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Pacific Crest Trail Fires

This is the most recent Pacific Crest Trail fires, PCT fire perimeters, hotspots and surface PCT smoke information.

The table below shows trail fires within ~10 miles of the PCT. The google map links show all national fires and hotspots. Fires on trail or within a mile of the trail will show red text in the table below. If a fire perimeter intersects the trail the table will show start/end trail mile, first encounter to last encounter, the entire segment is not necessarily burned.

View google maps of National & PCT Smoke, National & PCT Fires/Perimeters or both layers together. Fires/Perimeters are updated every 4 hours, surface smoke is updated hourly. A Fire weather map showing red flag warnings, fire weather watches, etc, is also available.

Surface smoke data and fire weather is from NOAA, fires/perimeters are from National Interagency Fire Center and hot spots are from NASA.

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

#UpdatedFire Name
(click for map)
from trail
Trail Mile
Trail Mile
1Nov 23, 2020Rattlesnake1.59758.8-8180
2Nov 16, 2020Creek0.76875.1-379801
3Nov 16, 2020Moraine6.47784.6-1316
4Nov 11, 2020Castle6.68755.7-170643
5Nov 6, 2020Valley4.2413.6-16389
6Nov 5, 2020Slater4.071665-157429
7Nov 5, 2020Big Hollow4.092187.1-24996
8Nov 4, 2020Wolf6.73979.4-1970
9Nov 4, 2020Bluejay6.96947.8-6896
10Nov 2, 2020DevilOn Trail1669.41669.5 - 1671.18872
11Oct 31, 2020BobcatOn Trail377.9377.9 - 394.7115998
12Oct 31, 2020Bell5.56860-N/A
13Oct 30, 2020North Whizz Dome1.7947-165
14Oct 17, 2020Riverside10.72086.4-138151
15Oct 16, 2020Bullfrog9.09855.1-655
16Oct 13, 2020Thielsen0.51862.5-9951
17Oct 9, 2020Claremont-BearOn Trail1242.81234.9 - 1260.7318784
18Oct 9, 2020LionsheadOn Trail2052.52039.1 - 2057.8204588
19Oct 8, 2020Fork8.211120.6-1668
20Oct 5, 2020Monitor 28.541272.3-1
21Oct 4, 2020White River4.742098-17412
22Sep 30, 2020Martindale2.33466.4-233
23Sep 28, 2020El Dorado4.54273.9-22744
24Sep 24, 2020Cold Creek3.252305.6-565
25Sep 22, 2020Fox0.441578.6-2028
26Sep 21, 2020Pilot RockOn Trail1729.71729.6 - 1729.7N/A
27Sep 21, 2020Grizzly Creek2.341758.4-323
28Sep 19, 2020P5157.152059.2-4608
29Sep 19, 202024210.571812.4-14473
30Sep 16, 2020Downey Creek3.792531.4-2571
31Sep 15, 2020Slink3.711028.6-26752
32Sep 13, 2020Almeda Drive6.051715.4-2977
33Sep 8, 2020Loop B1.651239.9-N/A
34Sep 8, 2020Anna4.91272.3-N/A
35Sep 8, 2020Little7.11262.8-10
36Sep 8, 2020Monitor 38.441272.3-N/A
37Sep 8, 2020Onion8.491272.3-1
38Sep 8, 2020Monitor8.871272.3-N/A
39Sep 8, 2020Paxton8.951272.3-20
40Sep 8, 2020Branch9.031272.3-N/A
41Sep 7, 2020Butte; Tehama; Glenn Lightning Complex4.491299.5-1
42Sep 7, 2020Butte; Tehama; Glenn Lightning Complex6.61299.5-94
43Sep 7, 2020Butte; Tehama; Glenn Lightning Complex8.11299.5-12
44Sep 7, 2020Butte; Tehama; Glenn Lightning Complex8.351299.5-92
45Sep 7, 2020Butte; Tehama; Glenn Lightning Complex8.921299.5-175
46Sep 7, 2020Butte; Tehama; Glenn Lightning Complex9.31255.5-1
47Sep 7, 2020Butte; Tehama; Glenn Lightning Complex9.481299.5-947
48Sep 7, 2020Green Ridge9.762020.9-4338
49Sep 5, 2020LakeOn Trail485.1482.8 - 498.230999
50Sep 5, 2020BearOn Trail1257.31249.5 - 126012569
51Aug 31, 2020Jungle Creek7.942369.6-541
52Aug 18, 2020Ranch24.96396.1-4380
53Aug 13, 2020Musser2.971057.3-N/A
54Aug 13, 2020Silver4.071044-N/A
55Aug 13, 2020Railroad5.431043.6-1
56Aug 13, 2020Bagley7.011036.2-11
57Aug 13, 2020Loop8.351055.4-N/A
58Aug 13, 2020Barney9.391055.4-21
59Aug 13, 20202120 Foot9.551058.7-N/A
60Aug 13, 2020Dutch9.661056.9-N/A
61Aug 13, 2020Jobs11.471088.5-N/A
62Aug 12, 2020Apple1.64237.5-33423
63Aug 12, 2020Stagecoach5.57601.7-7602
64Aug 9, 2020Canyon0.08443.8-1
65Aug 8, 2020Texas5.31447.7-210
66Aug 6, 2020Jenny Creek5.51737.4-15
67Aug 4, 2020Elsmere10.46447-159
68Aug 2, 2020Dam6.62384.7-216
69Jul 30, 2020Brook0.99338.8-183
70Jul 27, 2020Iris11.24879.2-125

Change Log

August 30, 2020: Added 'Nearest Trail Mile'.

August 24, 2020: Added surface smoke.

August 23, 2020: Added hotspots.

August 19, 2020: Initial release.

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