029.7Otter Pond Stream, Kennebec River7.65.7133671
2079.6(no description)7.45.31401017
1729.8Bartlett Brook Rd, Pomfret Brook, Pomfret TH7.34.4166994
1999.5Horns Pond Lean-to (west) Shelter, Franklin County, The Horns7.24.41643152
1714.8(no description)7.14.31652175
1889.9Hogan Rd, Androscoggin River, No Official Name Or Unknown TH7.14.0178767
1969.8Saddleback Mtn7.14.11733690
1644.5Winhall River, Bennington County6.94.51532358
2049.9Moxie Bald Lean-to Shelter6.94.71471285
2084.6Barren Mtn6.94.81441958
1934.7Hall Mtn Lean-to Shelter, Moody Brook6.85.01362469
1924.6Frye Notch Lean-to Shelter6.64.11612680
2034.8Holly Brook6.55.91101127
1629.5(no description)6.43.81683043
1724.8Vt 12 TH, Woodstock VT 050915.94.11441299
1709.8Rutland County5.93.71592508
2039.9(no description)5.84.41321931
1669.7Danby-landgrove Rd, Danby VT 05739, Big Branch Shelter5.63.41651559
1699.8Pico Camp Shelter5.64.21333431
1784.7White Mtn National Forest, Cape Moonshine Rd, Wentworth NH 032825.53.41621261
2004.6(no description)5.44.91102294
1769.6Dorchester Road TH5.34.21261147
1639.5Stratton Mtn, Gmc Caretaker Hut Shelter5.24.01303811
1794.7Jeffers Brook Shelter, Jeffers Brook Road TH, White Mtn National Forest5.03.61391287
1624.5(no description)5.03.31523395
1704.8Willard Gap5.04.31162395
1664.6McGinn Brook4.93.31482618
1734.9Thistle Hill Shelter, Thistle Hill4.83.61331501
1764.6Hewes Brook, Goose Pond Road (nh) TH4.63.6128868
1900.0Upper Gentian Pond, Austin Mill Brook, Gentian Pond4.43.41292552
1859.8Edmands Col, Great Gulf Wilderness4.43.01475324
1719.8No Official Name Or Unknown Shelter4.34.01082222
1689.8Gould Brook, Green Mtn and Finger Lakes National Forests, Sargent Brook4.13.01371519
1619.5(no description)4.13.51173192
1789.7Warren HH 03279, Nh 25 C TH4.13.21281601
1654.6Bromley Shelter Shelter, Bromley Brook4.04.2952428
1774.6Smarts Mtn, Fire Warden's Cabin Shelter3.83.41123004
1895.0Cascade Mtn3.64.1882622
1659.6Styles Peak3.53.7953283
1615.0Melville Nauheim Shelter, Glastenbury Wilderness, Maple Hill3.33.4972421
1649.6Spruce Peak Shelter3.04.0752411
1694.8(no description)2.63.8683472
1584.9Mark Noepel Lean-to Shelter1.13.0372307

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