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7 Apps in 1: Data Book, Elevation Profile, Topo Maps, Reference Map, Compass, Journal Entry, Weather Forecast

Using your devices' GPS the Postholer Trails GPS app will place you along your favorite trail using manual or tracking location features. Complete track and way point data for the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, John Muir Trail, Colorado Trail and Long Trail is available from within the app at no extra cost.

Full topo maps. Uniform in style, color and unit of measure.
Manual GPS LocationGPS tracking modeHike anywhere in 'Sim Mode'
Create way pointsFilter way pointsSet way point alarms
Off trail alarmMetric (SI) or standard12-24 hour clock
Reverse trail directionNAD83 decimal degreesPoint forecast on trail
Update your Postholer JournalCustomize elevation profileChange tracking interval
Change waypoint arrival distanceWildly configurable to meet every hiking styleChange off trail distance
redx NO in app purchasesredx NO Advertisementsredx NO cost for data
Telemetry footer (trail mile, elevation, proximity, speed, latitude, longitude) on every page.

Getting Started

The home page will help you get started quickly and provides all the information needed to use the app effectively. Be sure to read the tips and suggestions for configuring the app to other than default settings. You'll also find support contact information here.

Data Book

The data book is a tabular list of way points, mile, elevation, distance to next, distance to previous. Your device GPS updates your place in the data book. You can filter way points and set way point alarms from this page. Too many way points? Not enough? Filter it! The Pacific Crest Trail has over 5,000 way points. Tap a location to get more info, set/unset an alarm or delete the way points you added.

Data Book


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Elevation Profile

View the trail in terms of elevation by trail mile. All your filtered way points are displayed here. Each way point type has it's own distinct color. You can easily pan to any part of the trail. From with preferences you can can change the number of points to display and the distance between mileage labels. This gives you a broad or narrow view of the elevation profile.

Topographic Maps

Full color topographic maps uniform in style, color and unit of measure. You'll really appreciate the beautiful land cover. These are not the old, tired topo maps found in every other map app. These are similar to the topo maps we create for our premium printed maps.

Reference Map

Here you can see where you are in relation to the trail and your filtered way points. Your way points are shown as mile markers. Again, you can easily pan to any part of the trail. From within preferences you can scale the map view to suit your needs.


Using the magnetometer in your device the app displays your heading in magnetic north or true north. Declination is automatically updated by using the device GPS and World Magnetic Model (WMM) data. To switch between magnetic north and true north flip the toggle on the 'Preferences' page.

Add a Way Point

You can add a way point at your current location or specify a different coordinate. A short description, location type and detailed description are the pieces of a each way point.

Journal Entry

Update your Postholer Journal with all the info available in your journal. Add a photo, text and coordinate, the resulting email can be sent off via your native email app to your journal at the Postholer site. You journal will update immediately if you have internet. If not your entry will be saved in your 'Outbox' until internet is available.

Trail Weather

No hiking trip should be without a current weather report. Get point forecasts for your current location or by trail specific locations like trail section, section high point or section low point.


Here you can download trail track/way point data and configure the app to your hiking style. You'll find many different careful!

All Available App Screens

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