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Buck30 - Other Trail Journal - 2024

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Brian (Buck-30)
Begins: Apr 3, 2024
Direction: Westbound

Daily Summary
Date: Wed, Jun 19th, 2024
Start: Scenic Drive, Capital Reef
End: Torrey (town)
Daily Distance: 5
Trip Distance: 1,160.0

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Journal Visits: 5,313
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Four Corners Loop Day 78 - Torrey

Four Corners Loop Day 78

Section 6: DHR & Capital Reef

It was a quiet night although my brand new Neoair already has a hole in it,
small as it only softened and not flattened to the ground like Heather's
recent issues. I really F-ing hate the Neoair, even moreso as it's the
lightest/thickets/warmest pad made. It's seems stupid to buy a different
pad that is heavier and also less warm, but this F-ing company. Fast
forward to my hotel room bath tub and my hole is right at the crease/seal
of the wing valve. Exact same issue Heather had and I've had before. It's
100% a design defect. The valve is sharp and literally will cut small holes
in the material. Totally ridiculous. And I've been very careful to open and
close the valve with 2 hands so I'm not just roughly twisting it. I've
repaired it with Heather's dot of Shoe-goo but I'm still super annoyed at
this $ 200 pad (well it continues to be free under the delamination warranty
but still, it's a huge pain!)

Anyways, we were walking our final mile through the wash along the road and
entered the famous Grand Wash. It was quiet as cars couldn't get to it from
this side but eventually we saw a few early morning day hikers coming in
from our exit. It's a large spectacular wash with massive canyon walls and
was a very nice morning few miles out to Highway 24. We walked the half
mile of the Highway that the FCL follows and then a few minutes more to a
turnout we scoped on Google satellite figuring that would be a good place
to hitch. The road is pretty quiet and when you look at a map you don't
expect a lot of people to be coming out here in the middle of nowhere
except tourists for Capital Reef. And National Park tourists are a tough
bunch to get rides from usually although the Europeans in rental cars are
usually good for a ride.

The traffic was very sparse, at one point I told Heather I would sit down
after the next car and it took 15 minutes for me to finally sit down! After
45 minutes an older couple had apparently passed us the other direction and
thought we were stranded or something as we were just sitting in this large
turnout so they turned around and took us the 4 miles to the main park
visitor center. It was only 12 more minutes to Torrey and I was dropping
hints like we could really use a ride there but they did not bite. But they
did get us to this wildly crowded visitor center to hitch out in front of.
Unfortunately everyone was still going the other way. It took another 50
mins or so to get a ride from a couple who had just gotten engaged on a day
hike. So 2 hours total to get the 18 minutes to town, oh well. Not so bad.
It was also super early in the morning and we couldn't check in until at
least 2 pm per the email with many rules I received from the Chuckwagon

We got dropped off at Subway which was a mile out of town figuring this
would be a good first place to loiter and drink lots of fountain drinks.
The gas station Subway had a nice side room to sit in and Heather
accidentally ordered a "Footlong cookie" in the app so we had that pretty
good hot long chocolate chip cookie to eat too. It's unclear how she was
fooled into ordering this.

Around 12:30 walked into town and spent our time until 2 pm doing laundry
near the hotel. Heather has been carrying detergent sheets that she's not
allergic to since she's very allergic to many other detergents that
sometimes we can't avoid. The only issue is they don't seem to work well.
They should be required to be tested on the crotch of my sweaty sleeping
shorts before being released to the public cause it ain't working! Also,
our clothes came out randomly dirty but that's not really the detergent
sheets fault, the washing machine is overwhelmed by the sheer dirtiness of
our clothes.

We were able to check in at 2 which was nice instead of the 4 pm normal
time which seems a bit late. It did note 2 pm as a possibility. We didn't
really have much choice here and are staying at a nicer place than usual.
Also more expensive than we ever pay, although not insane. I initially
booked a "Retro" room which was cheaper but also attached to the grocery
store and importantly didn't have air conditioning. When we had to change
our room by a day last week I was like, fk this, we're living it up and
getting AC and the main lodge! It was worth the extra money, I can't live
without AC after 10 days in the desert.

We had a mediocre dinner at a nearby burger place and I had a good soak in
the hot tub. Yes hot tub!

Entry 73 of 73
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Journal Photo

Four Corners Loop (FCL)

The Four Corners Loop is a new 2,400 mile loop across New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado created by Kevin "The Animal" and hiked by him in 2021. For more information visit:


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