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Pacific Northwest Trail Snow Conditions - Apr 19, 2019

Below you will find detailed and current snow conditions for the entire Pacific Northwest Trail. Types of information include current/average snow amount for date, current snow coverage, minimum/average/maximum amount for April 1st and an elevation profile so you can contrast snow conditions with elevation. Snow condtions are presented in graph and tabular format. This looks at trail snow, not snow pack.

Data originates from SNODAS modeled data and NOHRSC/NSIDC.

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Pacific Northwest Trail Snow Conditions
Click image for larger version or this Large Full Detail Image - Chart updates every 3 or 4 days from Nov 1 to Jul 28.

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For further information visit the Pacific Northwest Trail Data Book. You may also want to view the PNT Google Map.

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Pacific Northwest Trail Snow Table, Highest to Lowest Order

This table has locations with SWE ordered from highest to lowest. Only locations with an average SWE greater than 3 inches are shown. Elevations are in feet, other values are inches unless otherwise stated. Click on column heading to sort by that column.

Trail MileApr 19, 2019 - Locations within a mile of measurementSWESWE Avg% SWE AvgElev
1074.6Butler Creek71.447.91493859
804.8Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest70.961.11163250
799.8Austin Pass, Pnt117 TH, Lake/pond69.159.41164697
1079.6Hayden Pass66.662.51075724
844.9(no description)60.447.51273799
769.5Brush Creek, Whatcom Pass, Tapto Creek56.955.71024782
1059.6TXT 154.738.91414860
780.0TXT 3, Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest53.867.0804251
694.9Castle Pass42.142.8985854
1124.6Bridge Creek, Bridge Creek, Bridge Creek41.732.41294127
705.0Holman Pass41.142.5975343
700.0Woody Pass, Nat For Dev Rd 200039.138.71016746
785.0PNT115, Donegan Creek37.955.7683174
689.9(no description)37.041.0905086
849.9Bell Pass37.049.6753992
74.9East Fork Swift Creek, TXT 13235.929.41226108
709.5Sky Pilot Pass, Deception Pass35.741.2875741
79.9Kootenai National Forest35.131.41126421
1054.6Olympic National Forest, Buckhorn Pass34.931.41115701
84.9(no description)34.134.6996566
269.6Idaho Panhandle National Forests, Pyramid Pass, TXT 4633.128.51166433
315.0Idaho, TXT 5432.531.31045943
70.0Hay Creek, Hay Lake32.426.31235811
319.6PNT045, TXT 56, PNT04632.333.2975534
274.8TXT 4531.629.61075563
214.9TXT 2130.626.81146489
219.5TXT 26, Spread Creek Rd, Canuck Creek30.625.31216100
715.0(no description)30.236.2836053
765.0Pass Creek29.844.8672709
324.8Leola Creek29.731.0964996
720.0Dry Creek Pass, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest29.326.71105130
684.9Soda Creek28.940.4724582
125.0PNT023, Sinclair Creek28.731.0936927
104.6TXT 14328.333.9836318
109.57116b, Natl Forest Develop Road 319 Rd, TXT 14427.529.9925651
1119.6Spring, South Fork Boulder Creek, Appleton Pass27.433.6824321
279.6TXT 4427.024.51103720
1064.6Spring, Sunny Brook27.033.8804417
209.9PNT031, TXT 2226.827.1996076
14.5Atsina Lake, Mokowanis River25.727.2945473
120.0(no description)25.529.7867210
89.6(no description)25.129.0875171
760.0Beaver Pass, Big Beaver Creek24.437.9643622
99.67033, Lake/pond23.230.5765717
664.8Peeve Pass23.134.8666686
264.6(no description)22.226.8837024
169.7TXT 822.123.4946044
1129.7(no description)22.134.9634712
115.0PNT021, TXT 147, 7086b22.022.6975556
19.5(no description)22.021.21045573
309.7Upper Priest River, PNT043, Upper Priest River21.815.51413115
794.6Galena Creek, Razor Hone Creek21.450.2433230
284.7TXT 4320.622.2935838
669.8(no description)20.235.9566661
234.7(no description)19.515.41275333
164.7TXT 9, Boulder Creek, TXT 15919.521.0935553
364.8Stevens County, Spring, TXT 6619.416.71165671
29.5Lake Janet19.121.0915014
224.6(no description)18.014.91215715
649.8(no description)17.327.4637083
64.6Nat For Dev Rd 1680, TXT 18817.216.31064632
659.6Spanish Trail 503, Ashnola River17.033.3515174
674.8(no description)13.834.2405218
634.9TXT 161, Lake/pond13.617.1806919
34.7(no description)13.314.0955450
644.6Scheelite Pass13.325.1536679
159.7Webb Mtn Rd, TXT 13, Nat For Dev Rd 717913.113.6965823
454.6TXT 112, TXT 9612.613.1966436
459.7TXT 99, TXT 97, Jungle Hill12.413.2946176
629.8(no description)12.312.7977107
205.0TXT 25, 5900a12.29.81244541
94.7TXT 13811.312.5904309
199.9Natl Forest Develop Road 5857 Rd11.214.8765352
469.8PNT070, Spring, TXT 10211.110.41076426
449.9TXT 91, Spring, Spring11.112.2916107
775.0Chilliwack River, Brush Creek11.043.5252601
444.7TXT 110, TXT 106, North Fork Saint Peter Creek10.710.21055471
464.8TXT 100, Pass Creek10.412.7826176
549.6(no description)10.06.41565809
544.9TXT 1759.76.91415702
174.7(no description)9.412.2775517
440.0Taylor Ridge Rd, TXT 1089.312.4755397
679.9Nat For Dev Rd 4539.325.1373962
479.5TXT 1058.85.51604703
370.0TXT 688.611.0785185
429.7TXT 83, Nat For Dev Rd 13, Usfs Rd 61204508.37.91054974
194.6TXT 208.16.81194068
434.8Summit Motor Way8.18.01014659
625.0Swamp Creek8.011.4705797
259.6(no description)8.07.71045109
59.6Hay Creek Rd, Hay Creek7.98.2964107
239.8TXT 29, Spring7.63.32304747
524.9PNT089, TXT 163, TXT 1624.54.21075012
304.9TXT 205, PNT042, TXT 504.15.4762772
789.8Swamp Creek, State Hwy State Hwy 542, North Fork Nooksack River3.812.1312062
839.7Natl Forest Develop Road 13 Rd3.719.9192370
1135.0PNT157, Clallam County2.916.4184180
359.7(no description)2.43.6673688
179.7(no description)1.77.4235088
1069.6Burdick Creek, Hawk Creek0.425.122647
894.7PNT136, Jackson Creek, Jackson Creek0.34.763448
889.6Coal Creek, Scott Paper 110 Rd, PNT1350.13.433356
474.9Nat For Dev Rd 600, PNT073, Spring0.14.924117
755.0(no description)0.010.202265
865.0Lake/pond, Logging Rd0.09.302955
39.8Numa Creek, Bowman Lake0.08.304077
1084.6(no description)0.026.603131
154.7(no description)0.03.304008
1114.6Hell Creek, Crystal Creek, PNT1530.09.302062
49.8Bowman Lake Rd0.03.103991
289.7Lucky Creek Rd, TXT 42, Bonner County0.05.303488
1089.6(no description)0.09.101649
24.5Cleveland Creek, Cleveland Creek, TXT 1850.06.904385
0.0Rocky Mtns - Glacier NP to Lake Koocanusa0.05.405316
854.9Bell Creek, PNT1270.025.202163
1094.6Prescott Creek, Dorothy Creek, Wildrose Creek0.04.301335
750.0(no description)0.03.201679
4.5(no description)0.03.704638
859.9(no description)0.06.201981

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