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Buck30 - Hot Springs Trail Journal - 2017

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Brian (Buck-30)
Begins: May 6, 2017
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Thu, Sep 21st, 2017
Start: Florence Lake
End: Lake Edison
Daily Distance: 14
Trip Distance: 2,150.0

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Hot Springs Trail Day 132

God damn weathermen. This little early storm that was coming in turned out
to be way bigger than expected. We were expecting 70% chance of rain with
accumulation of less than 1/10 of an inch. Instead it started raining at 11
pm and rained for the next 8 hours which also meant it must be snowing a
lot up higher. We waited till about 7:30 am but I'm of the opinion you
might as well just start walking. When we opened the tent door it was now
dumping snow at 7,800'. Dammit! We only have one more pass to get over and
now an early Sierra storm. We of course were worried about an early storm
but we had found a great little chart that showed the first storm of the
Sierra season and for the last 10 years this is now the earliest storm that
had snow stick. By about a week. The chart was cool cause it then showed
that 9 out of 10 years the snow melted and then it showed when the next
storm came in when the snow never melted. This will definitely melt, just a
pain in the ass.

I wasn't actually too stoked with the current route. It drops out of the
amazing Sierra mountains to go down to a hot spring, Mono hot springs. I
had been complaining to Heather about the route choice but ironically it
was meant to be because instead of camping up high and being stuck in a
solid snowstorm we were camped lower than usual. A Zoner miracle!

We walked along Florence lake in the snow, it stopped within a half hour
and the blue sky and sun slowly came out as we walked along a super old
paved road for the Florence lake damn. We did see a sign explaining why
there was no water in the huge lake, they are doing repairs to the dam.

The walk took us towards Mono hot springs and we headed down to the river
and found a nice little pool to soak our cold feet in. It felt luxurious in
the cold temps to be fully submerged in a hot spring. We moved on to Mono
Hot Springs resort which was a but disappointing. This late in the season
they were closed for lunch and the store was just ok. Not a lot of good
stuff and pricier than expected. But we were able to charge our phones, use
wifi, sit in some giant rocking chairs and eat some microwave burritos and
drink a bunch of soda.

The forecast is calling for continuing cold temps, possible snow tonight
and tomorrow and then cold but sunny and nice on the weekend. The high
peaks look very snowy but it shouldn't be too hard to get over just one
more pass. We left Mono and headed on rugged trail up to Lake Edison where
the famous VVR resort is. We stopped a half mile early to camp. I really
didn't want to head into the chaos of VVR as certainly there would be a lot
of hikers there having bailed from the storm. We settled in for a cold
night, temps predicted to be between 19-27. The one really nice thing about
this tiny 2 person tent is that it really adds a lot of warmth from our
body heat. I think it might be 7+ degrees warmer inside which is kind of a
big deal when it's this cold.

Entry 128 of 128
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The Hot Springs Trail: The Hot Springs Trail Is A 2,421-mile Backpacking Route That Connects Sacred Places With Healing Waters.


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